Healing and Consequences of Death in Days Gone

On this page of the Days Gone game guide, you will learn how to heal Deacon and the potential effects of his death. Unlike other games, Deacon’s health does not regenerate automatically, so it is important to know how to heal him.

  • Important information about Deacon’s health bar
  • Using bandages to heal Deacon
  • Using first aid kits to heal Deacon
  • Healing cocktails for Deacon
  • What happens when Deacon loses his entire health bar

Important Information about Deacon’s Health Bar

  1. Deacon’s health bar does not regenerate automatically, so you must use one of the medical items listed below to restore his health.
  2. If Deacon is close to death, the game may regenerate a few health points, giving you a chance to use medical items. Regeneration only occurs when Deacon is not taking damage.
  3. Medical items can be selected from the Survival Wheel or by pressing and holding the left arrow button on the controller to use a first aid kit.
  4. You can heal Deacon during combat, and he does not need extra time to use medical items. His health points are restored immediately, except for the initial effects of healing cocktails.

Using Bandages to Heal Deacon

Bandages are a common means of healing Deacon, allowing him to recover up to 50% of his health bar.

  1. Bandages can be looted from defeated enemies or found in various containers throughout the game world.
  2. Alternatively, you can craft bandages using a Rag and a Steriliser, with Deacon knowing the recipe from the start of the game.
  3. Deacon can carry up to 5 bandages at a time, but it may not always be necessary to craft the maximum amount as they can be found for free.

Using First Aid Kits to Heal Deacon

First aid kits are another common means of healing Deacon, allowing him to recover up to 80% of his health bar.

  1. It is impossible to create first aid kits.
  2. First aid kits can be found throughout the game world. The best chances of finding them are in ambulances (break into the back cargo compartment) and NERO checkpoints. They can also be found randomly while exploring.
  3. First aid kits can be purchased from merchants in encampments, but this option may be blocked until a certain trust level is reached with the camp. To increase trust, complete missions and provide supplies.
  4. The main character can only carry a maximum of 3 first aid kits.

Healing Cocktails

In later stages of the game, players can unlock the ability to craft and use healing cocktails. These cocktails are primarily used for slowly regenerating the hero’s health.

  1. A healing cocktail is best to use after a battle when rapid recovery of health points is not necessary.
  2. Crafting a healing cocktail requires a Rag, Berries, and a Steriliser.

Losing Health and Death

When the hero’s health bar is depleted, it does not necessarily mean immediate death. If no further damage is taken after the screen turns red, the hero can avoid death. After a while, a small part of the health bar will regenerate, and meds can also be used during this time.

If the hero does die, the game will return to the most recent saved file. By default, this is the last checkpoint created by the game, but players should regularly create their own save files to avoid losing progress. These saves can be either ordinary or quick saves. Refer to the FAQ page titled “How to save the game?” for more information on saving progress.


What are the healing options in Days Gone?

Days Gone offers several healing options to the players. The most basic method is to consume a health pack, which is an item that can be found throughout the game world or purchased from vendors. Players can also craft their own health packs by collecting the necessary resources. Another healing option is to use bandages, which can stop bleeding and heal minor injuries. The game also features a regeneration ability that can be upgraded through skill points. This ability gradually restores the player’s health over time.

What are the consequences of death in Days Gone?

In Days Gone, death has several consequences. Every time the player dies, they lose a small amount of trust with any camps they have allied with. Additionally, all of the items and resources that the player was carrying at the time of death are lost and must be retrieved from the location where the player died. If the player dies during a mission, they will have to restart the mission from the beginning. Finally, the game features a mechanic called “hordes,” which are massive groups of zombies that must be defeated with careful planning and preparation. If the player dies while fighting a horde, the horde will reset, and the player will have to start over from the beginning.

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