Hitman 2: How to Reach Crows’ Hideout in Mumbai – Chasing a Ghost Walkthrough

Mumbai, one of the maps in Hitman 2, has a unique location known as the Crows’ hideout. This page provides information on how to reach this location, which can be visited to obtain the Maelstrom’s photo or eliminate him after he appears there.

The Crows’ hideout is situated in the eastern part of the map on level -1.

While theoretically possible to reach the hideout without any disguise, it is highly challenging. It is recommended to obtain a Crows disguise by eliminating any of the Crows found throughout the slums, such as in alleys near the barbershop, on Mumbai hills, or inside the house on the beach.

  • Canals
  • The Crows’ side alley
  • House on the beach


The first method is to navigate through the canals, with the hideout’s entrance located northeast of the barbershop. One Crow may patrol this area, with more encountered in the underground sections.

The Crows’ Side Alley

Another option is to use the side alley located in the center of the slums, guarded by two Crows. If wearing a Crows disguise, no issues will arise, but other disguises, such as the Kashmirian’s outfit, will require a search by the guards. Follow the stairs to reach the bunker.

House on the Beach

The house on the beach, situated in the eastern end of the slums, is the third option and the best way to infiltrate the hideout without a disguise. Access the house by using a lockpick and face a single enemy on the ground floor, whom you can pass or eliminate. Follow the narrow stairs to reach the hideout.


1. How do I reach the crows’ hideout in Hitman 2?

To reach the crows’ hideout in Hitman 2, you first need to complete the “Chasing a Ghost” mission. Once you’ve completed this mission, you will have access to a new mission called “Another Life”. This mission will take place in a suburban neighborhood called Whittleton Creek. To reach the crows’ hideout, you need to make your way to the Janus funeral home, which is located near the center of the map. Once you’re there, you need to find a hidden passage that will lead you to the crows’ hideout. You can find this passage by interacting with the bookshelf in the room with the coffin. This will reveal a hidden door that leads to the underground hideout.

2. What is the “Chasing a Ghost” mission in Hitman 2?

The “Chasing a Ghost” mission in Hitman 2 is the first mission in the game’s main story campaign. In this mission, you play as Agent 47 and your objective is to eliminate a mysterious shadow client who has been targeting the International Contract Agency (ICA). The mission takes place in a high-security prison facility located in New Zealand. To complete the mission, you need to find and eliminate the shadow client, as well as retrieve a data disc containing information about the shadow client’s activities. This mission serves as the starting point for the game’s main story campaign and sets the stage for the rest of the game’s missions and storyline.

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