Getting a Longbow in Crestwood

How to unlock: Speak to the Requisition Officer.

Quest giver: Requisition Officer (M13,2)

You can locate drufalloes at the Crestwood farm

You can receive this quest (requisition quests are assigned at random) after speaking to the Requisition Officer at one of the camps (M13,2). He will give you a recipe and ask you to provide him with the following:

  • 2 Druffalo Hides – Drufalloes are found in the southern part of Crestwood. They are not initially hostile, but will fight back if attacked.
  • 10 Iron – This is one of the most common materials in the game, so you should already have more than 10 units.

Once you have obtained the necessary materials, return to the camp and interact with the requisition table to complete the requisition.

Rewards for completing the quest:

  • Experience (small amount)
  • 200 Influence points
  • 1 Power point
  • Recipe: Nevarran Longbows


What is the Longbow Requisition in Crestwood?

The Longbow Requisition in Crestwood is a quest in the game Dragon Age: Inquisition. The quest requires the player to find and collect 10 units of Longbow materials scattered throughout the Crestwood region. The Longbow is a powerful weapon in the game, and the materials required for its construction are rare and difficult to find. Once the player collects all the required materials, they can return to the requisition officer in Crestwood and turn them in to complete the quest. The player will be rewarded with gold and experience points for completing the quest.

Where can I find the Longbow materials in Crestwood?

The Longbow materials can be found in various locations throughout the Crestwood region. Some of the materials can be looted from enemies, while others can be found in hidden caches or in specific areas of interest. The player can use their map and exploration skills to find all the required materials. Some of the materials are more difficult to find than others, so the player may need to search thoroughly and explore all the nooks and crannies of Crestwood to collect all the materials.

Is the Longbow Requisition in Crestwood worth completing?

Completing the Longbow Requisition in Crestwood is definitely worth it for players who want to acquire the Longbow weapon. The Longbow is a powerful weapon in the game, and it can be very useful in battles. In addition to the weapon, completing the quest also rewards the player with gold and experience points. However, for players who are not interested in using the Longbow or who do not want to spend time searching for the materials, the quest may not be worth completing. Ultimately, it depends on the player’s preferences and priorities in the game.

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