Hitman 2: Marrakesh – List of Achievements/Trophies and Legacy Missions

This page is a part of our trophy/achievement guide for Hitman 2 and contains a list of all the achievements and trophies available in Hitman Legacy: Marrakesh. These are a part of the content available in the first season and require both the Legacy Pack and the DLC with the Marrakesh episode. Marrakesh was the third main episode in the game.

  • Too Big to Fail
  • .50 Personal Touch
  • Unfortunate Fortune
  • Tourist Attractions
  • Marrakesh Escalated
  • Careful Planning
  • Ancient Marrakesh

Too Big to Fail

How to Unlock: Complete “A Gilded Cage”.

Commentary: You can unlock this trophy/achievement by killing Claus Hugo Strandberg and Reza Zaydan in any way during the “A Gilded Cage” mission.

.50 Personal Touch

How to Unlock: Assassinate Zaydan as the prisoner, Strandberg during his massage, and both with the APC turret.

Commentary: This trophy/achievement requires you to eliminate the targets in various ways, meaning you have to replay this mission a few times. For more information, check out our guide to Hitman 1.

Disguise yourself as a prisoner and wait for Zaydan. The prisoner is located in the school. Take his identity and assassinate Zaydan when he appears in the torture room.

Get a masseur’s outfit. Strandberg can be assassinated in the embassy. You will need a masseur’s outfit. Visit the embassy and eliminate the target.

Activate the APC turret when both targets are in the yard. Strandberg and Zaydan can be both killed with the APC turret during their meeting on the yard outside the school.

Unfortunate Fortune

How to Unlock: Demonstrate generosity.

Commentary: Give a coin to one of the beggars. The beggar is in the market. Give him 5 coins, which can be found on the counter in the shoe shop or in the briefing room. Throw the coins on the plate in front of the man.

Tourist Attractions

How to Unlock: Complete all Opportunities in “A Gilded Cage”.

Commentary: Opportunities are occasions for eliminating targets in various ways. It is impossible to complete them all during one playthrough, so repeat the Marrakesh mission many times and focus on a single selected opportunity (or two opportunities if they are related to different targets and don’t exclude each other).

Marrakesh Escalated

How to Unlock: Complete Level 5 of an Escalation Contract set in Marrakesh.

Commentary: With each Escalation, Agent 47 will face more and more complex challenges related to assassinations. Complete one of the several Escalations offered in Marrakesh to unlock this trophy/achievement.

Thorough Planning

To access advanced options, choose a Starting Location and use an Agency Pickup to smuggle an item into Marrakesh.

Explanation: You can only access these options once you have achieved a higher Mastery Level. It’s recommended that you complete Marrakesh using the standard rules first, then attempt to select a starting location and smuggle items.

Discovering Ancient Marrakesh

To unlock this level, you must reach a Mastery Level of 20 in Marrakesh.

Explanation: You can increase your Mastery Level by completing various challenges while playing in Marrakesh. These challenges include eliminating targets in specific ways, discovering items that are helpful in assassinations, or starting the mission in different locations. You don’t need to complete all the challenges, instead, focus on the ones that suit you best.


1. What are the trophies/achievements that can be earned in Hitman 2: Marrakesh?

There are a total of 7 trophies/achievements that can be earned in Hitman 2: Marrakesh. These include:

  • Master of Marrakesh – Complete all Mission Stories in Marrakesh.
  • A Golden Opportunity – Complete the Golden Touch Challenge.
  • Bricktop – Assassinate both targets with a brick in the same playthrough.
  • Sniper Assassin – Complete The Apeiron without being spotted and only killing targets with a sniper rifle.
  • Plumber’s Apprentice – Drown Zaydan, as the plumber, then meet with the target in the same playthrough.
  • Someone Could Hurt Themselves – Assassinate both Zaydan and Strandberg with the APC turret.
  • Don’t Mind If I Do – Complete the Opportunity “The Chef” and acquire the contents of the safe.

2. What are the Legacy missions in Hitman 2: Marrakesh?

The Legacy missions in Hitman 2: Marrakesh are missions from the previous Hitman game that have been updated and included in the new game. These include:

  • The Icon – An updated version of the “A House Built on Sand” mission. Players must assassinate actor Dino Bosco and his stunt double.
  • A House Built on Sand – An updated version of the “A Gilded Cage” mission. Players must assassinate General Reza Zaydan and Claus Hugo Strandberg.

3. Can trophies/achievements be earned while playing the Legacy missions?

Yes, trophies/achievements can be earned while playing the Legacy missions. However, players must own the previous Hitman game and have access to the legacy pack in order to play these missions and earn the related achievements/trophies.

4. Are there any specific challenges or requirements for earning the trophies/achievements in Marrakesh?

Yes, there are specific challenges or requirements for earning some of the trophies/achievements in Marrakesh. For example, to earn the “Bricktop” trophy/achievement, players must assassinate both targets with a brick in the same playthrough. To earn the “Plumber’s Apprentice” trophy/achievement, players must drown Zaydan as the plumber, then meet with the target in the same playthrough.

5. Can trophies/achievements be earned while playing on different difficulty levels?

Yes, trophies/achievements can be earned while playing on different difficulty levels. However, some challenges or requirements may be more difficult to complete on higher difficulty levels, making it harder to earn certain achievements/trophies. Players should keep this in mind when attempting to earn all achievements/trophies in Hitman 2: Marrakesh.

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