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New main objective: Speak to Nazir

Track down Nazir and engage in a dialogue with him (as shown in the above screenshot). Inform him that the Night Mother has communicated with you and has tasked you with completing an unfinished contract to assassinate the Emperor. Nazir will approve of your mission and inform you of his intentions to relocate the Dark Brotherhood hideout to the previously explored Dawnstar Sanctuary.

New main objective: Speak to Amaund Motierre

Exit the Dark Brotherhood’s Sanctuary, access the world map, and choose to fast travel to Whiterun. Upon arrival, locate the Bannered Mare inn, which you may have previously visited during the mission to kill Gaius Maro.

Amaund Motierre will be located in one of the quest rooms and you must initiate a conversation with him. He will be pleased to hear of your desire to complete the contract and will inform you that the real Emperor is currently on the Katariah, a ship anchored in a bay near Solitude. You can also inquire about Commander Maro’s current whereabouts (as shown in the above screenshot), which will unlock an optional objective of this mission.

New main objective: Board the Katariah

New optional objective: Kill Commander Maro

It is recommended to eliminate the commander first. Exit the inn, access the world map, and choose to travel to the East Empire Company Warehouse (as shown in the above screenshot). If you have not yet discovered this location, start at Solitude and proceed to the docks. Note that if you are still wanted by Skyrim guards, you will be required to resolve the matter upon arrival. It is suggested to pay the fine, but you may also opt to spend a few days in jail. Regardless, there is no need to worry about the Emperor’s ship departing suddenly.

You should be able to locate Commander Maro on one of the wooden bridges in the docks, but it is not advisable to engage in conversation with him, as it will trigger the attention of local guards. Instead, wait until dusk when most of the guards have left the area. Approach the commander stealthily, making sure that you are in a hidden position (i.e. crouched), and attack him from behind (as shown in the above screenshot). It is recommended to use a powerful weapon, such as the Blade of Woe obtained in the previous mission, to ensure that you only need one attack. Quickly move away from the crime scene before anyone notices you.

You can now proceed to board the Emperor’s ship. Head east and after a short while, you should spot the ship. Jump into the water and swim towards the Katariah. Explore the east side of the ship and you should locate an anchor chain. Swim towards it and press the E key to be automatically transported to the lower deck.

Map key: 1 – Starting point; 2 – Kitchen; 3 – Stairs; 4 – Locked door (expert level or key required); 5 – Captain Avidius’s cabin; 6 – Lieutenant Salvarus’s cabin; 7 – Stairs; 8 – Passages to upper deck; 9 – Emperor’s locked cabin (master level or key required).

There are two ways to enter the emperor’s cabin: sneaking or eliminating opponents. Sneaking is more difficult, so it will be described in detail. Make sure you have good thieving skills or potions to temporarily turn invisible. Follow a sailor heading south, who will be joined by another. Stop when a third sailor exits a room in the distance and enters the kitchen on the right. Wait for a Penitus Oculatus agent to appear on the left, walk to the bar and sit down. Carefully approach him while avoiding a man with a flute. Use the northwest stairs if it is safe. You should now be next to a closed door with an expert difficulty lock. You can use lockpicks or head south, turn invisible, and enter Captain Avidius’s cabin to pickpocket the Katariah Master Key. Once you have the key, use it to enter the northern part of the ship, but watch out for opponents in cabins. Move north and use the stairs on the right or left to reach the emperor’s cabin. Alternatively, for an aggressive approach, eliminate all opponents, particularly Avidius and Salvarus in the kitchen, and use Avidius’s key to enter the first door or reach the emperor’s cabin through the upper deck.

The emperor’s cabin door has a master difficulty level lock, as shown in the above screen. However, you can gain access to it by using the Katariah Master Key, which is in the possession of Avidius and Salvarus. If you have managed to avoid encountering these individuals so far, you must decide whether to try opening the door using lockpicks or return to the officers and either pickpocket or kill them.

Once you enter the emperor’s cabin, you will be in for a surprise as he will not attempt to flee or fight you. Titus Mede II knows that his time has come and has a final request before his death. He wants you to murder Amaund Matierre, the person who sentenced him to death. You can either promise to think about it or refuse outright. Afterward, you must kill Titus using any weapon. The screen above shows the moment when you must make your decision.


1. What is the meaning of “Hail Sithis” in the Elder Scrolls games?

In the Elder Scrolls games, “Hail Sithis” is a phrase used by members of the Dark Brotherhood, a secret organization of assassins who worship Sithis, a deity associated with chaos and the void. The phrase is used as a greeting and a way of showing respect to Sithis, who is considered the ultimate embodiment of death and destruction. To members of the Dark Brotherhood, Sithis is a god who rewards those who commit acts of murder and violence, and “Hail Sithis” is a way of invoking his power and blessing.

2. Who is Sithis in the Elder Scrolls lore?

In the Elder Scrolls lore, Sithis is often described as a primordial force of chaos and destruction, associated with the void and the dark spaces between worlds. He is worshipped by members of the Dark Brotherhood as a deity who rewards those who commit acts of violence and murder. Sithis is also sometimes associated with the creation of the world, as it is said that he was responsible for birthing the entity known as Lorkhan, who in turn created the mortal realm of Nirn.

3. What is the Dark Brotherhood in the Elder Scrolls games?

The Dark Brotherhood is a secret organization of assassins who operate in the Elder Scrolls games. The group is known for its ruthlessness and efficiency, and is said to worship Sithis, a deity associated with chaos and destruction. Members of the Dark Brotherhood are recruited based on their skills as killers, and are trained in the art of assassination. The group operates in secret, taking contracts from clients who wish to have someone eliminated. The Dark Brotherhood is known for its strict code of conduct, which emphasizes loyalty to the group above all else, and places a high value on discretion and secrecy.

4. How do you join the Dark Brotherhood in the Elder Scrolls games?

To join the Dark Brotherhood in the Elder Scrolls games, the player must first complete a quest that involves killing an innocent person. This will trigger an encounter with a member of the Dark Brotherhood, who will invite the player to join the organization. Once the player has joined the group, they will be given access to a series of quests that involve assassinating various targets. As the player completes these quests, they will rise through the ranks of the Dark Brotherhood and gain access to new perks and abilities. Joining the Dark Brotherhood is not for the faint of heart, however, as it involves committing acts of violence and murder that may be morally questionable.

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