Hitman 2: Assassination of Jorge Franco – Three-Headed Serpent Walkthrough

In this page of the Hitman 2 guide, we have compiled a list of all the unique assassination methods for Jorge Franco in the Santa Fortuna mission. We have included all the challenges that require the use of specific items or disguises. Some of these methods are part of the mission stories, but you can complete them independently.

Jorge Franco usually travels around the coca fields and stops at the production hut or other surrounding buildings. He is always accompanied by two bodyguards. However, Franco will leave the fields if he gets information about the hippie waiting for him in the smuggling cave. Alternatively, if you destroy the coca plant in the botanical laboratory, Franco will leave the field to look for another one.

The coca fields are a restricted area, but you can sneak in behind high plants or get a disguise by attacking someone. However, be careful as some individuals can recognize Agent 47.

  • Caution: Heavy Machinery
  • Mind the Step
  • The Secret Ingredient
  • Smaller challenges

Caution: Heavy Machinery

This challenge is related to the mission story Half-Baked. You can find a full description of this assassination variant in the mission stories chapter.

To complete this challenge, find the plane wreck in the jungle and shoot the red box on the rock shelf to make it fall down. Take the motherboard from the box and reach the production hut on the coca field to turn off the generator and get the coca field worker disguise. Enter the hut and place the motherboard in the machine. Hide in the container and wait for Jorge Franco to arrive. Wait until he chases off all the workers from the room and then sneak up on him and push him into the coca machine.

Mind the Step

This challenge is not related to any mission story. To start, go to the coca fields and sneak to the area of the botanical laboratory. Turn off the generator shown in the picture above to make a worker leave the laboratory. You can stun him and get an access card to enter the laboratory or obtain an optional laboratory worker disguise. Don’t forget to restore the power supply so no other employee will go to check it.

If you play at the Master difficulty and the laboratory worker does not leave any card, you can steal it from a different place, such as Franco’s hut on the shore (sabotage the air conditioner to make a guard leave the hut).

Enter the botanical laboratory. There can be one or two guards. The best way to distract them is to use a coin. You can stun the first one and hide him in the closet. The second one can be eliminated in the same way or distracted.

To complete this mission, the first step is to locate a microwave-like object and destroy the plant hidden within it. The laboratory worker will inform Jorge Franco of this, or he will notice the damage when he arrives. Franco will then head to the jungle to search for a new plant, always ending his search in the same spot. Hide in the bushes in this area and wait for Franco to arrive. When he attempts to grab the plant, sneak up behind him and push him down.

Be aware that Franco’s bodyguards will be watching the jungle entrance, but they can be distracted with coins and eliminated or avoided. For the “Secret Ingredient” challenge, break into the Village Hostel and find a damaged toy on the floor. Pour poison into the toy and fix it with glue from the smuggling cave. Then, stun or kill the hippie, put on his disguise, and wait for Franco to arrive. He will consume the poisoned cocaine, allowing for an undetected assassination.

There are also smaller challenges available, such as killing Franco when he is alone at the cocaine machine or shooting him as a Sniper Assassin.


1. What is the Three-Headed Serpent mission in Hitman 2?

The Three-Headed Serpent is a mission in Hitman 2 where Agent 47 is tasked with taking out three targets in the fictional South American city of Santa Fortuna. The targets include the leader of a drug cartel named Rico Delgado, his head of security Hector Delgado, and Jorge Franco, a corrupt businessman who is working with the cartel. The mission takes place in a jungle environment and offers multiple paths and strategies for completing the objectives.

2. What are some tips for completing the Three-Headed Serpent mission?

One tip for completing the mission is to gather information by listening to conversations and finding intel items such as papers or laptops. This can reveal new opportunities or ways to approach the targets. Another tip is to use disguises to blend in with the environment and gain access to restricted areas. For example, dressing up as a cartel member can allow you to move around freely in their compound. Lastly, it’s important to plan your approach carefully and take advantage of distractions or distractions to isolate and take out the targets one by one.

3. What challenges are available in the Three-Headed Serpent mission?

There are several challenges available in the Three-Headed Serpent mission, including Assassination challenges for each of the three targets. These challenges require you to complete specific objectives, such as killing the target with a specific weapon or disguising yourself as a specific character. There are also Discovery challenges for finding all the intel items or listening to all the conversations, as well as Feats challenges for completing the mission in a certain way, such as without being spotted or without using any disguises.

4. What rewards can you earn for completing the Three-Headed Serpent challenges?

Completing the challenges in the Three-Headed Serpent mission can earn you various rewards, including new starting locations, weapons, and gear. For example, completing the Silent Assassin challenge for all three targets unlocks a new starting location in the mission. Completing the Discovery challenges can unlock new gear such as lockpicks or cameras, while the Feats challenges can unlock new weapons such as the Sieger 300 Sniper Rifle or the ICA19 F/A Stealth Pistol.

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