Guiding Lights

Method to Unlock: Unlocked automatically upon arrival at The Fallow Mire.

Quest Giver: None (M9,9)

One of the runes on the pillar

This is one of the initial quests that players receive upon reaching this location. The objective is simple: players must light four beacons (M9,2a; M9,2b; M9,2c; M9,2d) as a mage. Demons will attack the player, and players must defeat them before taking the beacon and moving to the other side of the pillar to examine a rune. This process must be repeated four times.

Rewards for completing the quest:

  • Experience (a lot)
  • 280 Influence points
  • 2 Power points


What are beacons in the dark?

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How do beacons in the dark work?

Beacons in the dark work by emitting a signal that is picked up by nearby mobile devices. When a user enters the range of a beacon, their device receives the signal and triggers a specific action, such as displaying a notification or directing the user to a particular location. The range of a beacon can be adjusted, with some devices having a range of up to 70 meters. Beacons can be programmed with different messages and actions, depending on the intended use case. They are typically powered by batteries and can last for several months or even years before needing to be replaced.

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