Hitman 2: Monitoring – Where to Disable It? Another Life Walkthrough

In this section of the Hitman 2 game manual, we will inform you about disabling the surveillance in Whittleton Creek. Disabling the local monitoring system is a vital step in each of the missions that will enable Agent 47 to eliminate any evidence of his presence, resulting in a better overall score.

Until you have sabotaged the security cameras, avoid getting into their field of view. Do not destroy them either, since this will negatively impact the final results of the mission. Disabling the surveillance in one of the locations listed below will turn off the cameras on the entire map.

The first location where you can disable the monitoring system is the kitchen of Nolan Cassidy’s Property. Sneak in there from the side of the open garage. Additionally, you can turn on the generator in the garage and lure one of the guards to its location. This is the perfect opportunity to obtain a bodyguard outfit.

The second place where you can disable the surveillance system is the basement of Janus’s Property. Access the basement through a side door or a secret tunnel from the neighbouring Griswold Residence. The entrance to the secret corridor is in the basement, behind a bookshelf (you must pull one of the books). There is only one guard in the basement of Janus’s house, and it is a good idea to eliminate him beforehand.


1. What is Monitoring in Hitman 2: Another Life?

Monitoring is a mission in Hitman 2: Another Life where you play as Agent 47, tasked with assassinating two targets: Janus and Nolan Cassidy. The mission takes place in a suburban neighborhood in America, where the targets are part of a secretive society called the Ark Society.

2. Where are the best places to sabotage in Monitoring?

The best places to sabotage in Monitoring are the targets’ personal spaces. For Janus, you can tamper with his oxygen tank in his room, which he uses to help with his breathing. For Cassidy, you can sabotage his personal trainer’s equipment in his gym to cause an accident during his exercise routine. You can also tamper with the gas stove in Cassidy’s kitchen to cause an explosion.

3. How can I blend in with the NPCs in Monitoring?

You can blend in with the NPCs in Monitoring by dressing up as a gardener or a housekeeper, which will allow you to move around freely without arousing suspicion. You can also eavesdrop on conversations to gain valuable information about the targets’ movements and habits.

4. What is the best approach to completing Another Life walkthrough?

The best approach to completing Another Life walkthrough is to take your time and carefully observe your surroundings. Use disguises and distractions to move around undetected, and plan your assassinations carefully to avoid being caught. It’s also important to take advantage of the various tools and weapons at your disposal, such as poisons and silenced pistols.

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