Hitman 2: Assassination of Janus – Another Life guide

This page of the Hitman 2 game guide provides a comprehensive list of unique methods to eliminate Janus in the Whittleton Creek mission. It includes challenges related to the assassination, which require specific actions such as interactions with objects or disguises. Some of these techniques are part of the story missions, while others can be executed independently.

  1. Janus is usually within the safety of his property, wandering around various rooms such as the bedroom, living room, and kitchen. He also spends short moments on the veranda located at the back of the building, always accompanied by his personal bodyguard, Gunther Mueller.
  2. Agent 47 can impact Janus’s daily schedule and “encourage” him to appear in other locations such as the office, bathroom, or basement through specific actions.
  3. The story mission Whack-a-Mole can cause Janus to appear longer in the garden, providing an opportunity to eliminate him with a remote explosive charge.
  4. Janus’s Property is off-limits, but sneaking into the garage or basement and attacking a single bodyguard for their outfit can facilitate movement around the building. However, Agent 47 can still be unmasked by Gunther or Janus, even with an outfit on.

Whittleton Creek Blackout

This challenge requires killing both targets with electricity and is not related to any story missions. If you cannot accomplish this with both targets, you can eliminate one to complete the Whittleton Creek Electric challenge.

To electrocute Janus, sabotage one of the lamps at the back of his Property. Eliminate someone and put on a bodyguard outfit, then use a screwdriver to sabotage the lamp next to the shed in the image above.

Janus’s bodyguards in the garden may prevent successful assassination in this manner. Eliminate them one by one and hide their bodies in the shed or behind it. Distract Janus and eliminate his bodyguard, Gunther Mueller, if necessary.

Turn on the valve to which the garden hose is attached to activate the damaged lamp as a death trap.

If you have trouble getting Janus to the damaged lamp, stun him and drag him over, but only turn on the water valve after bringing his body. The Finger on the Pulse challenge is related to the An Apple a Day story mission and requires you to distract and stun/kill the nurse, put on their outfit, have your weapons searched, follow Janus to his bedroom, talk to Gunther Mueller, and strangle Janus with a pillow in the bathroom within 5 minutes. Reasonable Scope is not related to any story missions and requires you to kill both targets with a sniper rifle from a treehouse. If you can’t do that, you can complete the minor challenge Doable Scope by killing one of them. The treehouse is behind the Schmidt Residence and Janus can be shot from there, but you need to time it when he appears in the bedroom window. Memorabilia requires you to infiltrate Janus’s Property and eliminate his bodyguard and sentry before obtaining their outfit.

To complete the plan of action, it is necessary to make Janus explore his memories. This can be achieved by reaching Janus’s office on the first floor of his estate and interacting with the gramophone. After that, go to the basement and hide Agent 47 in the closet next to one of the desks. Wait for Janus to visit the room with the gramophone and come down to the basement. Only approach him from behind and execute him when he stands by the nearby desk. Agent 47 will impale him onto one of the memorabilia lying on the desk.

The Sneezing Suspicion challenge is associated with the No Smoking story mission. To complete it, find a pack of cigarettes in the garden of the Griswold Residence and plant them on the table in Janus’s Property. Sabotage an oxygen tank with a wrench and wait for Janus to appear. After he lights a cigarette, the damaged oxygen container will explode and kill him.

The Monster Cookie challenge is not related to any story missions. Reach Janus’s Property and eliminate one of his bodyguards to obtain a bodyguard outfit. Agent 47 will require a Blueberry Muffin and a lethal poison to complete this challenge. You can find a muffin on the veranda at the back of Janus’s house and lethal poison in the Reservoir or the basement of the West Property. Place the muffin on the plate in the kitchen and apply the lethal poison. Wait for Janus to appear and eat the muffin.

The Death from Below challenge is related to the Whack-a-Mole story mission. To complete it, follow the instructions in the chapter that describes all of the story missions.

  1. Get close to the West Property and eavesdrop on the conversation between the policeman and gardener.
  2. Follow the gardener, take him out when he’s by his vehicle, and steal his clothes and key.
  3. Find the construction zone and grab a remote explosive charge from the crate.
  4. Use the key to open the gate to Janus’s garden and talk to one of the guards.
  5. Place the explosive charge in a hole in the garden and cover five other holes with different items. Report to the guard.
  6. Wait for Janus to appear and detonate the explosive charge.

You can also complete the Explosive Potential challenge here.

Tea Time

This challenge is separate from the story missions. To complete it, go to Janus’s Property and eliminate one of his guards to get their outfit, which will make the task easier.

You need lethal poison, which you can bring with you or find in Whittleton Creek. You can get it by:

  1. Catching a Lethal Poisonous Frog in the Reservoir at the east end of the map.
  2. Searching the basement of the West Property for rat poison.

Go to the kitchen of Janus’s Property and poison the samovar. Wait for Janus to pour himself a cup.

Minor Challenges

  1. Piano Man; Straight Shot – Assassinate Janus when disguised as a nurse on the way to the bathroom.
  2. Hold My Hair – Drown Janus in a toilet with rat poison from the muffin or samovar.


What is Hitman 2: Assassination of Janus – Another Life?

Hitman 2: Assassination of Janus – Another Life is a video game that has been developed by IO Interactive and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. It is the seventh installment in the Hitman video game series and was released on November 13, 2018. The game follows Agent 47, a skilled assassin, as he travels around the world to eliminate his targets. Assassination of Janus – Another Life is a downloadable content pack for Hitman 2 and takes place in the suburban town of Whittleton Creek, Vermont.

What is the objective of Assassination of Janus – Another Life?

The aim of Assassination of Janus – Another Life is to eliminate the two targets, Nolan Cassidy and Janus, who are members of a secret society called Providence. The player must use stealth, disguises, and weapons to complete their mission. The game offers a variety of ways to eliminate the targets, such as using poison, explosives, or a sniper rifle. The player must also avoid detection from the security personnel and civilians in the area, as any suspicious behavior can alert the targets and make the mission more difficult.

How long does it take to complete Assassination of Janus – Another Life?

The length of time it takes to complete Assassination of Janus – Another Life depends on the player’s skill level and playing style. The game offers multiple paths to complete the mission, and the player can take their time to explore the environment and plan their approach. On average, it takes around 2-3 hours to complete the mission, but it can take longer if the player wants to complete all the challenges and achievements.

Are there any tips for completing Assassination of Janus – Another Life?

Yes, there are several tips that can help players complete Assassination of Janus – Another Life. Firstly, it’s important to take your time and explore the environment to find the best approach to eliminate the targets. Secondly, using disguises can help the player blend in with the environment and avoid detection. Thirdly, using distractions, such as throwing a coin, can help create a diversion and lure the targets away from their security personnel. Lastly, utilizing the game’s save system can help the player experiment with different approaches and ensure they don’t have to start the mission from the beginning if they make a mistake.

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