Hitman 2: Assassination of Andrea Martinez – Three-Headed Serpent Walkthrough

In this section of the Hitman 2 guide, we have compiled a list of all the unique assassination methods for Andrea Martinez in the Santa Fortuna mission. We have included challenges that require specific items or disguises. Some of these methods are part of the mission stories, but you can complete them independently.

  • A Strong Foundation
  • Hard Hat Area
  • Exit, Stage Left
  • Bait and Switch
  • Special Delivery
  • Smaller Challenges

A Strong Foundation

This challenge is related to the Hallowed Ground mission story. A detailed description of this assassination method can be found in the mission stories chapter.

Head towards the jungle and eavesdrop on the guards’ conversation near the tunnel.

Go to the shaman’s hut in the jungle. Stun or kill the shaman (you can use a coin to distract him) and wear his disguise.

Meet Andrea Martinez in the village or the guarded building.

Head to the construction site with Andrea.

Perform a ritual near the hole where human remains lie.

Wait for Andrea to stand in front of the concrete mixer after her short speech.

Activate the control panel of the concrete mixer. The concrete will push her into the hole.

It is recommended to save your progress before the ritual to complete the challenge below.

Hard Hat Area

This challenge is directly related to the Hallowed Ground mission story. You must complete all the steps and perform the ritual on the construction site in the shaman disguise. Approach the lift on the left side and use a throwing object to distract the guard standing nearby.

Wait for Andrea Martinez to give a speech under a box. Use the lift’s panel control to drop the box on her. It should be treated as an unfortunate accident.

Exit, Stage Left

This challenge is related to the Heart of Stone mission story. A detailed description of this assassination method can be found in the mission stories chapter.

Look at the poster in the village announcing the unveiling of the statue.

Go to the back of the statue and sabotage it with a wrench.

Find two sleeping musicians in the village and wake them up (unscrew the water valve and turn on the generator).

Break into the drummer’s house. Find a dead person and wear the drummer’s disguise.

Go to the marketplace and sit in the drummer’s place.

After the performance begins, return behind the statue.

Do not drop the statue during Andrea Martinez’s or Rico Delgado’s speech. Wait for Rico to finish his speech, and then both mission targets will be close to each other. Now you can push the statue and kill them.

This assassination method requires a lot of precision, so it is advisable to save your progress just before Rico Delgado arrives.

Bait and Switch

This challenge is related to the Undying Love mission story. A detailed description of this assassination method can be found in the mission stories chapter.

Go to the basement of Rico Delago’s mansion.

To complete the mission, you need to find the limped guard and eliminate him. The best way to do this is to set up an ambush by turning on a money counting machine in one of the rooms. Once the guard arrives, stun or kill him and find a love letter.

Next, head to the Martinez building and either enter in a guard disguise or stun/kill someone and take their soldier disguise. Sneak to the first floor and place the love letter on the desk. Wait for Andrea Martinez to find it and walk out onto the terrace. Sneak up on her and push her through the balustrade.

For the Special Delivery challenge, start from the basement of Rico Delago’s mansion and reach the monitoring room. There will be two people there that you can either stun/kill or distract. Find the safe combination on the desk and use it to open the safe in the same room. Retrieve the letterbomb parcel and take it to the floor of the Martinez building where you previously left the love letter. Place the parcel on the desk and wait for Andrea Martinez to arrive. She will automatically approach the parcel and die in an explosion after taking it.

There are also smaller challenges you can complete, such as Piano Man, Straight Shot, and Sniper Assassin. You can kill Andrea Martinez when she reads the love letter from Hector. For the Tasteless, Traceless challenge, you can pour poison into the bottle in the Martinez building and also complete the Hold My Hair challenge by using emetic rat poison.


1. What is Hitman 2: Assassination of Andrea Martinez – Three-Headed Serpent?

Hitman 2: Assassination of Andrea Martinez – Three-Headed Serpent is a DLC (Downloadable Content) for the popular video game Hitman 2. It is a new mission that takes place in the fictional South American city of Santa Fortuna, where Agent 47 must eliminate three targets involved in a drug cartel. The DLC offers new challenges, weapons, and disguises for players to use in their mission.

2. What are the objectives in Three-Headed Serpent?

The main objective in Three-Headed Serpent is to eliminate three targets: Andrea Martinez, a drug lord who runs the cartel’s operations in the region; Jorge Franco, her right-hand man; and Rico Delgado, a wealthy businessman who finances the cartel. However, players can also complete optional objectives, such as destroying a cocaine lab or retrieving a key item, to earn more points and unlock new rewards.

3. What are some tips for completing the mission?

Players should take their time to explore the environment and learn the layout of the area. The mission takes place in a large open world, with many buildings, paths, and hidden areas to discover. Players should also use disguises to blend in with the environment and avoid detection, as well as weapons and tools to take out targets and avoid obstacles. Finally, players should pay attention to the targets’ routines and movements, as well as the behaviors of other NPCs, to plan their approach and execute their plan effectively.

4. What are the rewards for completing Three-Headed Serpent?

Players can earn points and unlock new rewards by completing the mission and optional objectives. These rewards include new weapons, outfits, and tools, as well as challenges and achievements that test the player’s skills and creativity. Some rewards are also tied to specific challenges or objectives, such as completing the mission in a certain amount of time or with a specific weapon or disguise.

5. Can players replay the mission?

Yes, players can replay the mission as many times as they want, either to improve their score and unlock new rewards or to try out different approaches and strategies. Players can also use the mission editor to create their own custom missions and share them with other players online.

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