Hitman 2: Isle of Sgail Map – The Ark Society Mission

Important Locations in Hitman 2 – Isle of Sgail

1 – Pier. This is the starting point and is also used for extracting Constant later.

2 – Sewer. Accessible through a gate or ladder, it leads to the catacombs and dungeon.

3 – Path along the cliff. Only accessible through a disguise or from the western side.

4 – Main gate. Open to all and can be used to sneak to level 2.

5 – Lower courtyard. Accessible to all and provides a waiter disguise.

6 – Patron’s lounge. Provides information about the contest for initiates.

7 – Passageway to level 2. Guarded by 2 people, a side gate can be used if the right disguise is not available.

8 – Initiate entrance. Knock on the door dressed as an initiate and pay with 10 special coins. Leads to upper courtyard and a gutter pipe to level 2.

9 – Dungeon. One of the mission stories and provides an opportunity to kill Zoe during an interrogation.

10 – Upper courtyard. A large group of people is here and Agent 47 can dress as the master of ceremonies.

11 – Side area. Provides initiate or Ark member disguise and leads to crypt and room under the effigy.

12 – Room under the effigy. Sabotage the effigy mechanism to burn Zoe to death.

13 – Security room. One of many areas to sabotage surveillance.

14 – East wall. Provides access to kitchen/cellar and stairs to level 3.

15 – Cellar. Key or lockpick and proper disguise needed to access. Leads to kitchen and catacombs.

16 – Morgue. Janus’s body is here and Agent 47 can wear his robe to attend the funeral.

17 – Stone circle. Janus’s funeral takes place here and Agent 47 can help with preparations and hide in the coffin dressed as Janus.

18 – Main entrance to the castle. Guarded by three people, it is best to approach from the north or south.

This Hitman 2 guide provides a map of Sgail, a North-Atlantic Island featured in the game’s sixth chapter. The map displays key locations throughout the area, including the 19th Gallery exhibit where Agent 47 can steal a necklace to use in the murder of Sophia. The secret tunnel at location 20 connects the warehouse to the staircase room, where players can begin opening Ark crates to find the artifact. The terrace at location 22 features a cannon that can be loaded to murder Zoe, but only if Agent 47 is wearing a proper disguise in the nearby VIP Lounge. The chapel at location 23 can be reached by ladder in the krypt, and features a security room where surveillance can be sabotaged. The effigy at location 24 is where Agent 47 can summon Zoe to murder her by setting her on fire. The alarm system control panel at location 27 can be sabotaged to disable security protecting the necklace in the gallery. The penthouse at location 34 is guarded by three men and features an armor for players to collect. A more detailed walkthrough can be found on subsequent pages of this chapter.

Starting place: Tower Bridge.

A great starting place that allows for a fast and easy access to the castle. You can also use the bridge to eliminate targets or escape from the castle.


Hiding place: Secret Lab.

A useful hiding place that allows you to store larger items, such as sniper rifles or machine guns.


Non-lethal Melee weapon: Battle Axe.

A powerful weapon that can knock out targets without killing them.


Starting place: Secret Lab.

A great starting place that allows for a quick access to the underground areas. You can also use the lab to craft new items.


Lethal Melee weapon: Battle Axe.

A deadly weapon that can kill targets with one hit. Use it wisely.


Hiding place: Penthouse.

A luxurious hiding place that allows you to blend in with the high society guests. You can also access the rooftop for a great sniping position.


Starting place: Penthouse.

A great starting place that allows for a fast access to the upper floors of the castle. You can also use it to easily reach the secret passages.


Non-lethal Gadget: Flash Grenade.

A useful gadget that can stun targets and allow for a quick escape or an opportunity for a silent takedown.


Hiding place: Atrium.

A useful hiding place that allows you to blend in with the guests and access the secret passages.


Starting place: Atrium.

A great starting place that allows for a quick access to the main areas of the castle. You can also use it to easily reach the secret passages.


Signature Suit with gloves.

A stylish suit that is only available at the highest mastery level. It also allows for a faster movement and better agility.

Starting position: Reception. Starting costume: Waiter.

Getting to the reception is easy even without a special disguise, but wearing the waiter’s outfit can be helpful if you plan on poisoning one of your targets.


Electronic Key Hacker.

An incredibly useful tool that allows you to open doors that require a key card. Keep in mind that you can only use this gadget once.


Hiding Spot: Kitchen.

This hiding spot can only hold small items.


Starting position: Kitchen. Starting costume: Cook.

The cook costume doesn’t offer any unique ways to eliminate your targets, but you’ll be closer to them and have an easier time accessing the stone circle or northern tower.


Hiding Spot: Storeroom.

