Getting the Crossbow in Days Gone

If you want to know how to get a crossbow in Days Gone, this guide will provide you with all the necessary information. The crossbow is a powerful weapon that can be used to take down enemies silently. Additionally, by unlocking a certain skill, Deacon can retrieve some of the bolts he fires.

The good news is that you don’t have to scour the game world searching for a crossbow or earn credits to purchase it from a trader. Instead, the crossbow is automatically awarded as you progress through the main story.

After completing the series of introductory missions, you can obtain the basic Crossbow model as soon as Deacon and Boozer reach the O’Leary Mountain Safehouse for the first time. The crossbow can be found in the special weapons tab of the gun locker.

Don’t forget to craft bolts using the Survival Wheel. All you need is 1 piece of Scrap and 1 Cedar Sapling. Saplings can be found on small trees throughout the game world.

As you progress through the game, you’ll unlock other types of bolts, such as ones that cause enemies to hallucinate.

The upgraded Drifter Crossbow model can be obtained shortly after Deacon and Boozer reach Iron Mike’s encampment in Lost Lake. This weapon is granted after completing the storyline mission titled We’ve All Done Things. It’s recommended to switch to this new model as it has better statistics and inflicts more damage than the regular crossbow.


1. How do I unlock the crossbow in Days Gone?

To unlock the crossbow in Days Gone, players must first complete the “You’re Safe Now” storyline mission. This mission becomes available after completing the “I Remember” storyline mission in the third region of the game. Once the mission is completed, players will receive the “Drifter Crossbow” as a reward, which can be equipped from the weapon wheel.

2. Can the crossbow be upgraded?

Yes, the crossbow can be upgraded by visiting a weapon vendor and using the necessary materials and credits. Upgrades include increased accuracy, damage, and ammo capacity. Players can also unlock different types of bolts, such as explosive and incendiary, by completing certain missions and challenges.

3. How effective is the crossbow in combat?

The crossbow is a silent and deadly weapon in Days Gone, making it a useful tool for taking out enemies quietly and without alerting others. It also has a longer range than most other weapons and can be used to take out enemies from a distance. However, it has a slower rate of fire and requires reloading after each shot, so it may not be the best choice for intense combat situations.

4. Are there any other crossbows in the game?

No, the Drifter Crossbow is the only crossbow available in Days Gone. However, players can find and unlock a variety of other weapons, including pistols, shotguns, rifles, and melee weapons.

5. Can the crossbow be used for hunting animals?

Yes, the crossbow can be used for hunting animals in Days Gone. It is especially effective against smaller animals, such as rabbits and birds, as it does not damage their pelts. However, larger animals, such as bears and wolves, may require multiple shots to take down with the crossbow.

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