Gray Wardens’ Traces

How to unlock: Automatically unlocked when you reach The Storm Coast.

Quest giver: – (M5,1)

The Task at Hand

This quest can be undertaken as soon as you arrive at The Storm Coast. Your objective is to locate and examine four traces left by the Gray Wardens during their visit to the Coast. You can do this by approaching the marked areas and using the scan button to reveal the object. The locations are as follows:

  • The central area of the map, near one of the astraries (M5,1e)
  • The central area of the map, beneath rocks to the east of one of the campsites (M5,1f)
  • The southern part of the map, close to one of the campsites (M5,1h) (M5,1i)

Completion Rewards:

  • Experience (small amount)
  • 80 Influence points
  • 1 Power point


What are Wardens on the Coast?

Wardens on the Coast are volunteers who help protect the coastline and its wildlife. They work with organizations such as the National Trust and the Marine Conservation Society to monitor the beaches, report any incidents of pollution or damage, and educate the public on how to enjoy the coast in a responsible way. They also assist in rescuing stranded marine animals and safeguarding nesting sites for birds and other wildlife. Wardens on the Coast are trained in first aid, marine ecology, and other relevant skills.

How can I become a Warden on the Coast?

To become a Warden on the Coast, you will need to contact your local coastal organization to find out if they have a volunteer program. Organizations such as the National Trust and the Marine Conservation Society offer training and support for their volunteers. You will need to have a passion for the coast and its wildlife, as well as a willingness to learn and work as part of a team. Some organizations may require you to pass a background check or have certain physical capabilities, such as being able to swim. Becoming a Warden on the Coast is a rewarding way to make a difference in your community and protect the environment.

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