Herald of Andraste Praised

How to unlock: Meet with Orator Anais.

Quest giver: Orator Anais (M3,26)

Orator Anais and the citadel entrance

Orator Anais greets you in front of the citadel entrance. To prove your worthiness, you must seal the rift at the back of the village.

Head there, defeat all the monsters, and seal the rift. Return to Anais for a reward – the option you choose will determine the service you provide to the Inquisition:

  • “Aid the refugees” – 80 Influence points, 1 Power point, and Cassandra’s favor,
  • “Gather intelligence” – a new agent, 2 Power points, a small amount of experience, and 130 Influence points,
  • “Promote the Inquisition” – 130 Influence points, a small amount of experience, a Power point, a new agent, and support from Cassandra and Solas.


1. Who is the Herald of Andraste?

The Herald of Andraste is the protagonist of the video game Dragon Age: Inquisition. The character is a survivor of a cataclysmic event that resulted in a tear in the Veil, the barrier that separates the physical world from the Fade. The character is believed by many to be the chosen one of the prophet Andraste, who is revered by the people of Thedas.

2. What is the significance of Andraste in the Dragon Age universe?

Andraste is a figure of great importance in the Dragon Age universe. She was a prophet who preached a message of peace and unity, and she was eventually executed by the Tevinter Imperium for her beliefs. Her followers rose up in rebellion, and her teachings eventually became the basis for the dominant religion in Thedas. Many characters in the Dragon Age games, both playable and non-playable, are deeply devoted to Andraste and her teachings.

3. What role does the Herald of Andraste play in Dragon Age: Inquisition?

The Herald of Andraste is the central figure in the story of Dragon Age: Inquisition. The character is believed by many to be the chosen one of Andraste, and is tasked with closing the Breach, the tear in the Veil that threatens to destroy the world. The character must gather allies and build an army to fight against the forces that oppose them, and ultimately must make decisions that will shape the fate of Thedas.

4. What are some of the challenges that the Herald of Andraste faces?

The Herald of Andraste faces many challenges throughout the course of Dragon Age: Inquisition. The character must navigate complex political and religious landscapes as they gather allies and build their army. They must also deal with the Inquisition’s many enemies, including the Venatori, a cult that seeks to exploit the Breach for their own purposes, and Corypheus, an ancient Tevinter magister who seeks to become a god. The character must also confront their own doubts and fears, and make difficult choices that will determine the fate of Thedas.

5. What impact does the Herald of Andraste have on the Dragon Age universe?

The actions of the Herald of Andraste have a profound impact on the Dragon Age universe. Depending on the choices that the player makes, the character can bring about significant changes in the political and religious landscape of Thedas. The character’s decisions can also have a major impact on the fate of the Inquisition itself, and on the relationships between the various factions and characters in the game. The Herald of Andraste is a pivotal figure in the Dragon Age universe, and their actions will be felt for years to come.

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