Hitman 2: Miami – List of Trophies/Achievements

In our trophy/achievement guide for Hitman 2, this page contains a list of all achievements/trophies available in Miami. These are included in the new content available in Hitman 2’s second episode – Miami.

  • Damage Control
  • Blaze of Glory
  • Pink Army
  • Full Value
  • Showrunner
  • Event Planner
  • Miami Wise

Damage Control

How to Unlock: Complete “The Finish Line” mission.

Commentary: You can unlock this achievement/trophy regardless of how you complete “The Finish Line” mission in Miami.

Blaze of Glory

How to Unlock: Blow up Sierra Knox in her car on the podium, and eliminate Robert Knox with his android.

Commentary: You must eliminate the targets in various ways to earn this trophy/achievement, meaning you must replay this mission several times. For more information, refer to our Miami episode walkthrough.

To blow up Sierra Knox’s vehicle, obtain a mechanic disguise from her team, interact with items used during a pit-stop, and plant explosives (you can find this item in the lodge, or you can add it to your inventory during the mission briefing).

You can kill Sierra Knox by reaching the podium for a marshal. Stun this person and take his clothes. Disqualify Moses Lee.

Sierra wins the race. Sabotage the fireworks system on the podium. Reach the pipes beneath the podium. The entire place will explode, killing Sierra in the process.

To kill Robert Knox with his android, you will have to obtain the man’s photo. Get a scientist disguise, interact with the android, place Robert Knox’s photo and wait for the target to arrive.

Pink Army

How to Unlock: Release the pink army.

Commentary: This trophy is connected with an Easter egg found during a mission in Miami. Start the mission with the flamingo outfit equipped – you can do so once you advance to at least 6th Mastery level.

Examine the tables in the public part of the paddock, near the entrance where the guests are checked by the security. Look for the flamingo photo and take it.

Head to the underground parking now – this is the basement of the building where Robert Knox can be found. Sabotage the fuse box to force one of the guards to leave the security room. Stun or kill the guard and take his magnetic card.

Now check the same location (a corridor next to the underground parking lot) for another man in a flamingo suit. Stun him, but do not kill! Start dragging him. Get him to the security room, in which the recently eliminated guard was found.

There is a staircase located on the back of the security room. Continue dragging the man until you reach the top floor.

Drag the man in the flamingo suit to the room with the android on the right side. Place the body in front of the android and quickly eliminate the single guard from the room.

To interact with the android, insert the flamingo photo into it. The android will then aim and shoot at the man wearing a flamingo suit.

As an Easter egg in the game, other people on the map will eventually transform into giant flamingos. The trophy will unlock shortly after this occurs. While waiting, you can hide on the balcony or elsewhere.

Full Value

To unlock this achievement/trophy, complete all Mission Stories in “The Finish Line”.

Commentary: Opportunities are unique situations that allow for various ways of assassinating a target. It is impossible to complete them all in a single playthrough. To earn this achievement, repeat the Miami mission a few times and focus on completing one or two Opportunities. Our Miami walkthrough provides tips for eliminating main targets and different assassination methods.


To unlock this achievement/trophy, complete “The Finish Line” on Master Difficulty.

Commentary: Master is the highest difficulty level in the game. NPCs are more alert and close-quarters combat is more challenging. First, become familiar with the Miami map, then attempt to complete the mission on Master difficulty.

Event Planner

To unlock this achievement/trophy, select a Starting Location and use an Agency Pickup to smuggle an item into Miami.

Commentary: Both options become available after reaching a higher Mastery Level. First, complete Miami by following the standard rules. Then, try selecting a starting location and using the option to smuggle items.

Miami Wise

To unlock this achievement/trophy, reach Miami Mastery Level 20.

Commentary: Reach new Mastery Levels by completing challenges available in the Miami mission. These challenges include eliminating targets in a specific way, finding useful assassination items, or starting the mission in different locations. It is not necessary to complete all challenges to reach Level 20. Focus on those that best suit you.


What are the trophies/achievements in Hitman 2: Miami?

In Hitman 2: Miami, there are a total of 17 trophies/achievements that players can unlock. These include completing missions with specific objectives, eliminating targets in creative ways, and discovering hidden locations. Some of the notable achievements include “Silent Assassin, Suit Only,” which requires players to complete a mission without being detected while wearing only their starting suit, and “Chameleon,” which requires players to collect all disguises in the game. Other achievements involve completing missions within a certain time limit or completing specific challenges, such as killing a target with an exploding golf ball.

How difficult are the trophies/achievements in Hitman 2: Miami?

The difficulty of the trophies/achievements in Hitman 2: Miami can vary depending on the player’s skill level and familiarity with the game mechanics. Some achievements, such as completing missions with specific objectives, can be challenging but are manageable with practice and careful planning. However, some of the more difficult achievements, such as “Silent Assassin, Suit Only,” may require a significant amount of skill and patience to complete. Players may need to experiment with different approaches and strategies to find the most effective way to complete each mission and unlock all of the achievements.

Are there any secret trophies in Hitman 2: Miami?

Yes, there are several secret trophies in Hitman 2: Miami that players can unlock by completing specific objectives or discovering hidden locations. These trophies are not revealed until the player unlocks them, and they often involve completing challenges or objectives that are not immediately obvious. Some of the secret trophies in Hitman 2: Miami include “A Night at the Movies,” which requires players to complete a specific mission objective, and “The New Army,” which involves discovering a hidden location in the game. Players may need to explore the game world and experiment with different approaches to uncover all of the secret trophies in Hitman 2: Miami.

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