The storeroom hiding spot can only hold small items, like poison.


Sniper Rifle: Sieger 300 Tactical

The most valuable reward from mastering Sgail island. The rifle has a suppressor attachment, so you can shoot your targets without being detected.


Starting position: Ark building. Starting costume: Custodian.

A good combination of a starting position and costume, especially if you want to find the ceremonial dagger quickly.


Hiding Spot: Hyperborean Showrooms.

This hiding spot can hold both small and large items. Consider storing an electronic key hacker here, as there’s a locked door nearby.


Starting position: Stronghold.

A good sniping location. You won’t have a starting disguise, but you can bring a sniper rifle and easily acquire the elite guard costume.


Hiding Spot: Tanker.

You can store a sniper rifle or other large objects here.


Starting position: Gallery. Starting costume: Member of Ark.

A good combination of a starting position and costume, though acquiring an Ark costume isn’t difficult.


Melee Weapon: Broadsword.

Nothing special. The sword is only used to complete a small challenge, but you can easily find one during the mission.


Hiding Spot: Morgue.

A good place to store a sniper rifle or other large objects. You can equip a sniper rifle and travel to the highest level of the northern tower to fire at your targets from there.


Rifle: Enram HV Covert Mk II

An interesting rifle equipped with a silencer. You can use it to eliminate targets without alerting others, but it can’t be hidden in your inventory.


The Architect’s lounge is where the mission begins and the Ark’s Architect outfit is the starting attire.

This is a great location to start the mission from as you won’t have to navigate your way to the upper floors of the castle. As an architect, you can visit most locations without being detected.


The Gallery stairs serve as a hiding place.

This hiding place is only suitable for storing small items, such as poison.


The Remote Concussion Rubber Duck is not a very useful gadget.

Although it can stun one or a few people, it generates a lot of noise. The only advantage it has is that it doesn’t attract attention.

The most important addition to the game and the new episode is the Sieger 300 Tactical sniper rifle (pictured above), which is equipped with a silencer. This significantly reduces the risk of exposing Agent 47’s location and alerting the enemy. The Sieger 300 Tactical also has a larger zoom when aiming and the ability to hold the trigger halfway (R2 on PS4, RT on XONE), which allows Agent 47 to hold his breath and stabilize his aim. Once you obtain this rifle, it is recommended that you return to previous missions to complete challenges in the “Sniper Killer” category.

Another valuable gadget that can be obtained by completing masteries is the Electronic Key Hacker. Although it can be used in Sgail, it is also useful in other episodes of the game. This device functions similarly to a lockpick in that it can open locked doors without requiring a keycard. This allows you to easily access areas such as Sophie Washington’s office in Sgail. However, unlike the lockpick, the hacking device can only be used three times per mission and there are three of these devices in Agent 47’s inventory, each of which can be used only once. It is best to save them for heavily guarded areas and use standard methods such as finding keycards, distracting guards, or using windows in other situations.

Interestingly, reaching the second mastery level in Sgail unlocks a large hiding place and a starting location in the chapel. These can be used to access a sniper position or to obtain a good disguise by reaching an usher or other opponents. Another great starting location is the architect’s lounge, where you begin the mission dressed as an architect, which grants you more privileges than a regular Ark member. This starting location and outfit are ideal for completing objectives on the castle’s higher floors.


1. What is Hitman 2: Isle of Sgail Map – The Ark Society Mission?

Hitman 2: Isle of Sgail Map – The Ark Society Mission is the final level of the game. It is set on an island called Sgail which is home to a secret society called The Ark Society. The mission involves Agent 47 infiltrating the society’s annual gathering and taking down their leaders.

2. How do I access the Isle of Sgail Map?

The Isle of Sgail Map is part of the Hitman 2 game and can be accessed through the game’s main menu. You will need to progress through the game and complete the previous levels to unlock it.

3. What challenges are there in the Isle of Sgail Map?

There are many challenges to complete in the Isle of Sgail Map, including assassinating specific targets, completing tasks within a time limit, and finding hidden items. Some challenges are more difficult than others, but completing them all will give you a sense of accomplishment and unlock new items and abilities.

4. What weapons and tools are available in the Isle of Sgail Map?

There are a variety of weapons and tools available in the Isle of Sgail Map, including guns, explosives, and poison. You can also use disguises to blend in with the crowd and avoid detection. Each tool has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it’s important to choose the right one for the situation.

5. Can I replay the Isle of Sgail Map?

Yes, you can replay the Isle of Sgail Map as many times as you like. In fact, replaying the map is a great way to try out different strategies and complete all the challenges. You can also adjust the difficulty level to make the mission more challenging or easier, depending on your preference.

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