Gradual Progression

Method to unlock: Automatically activated during the Haven’s Best and Brightest side quest.

Provider of the quest: Blacksmith (M2,7)

Armor modification station

This task becomes accessible after encountering the Blacksmith in the North part of Haven (Haven) (M2,7). The Blacksmith teaches you how to enhance and create armor from scrap metal. You are also given this straightforward task. It involves inspecting the armor enhancement station (Modify Armor), which is situated next to the Smith. To accomplish the task, you must possess an armor upgrade, which can either be found in the game world or purchased from a Merchant.


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What is the meaning behind “Piece by Piece”?

“Piece by Piece” is a deeply personal song for Kelly Clarkson, as it deals with the pain and trauma of her childhood and the process of healing and resilience. Clarkson has spoken openly about the abandonment of her father when she was a child and the impact it had on her life and relationships. The song is a reflection on that experience and the way it shaped her, but also a celebration of the process of piecing herself back together. Clarkson sings about finding love and acceptance in her husband and the birth of her own children, and how that has helped her to heal. The song is ultimately a message of hope and empowerment, encouraging listeners to keep going and to never give up on themselves, even in the face of adversity.

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