Guide to Raising Chickens and Making Money from Eggs in Farming Simulator 22

This page provides tips and information on how to raise, buy, and sell chickens in Farming Simulator 22, as well as how to earn money from selling eggs.

In this guide, you will learn about the differences between chickens and roosters, how to sell eggs, how to feed chickens, and the different types of chicken pens available in the game.

Chickens are a great starting point for breeding businesses because they have low requirements and are relatively inexpensive to buy and feed.

  • Types of farm houses
  • Types of chickens
  • Feeding
  • Collection and use of eggs
  • Profitability

Types of Farm Houses

There are two types of farm houses you can use to raise chickens in Farming Simulator 22: open spaces and closed spaces. The main difference between the two is their size:

  1. Pasture – 30 chickens, seed capacity: 750l, price: 6,000€
  2. Chicken coop – 360 chickens, seed capacity: 9,000l, price: 79,000€

While pastures are useful for producing small quantities of eggs, they quickly become overcrowded due to the fast breeding of chickens. If you want to breed a larger number of chickens and produce more eggs, a chicken coop is a better option.

Types of Chickens

There are three types of chickens available in Farming Simulator 22: young chickens, adult chickens, and roosters.

  1. Young chickens lay a small number of eggs and do not reproduce until they reach breeding age (4 months). However, they consume less food, making them a cost-effective option if you want to buy a large number of chickens and let them grow up.
  2. Adult chickens can immediately lay eggs and breed at a high level, with each chicken producing a new chicken every two months.
  3. Roosters do not lay eggs or breed; they are only useful for meat. They reach maturity and increase in value after six months.


Chickens only require seeds to survive, which can be wheat, sorghum, or barley. If you do not have any crops, you can buy a pallet or bag of wheat from the store to start egg production quickly.

While store-bought wheat can be expensive, chickens only consume a small amount, so it will last for a long time, depending on the number of chickens you are breeding.

You can use the belt systems to automate feeding by setting up a belt in front of the chicken coop or pasture and pouring the seeds in front of it. The chickens will automatically consume more seeds as they eat them.

Collection and Use of Eggs

Eggs can be found on pallets in front of the pasture and behind the chicken coop. They are lightweight and can be loaded manually onto a vehicle for selling.

You have two options for selling your eggs: you can sell them directly in the store or use them in the production chain to make Cake, which requires other ingredients and is not worth pursuing at the beginning of the game.

Each egg pallet holds 1400 eggs.


All values are rounded and production and consumption are calculated on a monthly basis for 10 animals.

Young chickens

Adult chickens (6 months)


Purchase price

5 €/piece

50 €/piece

5 €/piece

Seed consumption (per month)




Egg production (per month)






Every 2 months


The maximum value for adult chickens (6 months old) is 25 € and for roosters is 20 €.


What are the basics of chicken breeding in Farming Simulator 22?

In Farming Simulator 22, chicken breeding is a great way to earn some extra money. To start, you need to purchase a chicken coop and some chickens. Once you have a coop, you can buy chickens from the store. You can choose between white and brown chickens, both of which have the same stats. You can also buy a rooster to increase the chances of breeding.

Once you have chickens in your coop, you need to make sure they are well fed and watered. You can do this by filling up their feed and water troughs. You also need to clean the coop regularly to prevent any diseases. When your chickens are happy and healthy, they will start to lay eggs.

What are some tips for successful chicken breeding in Farming Simulator 22?

One of the best tips for successful chicken breeding in Farming Simulator 22 is to buy a rooster. The rooster will increase the chances of your hens laying fertilized eggs, which can then hatch into more chickens. Another tip is to keep your chickens well fed and watered. This will ensure that they are healthy and happy.

It’s also important to clean the coop regularly. This will prevent diseases from spreading and keep your chickens healthy. Finally, make sure to collect the eggs regularly. You can sell the eggs or use them to make other products like mayonnaise or cakes. With these tips, you’ll be well on your way to successful chicken breeding in Farming Simulator 22!

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