Hidden Locations in The Forbidden Oasis

1 – Entrance to the Solasan Temple

2 – Hall with Locked Doors

The map above shows locations in The Forbidden Oasis that are harder to access but worth exploring.

The Solasan Temple opens after using shards.

Point 1 on the map indicates the entrance to the Solasan Temple, linked to “The Temple of Pride” side quest. To enter the temple, you must collect six shards. For more information, refer to the quest walkthrough.

Access to individual chambers in the temple requires shards.

Point 2 on the map reveals the interior of the Solasan Temple, where you’ll find locked doors. Similar to point 1, you must use shards found in the game world to open new rooms. Each group of rooms requires more shards and stronger monsters to defeat, but you’ll find better loot. You’ll likely finish exploring the temple towards the end of the game after collecting shards in other parts of the game world.


What are hidden areas in The Forbidden Oasis?

Hidden areas in The Forbidden Oasis are secret locations that players can discover while exploring the area. These areas are not marked on the map, and players need to use their intuition and exploration skills to find them. Hidden areas in The Forbidden Oasis can be found behind waterfalls, inside caves, or behind sand dunes. Some of these areas contain valuable loot and unique items, while others may have challenging enemies that players need to defeat to access the treasure. Finding hidden areas in The Forbidden Oasis can be a rewarding experience and adds an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay.

How can I access The Forbidden Oasis in the game?

To access The Forbidden Oasis in the game, players need to progress through the main story until they reach the quest “In Hushed Whispers” or “Champions of the Just.” After completing one of these quests, players will gain access to the war table and can send their advisors to scout The Forbidden Oasis. Once the area is scouted, players can travel there using the world map. The Forbidden Oasis is a vast desert area with many secrets to discover, including hidden areas, unique enemies, and valuable loot. Players should be prepared for a challenging and rewarding experience when exploring The Forbidden Oasis.

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