Guide and Walkthrough for Hitman 2: Nightcall Mission on Hawkes Bay Map

Important Points to Note in Hitman 2 – Hawke’s Bay

1 – Boat: This is where you start and end the mission. Mercenaries will appear here later, so you need to either eliminate or distract them.

2 – Boat House: Mercenaries will also show up here later. You can sabotage this area to make it easier to return to the boat.

3 – Villa: The garage and living room are on the ground floor, while Alma’s office, bedroom, and panic room are on the upper floor. The ventilation mechanisms and glass ceilings are on the roof. Enemies will appear after hacking into the computer in the office.

This page of the Hitman 2 guide provides you with a map of the first location in the game – the house on Hawke’s Bay beach. The important locations are marked on the map. The location’s description explains the mission objectives and lists the rewards for completing challenges. A detailed walkthrough for Hawke’s Bay can be found on the following pages of this guide.

  • General information about the Nightcall mission
  • Rewards for achieving subsequent Mastery levels

General Information about the Nightcall Mission

  1. The only person you need to murder in this mission is Alma Reynard.
  2. At the start, the location is empty, and you need to avoid or destroy the cameras to avoid detection. To progress to the second phase, you need to hack into the computer in Alma’s office. Once you do this, the enemies will arrive, and you can complete your assassination.
  3. Most of the important locations and objects are located inside the mansion. The beach surrounding the mansion is mostly empty, but you can unlock a hidden achievement called Blunt Trauma here. Once the enemies arrive, the beach will be patrolled and guarded by numerous mercenaries.
  4. There are 43 challenges to complete in Hawke’s Bay, and completing 39 of them rewards you with the Perfectionist achievement. Agent 47 can advance up to the 5th Mastery level in this location.

Rewards for Achieving Subsequent Mastery Levels





Starting location: The boat

This is the default starting location, and Agent 47 must return here after completing the main task.


Hiding spot: garbage container.

You can only hide a small item in it.


ICA Proximity Explosive Mk II

It reacts to movement and can be suspicious to enemies, making it not the best “stationary” trap.


Starting location: The beach

This place is similar to the default starting location.


Hiding spot: Beach shed

It is worth smuggling a sniper rifle here if you want to use it to take out Alma.


Starting location: The office

You can start the mission from Alma’s office.

If you choose to start at this location, you can finish the main task faster and avoid the cameras located in front of the house.


Flash Grenade

The Flash Grenade is not particularly useful, as it creates a lot of noise and only temporarily stuns enemies.

Due to its small size, Hawke’s Bay has a maximum Mastery level of only 5 (as opposed to the typical 20 levels). Once you reach level 5, always begin at Alma’s office to skip the initial mission of breaking into the mansion.


What is the Hawke’s Bay Map in Hitman 2?

The Hawke’s Bay map is a location in the video game Hitman 2, specifically the Nightcall mission. It is a seaside town in New Zealand and is the first mission in the game. The mission takes place at night and the player takes control of the character Agent 47. The mission requires the player to infiltrate a beach house and eliminate a target, as well as gather intel on a larger organization. The Hawke’s Bay map is known for its beautiful coastal scenery and challenging gameplay.

What are some tips for completing the Nightcall mission in Hitman 2?

One important tip for completing the Nightcall mission in Hitman 2 is to take advantage of the stealth mechanics. Agent 47 is an expert at blending into his surroundings and sneaking around undetected, so use this to your advantage. Another tip is to carefully plan out your approach before beginning the mission. Take note of guard patrols, security cameras, and other hazards that may be in your way. Additionally, be sure to explore the entire map and gather as much intel as possible to help you complete your objectives. Finally, don’t be afraid to experiment with different approaches and methods until you find what works best for you.

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