Hitman 2: Assassination of Rico Delgado – Three-Headed Serpent walkthrough

This page of the Hitman 2 guide provides a list of all the unique assassination methods for Rico Delgado in the Santa Fortuna mission. The challenges include the use of specific items or disguises. Some of these methods are part of the mission stories, but they can also be completed independently.

Rico Delgado is usually located in his mansion, either in his office on the second floor, the hall with exhibits on the ground floor, or walking around the main building. He is always alone and not accompanied by any other characters.

However, Rico can leave the mansion when the preparation for unveiling his statue on the marketplace is complete or when he visits the pen where his hippo is. Another option is to let him know that the work on the submarine in the main cave is finished.

The mansion is a restricted area, but you can sneak into it from different sides, even without a disguise. However, changing clothes, preferably to one of the bodyguards, can make it easier to move around. Be aware that some people can recognize Agent 47 even when using a disguise.

  • Still As a Statue
  • Exit, Stage Left
  • It Looks Just Like Her
  • Splash Landing
  • Deadlier Art
  • A Bite Out of Crime
  • Smaller challenges

Still As a Statue

This challenge is part of the Heart of Stone mission story. The full description of this assassination method can be found in the mission stories chapter.

To complete this challenge, look at the poster in the village informing about the unveiling of the statue. Then, sabotage the statue with a wrench from the back. Wake up two sleeping musicians in the village and break into the drummer’s house to put on his disguise. Reach the marketplace and sit on the drummer’s place. After the performance starts, get back behind the statue and push it on Rico Delgado during his speech.

Exit, Stage Left

This challenge is similar to the previous one, but Andrea Martinez can also die. It is recommended to save the game after the performance starts. Wait for Rico Delgado to end his speech and for Andrea to approach him. Then, drop the statue on both of them. Timing is crucial for this action to be successful.

It Looks Just Like Her

This challenge is part of the Deadly Art mission story. The full description of this assassination method can be found in the mission stories chapter.

To complete this challenge, go to the bar where you can find a famous tattoo artist, P-Power. Pour the emetic rat poison into his bottle, which can be found in the back of the bar or brought with you on the mission.

To complete this mission, you must first wait for P-Power to use the toilet. Once he is alone, stun or kill him and hide his body in the container. Then, put on the disguise of a tattoo artist.

Make sure to remove any forbidden items or weapons from your inventory before heading to the entrance of Rico Delgado’s mansion. Allow the guards to search you before following the guard and then Catalina Delgado.

Once you reach the office, wait for Rico Delgado to sit down before beginning to make the tattoo. Make sure to wait until everyone has left the room before using the tattoo machine to kill him.

Splash Landing

This challenge is part of the Submerged mission story. You can find a detailed description of this assassination variant in the mission stories chapter.

Begin by eavesdropping on a woman’s conversation in the fishing village and following her home. Once you have heard the conversation, find a way to get to the back of the hut and put on the disguise of a submarine crew member.

Next, head to the bar and ask the bartender for the basement key. Once in the basement, locate the secret switch that opens the cave entrance and use the submarine to reach the cave.

Find a screwdriver and use it to disable the engine limiter of the submarine. Tell the guard that the submarine is ready for inspection and rev up the engine to 3. Wait for Rico Delgado to arrive and stand in front of the submarine before revving it up to 4, resulting in his accidental death.

Deadlier Art

This challenge is not related to any mission story and can be started from the Rico Delgado’s mansion while wearing a mansion staff member or guard disguise.

Stand under the chandelier and wait for Rico Delgado to approach. Place a coin on the ground (without throwing it) to distract him and cause him to move closer.

Quickly make your way to the control panel on the upper floor and use it to drop the chandelier on Rico, killing him instantly.

A Bite Out of Crime

This challenge is not related to any mission story. To begin, head to the hippo’s pen located northeast of the Rico Delgado mansion while wearing a guard disguise.

Neutralize both the guard and hippo whisperer near the pen, hiding their bodies in the bushes and taking the guard’s weapon. Then, put on the hippo whisperer disguise and stay in the pen for a moment.

Find a meaty bone and throw it into the pen to lure out the hippo.

Find Rico Delgado and tell him that the hippopotamus is ready for his visit. Take him to the pen, making sure he doesn’t see any bodies or weapons on the way.

The objective is to eliminate Rico Delgado, and one of the most creative ways to do it is by pushing him into a pen with a hippopotamus. After reaching the pen, wait for Rico to approach it and express gratitude for taking care of the animal. Take advantage of this moment when he is standing with his back turned to Agent 47, and shove him into the enclosure where he will be devoured by the hippo. However, for Rico to get closer to the pen, a bone needs to be thrown there earlier; otherwise, he will return to his mansion, and the hippo won’t come out.

There are other challenges to eliminate Rico, such as killing him in his office or when he visits his hippo, poisoning his drink with the emetic rat poison, or shooting him with a sniper rifle while he is in his office.


1. What is Hitman 2: Assassination of Rico Delgado – Three-Headed Serpent?

Hitman 2: Assassination of Rico Delgado – Three-Headed Serpent is a mission in the Hitman 2 video game where the player takes on the role of Agent 47, a skilled assassin. The mission takes place in Santa Fortuna, Colombia, where the player must eliminate three targets, including the drug lord Rico Delgado, his girlfriend Andrea Martinez, and his chief chemist Jorge Franco.

2. What are some tips for completing the mission?

One tip for completing the mission is to gather intel on the targets and their routines before attempting to eliminate them. This can be done by exploring the environment and listening in on conversations. Another tip is to take advantage of disguises and blend in with the crowd to avoid suspicion. Additionally, using distractions and setting up traps can be effective strategies for taking out the targets.

3. What are some challenges in the mission?

One challenge in the mission is the heavily guarded compound where Rico Delgado resides. The player must navigate through various security measures and avoid detection to reach their target. Another challenge is the presence of other hostile NPCs who can impede the player’s progress. In addition, the unique abilities and routines of each target pose their own challenges for the player to overcome.

4. What are the rewards for completing the mission?

Completing the mission unlocks various rewards, including new weapons and equipment, as well as progress towards unlocking new levels and challenges. In addition, achieving a high score can earn the player a spot on the game’s leaderboards, showcasing their skill and mastery of the mission.

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