Guide to Lime Spreading in Farming Simulator 22

This guide will explain the process of Lime Spreading in Farming Simulator 22, including the purpose of lime spreading, when to do it, and how to get lime.

  • What is Lime Spreading?
  • How to Spread Lime on the Field?
  • Filling the Machine with Lime

What is Lime Spreading?

Lime spreading is a process that helps to maintain optimal soil acidity. It is not a form of fertilization, but rather a way to ensure that your crops grow to their full potential. If you do not provide the soil with lime when necessary, your yield will decrease. Fields that require lime are marked on the map with turquoise color. You can turn on periodic lime spreading in the options menu, which is enabled by default. Lime spreading is required every three harvests.

How to Spread Lime on the Field?

To spread lime on the field, you will need a spreader. You can purchase spreaders in the shop’s Fertilizer spreaders tab. There are two Bredal brand machines used for lime spreading in the base game, the K105 and K165. The only difference between them is capacity. Both machines can be equipped with a spreader system that increases their working area by 6m, selectable during the purchase or by modifying the machine in the workshop.

To use the machine, attach it to the tractor, fill it, and start it. Turn off the spreader when driving outside the field to save lime. Use high-power tractors to constantly work at full speed. The spreaders use lime every second they work.

Filling the Machine with Lime

You can buy lime in bags or on palettes from the store, but this option is expensive. It’s cheaper and quicker to find a lime station on the map that will fill your machine with as much lime as you need. Remember to open the lid of the machine beforehand.


What is lime spreading in Farming Simulator 22?

Lime spreading is a process in Farming Simulator 22 where lime is spread over the fields to reduce soil acidity. This helps in improving the soil quality by increasing the pH level and making nutrients more available to plants. Lime is usually spread during fall or spring, before sowing or planting. The process can be done manually or with the help of lime spreaders, which are available in the game.

What are the benefits of lime spreading in Farming Simulator 22?

Lime spreading has many benefits in Farming Simulator 22. It helps in improving the soil quality by reducing acidity, which makes the soil more fertile and nutrient-rich. This leads to better crop yields and healthier plants. Additionally, lime spreading helps in reducing soil erosion and runoff, which can be harmful to the environment. It also helps in reducing the need for fertilizers, as the nutrients become more available to the plants.

How do I spread lime in Farming Simulator 22?

Spreading lime in Farming Simulator 22 can be done manually or with the help of lime spreaders. If you choose to do it manually, you can use a shovel or a loader to spread the lime over the fields. However, this can be time-consuming, and it may not be practical for large fields. If you have a large field, it is recommended to use a lime spreader. Lime spreaders can be found in the shop, and they come in different sizes and capacities. Once you have a lime spreader, you can attach it to a tractor and start spreading lime over the fields.

What are the different types of lime spreaders in Farming Simulator 22?

There are several types of lime spreaders available in Farming Simulator 22. The most common types are the fertilizer spreader, the manure spreader, and the slurry spreader. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. The fertilizer spreader is the most versatile, as it can be used for spreading both lime and fertilizer. The manure spreader is best suited for spreading solid lime, while the slurry spreader is best for spreading liquid lime. When choosing a lime spreader, it is important to consider the size and capacity of your field, as well as the type of lime you will be spreading.

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