Hitman 2: How to Get Your First Disguise – The Ark Society Walkthrough

Obtaining a disguise is a crucial part of almost every mission in Hitman 2, but getting one at Sgail Island can be challenging. This guide will assist you in finding your first disguise, allowing you to explore the map freely before you unlock better starting locations and disguises from new mastery levels.

  • Initiate and Ark Member Outfits
  • Guard Outfit
  • Event Staff Outfit
  • “Advanced” Disguises

Initiate and Ark Member Outfits

Both outfits can be found in the same area of the map. The Initiate outfit will enable you to complete a story mission (Final Club) that involves participating in a competition to get a meeting with Zoe. The Ark Member outfit will allow you to access new areas on the bottom levels of the castle, including the VIP lounge and the gallery.

Head to the side room shown in the above screenshot that neighbors the upper courtyard where the ceremony will take place. You can enter the room even without a disguise, as no one is watching in that direction.

The entrance to the side area is patrolled by an Ark member and an initiate (they take turns). These opponents can be lured to a convenient area in one of two ways – by using throwables or by sabotaging the generator shown in the screenshot.

The side area features a large container that can be used to conceal both bodies, allowing you to change your outfit freely.

Guard Outfit

The Guard outfit enables you to move freely across the bottom levels of the castle. You can use it to visit the barracks, for example.

In this scenario, approach the gutter located to the right of the first gate (shown in the above screenshot) – the one reached by using the path leading from the pier. You can access this location soon after the mission begins. Climb the drain pipe.

Once you reach level 2, use the lockpick (don’t forget to take it with you) on the left door to gain entry to the security room shown in the screenshot above.

You can activate the radio found in one of the corners of the room to lure the guard. Eliminate the single guard that appears in the room. Turn off the radio and hide the body. You can use the opportunity to sabotage the surveillance equipment, but you’ll need to distract or eliminate three different guards.

Event Staff Outfit

The Event Staff outfit does not provide as much freedom as the Ark Member’s outfit, but you can use it to bypass the guards who are guarding the stairs to level 2 that lead to the kitchen and the stone circle.

An unused outfit can be found in a small side room on level 1 (shown in the screenshot above). You can access it from the Showroom or from the path connecting the bottom and upper courtyards.

“Advanced” Camouflages

The aforementioned outfits allow for blending in on the lower and less significant parts of the fortress. To access the higher levels, one must switch to a more distinctive outfit. Below are three practical and easily obtainable options:

The Ark Architect disguise can be obtained by reaching Sgail Mastery Level 18 or by starting the mission in the Architect lounge where Sophia resides. With this outfit, one can move unnoticed in certain rooms on the fourth and fifth levels. However, Architects do not have access to some of the upper floors of the castle.

The Raider disguise can be acquired in the Morgue where Janus’ corpse is located. By sabotaging the boiler in the smaller room and attacking the Raider that appears, one can obtain this outfit. The main difference with the Ark Architect disguise is that the Raider outfit allows access to the armory roof where Jebediah Block is located.

The Castle Staff outfit can be obtained by reaching the northeastern balcony on the fifth floor, adjacent to the Architect Lounge. Sabotaging the fuse box will summon a castle staff member whom you can knock out and hide on the balcony. This outfit enables access to the higher levels of the castle, including the room where the conclave gathers. However, Agent 47 must locate the guards guarding the stairway and cannot carry weapons upstairs, but can keep poisons and a garrote in their inventory.

The Elite Guard disguise is the most advantageous as it provides full access to the top floor of the castle, including the conclave room, Penthouse, Library, and Constant’s Office. It can also be obtained on the same balcony as the Castle Staff outfit. One can lure an Elite Guard by throwing an object onto the balcony or attacking them in the glass Penthouse connecting the main castle and the north tower (as shown in the screenshots above).


1. What is The Ark Society in Hitman 2?

The Ark Society is a secret organization that consists of the world’s most powerful and influential people. They hold a yearly gathering where their members come together to discuss world events, politics, and business. In Hitman 2, the player must infiltrate this gathering to eliminate two targets.

2. How do I obtain my first disguise in The Ark Society?

The easiest way to obtain a disguise in The Ark Society is to locate a worker’s uniform. These can be found in various locations around the map, such as in the maintenance area or the kitchens. Once you have a uniform, you can blend in with the workers and move around the map without arousing suspicion.

3. Are there any special tools or weapons I need to complete The Ark Society mission?

There are no specific tools or weapons that are required to complete The Ark Society mission. However, it is recommended that you bring a silenced pistol or a melee weapon, as these can be useful for taking out guards or other targets without alerting the rest of the map.

4. What are some tips for successfully completing The Ark Society mission?

The key to successfully completing The Ark Society mission is to take your time and observe your surroundings. Look for opportunities to blend in with the workers or disguise yourself as a member of The Ark Society. Use distractions to lure guards away from their posts, and take out targets when no one else is around. Remember to hide bodies and use cover to avoid being detected. With patience and careful planning, you can complete this mission with ease.

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