Hitman 2: Nightcall Walkthrough – Challenges and Feats

In Hitman 2, you can earn extra points by using specific tools for murder and eliminating minor targets. Although the highest scores are for “first category” kills, unlocking other challenges, or feats, can be easier.

  • Repeatable
  • No Running On The Tiles!
  • Orson Bathes
  • Death Of A Statesman
  • Mr. Sandman


  1. Tasteless, Traceless – Poison your target, preferably using Sugar, Honey, Honey.
  2. Someone Could Hurt Themselves – Eliminate the target and make it look like an accident. You will complete this feat automatically during other murders.
  3. Straight Shot – The easiest challenge – just kill someone with a headshot.
  4. Chameleon – Find all disguises. In this mission, only a bodyguard disguise is available.
  5. Versatile Assassin – Unlock this by completing other actions (killing methods) from the list during a challenge (not necessarily during a single game).
  6. Piano Man – Kill the target with fiber wire. You can take it at the beginning of the mission.

  1. Hold My Hair – Kill the target by drowning. Poison sugar and honey with rat poison, and when Alma drinks it, she will run to the toilet on the ground floor. Squeeze her head into the toilet bowl and drown her.

No Running On The Tiles!

Throw a coin near the guardian so he bends for it at the pool.

Push a guard into the swimming pool. It’s easiest to do if you already have a guard disguise. Go near the pool and flip a coin. The lured guard will reach for it, and you can then push him forward into the pool. This challenge won’t count if you knock down your opponent and throw his body into the pool.

Orson Bathes

Kitchen knife – Use it to attack Orson while he takes a bath.

Kill Orson Mills using a kitchen knife hanging on the kitchen wall near the chopper while he is in the shower. He will go there when Alma ends the phone call.

Death Of A Statesman

Poison a glass of whiskey in the living room.

Poison Orson’s whiskey. You must have a deadly poison smuggled into the mission area (when you reach a higher level of character mastery). Whiskey is located in the living room, next to the balcony door.

Mr. Sandman

Shoot Alma through a skylight.

Kill the sleeping Alma by shooting her through the roof window. The entrance to the roof is behind the terrace on the first floor.


What are Challenges and Feats in Hitman 2?

Challenges and Feats are special objectives that players can complete in each mission of Hitman 2. Challenges are specific tasks that players need to accomplish, such as killing a target in a certain way or disguising themselves as a specific NPC. Feats, on the other hand, are more general achievements that players can earn by completing various actions, such as performing silent takedowns or hiding bodies.

How do I complete the Nightcall mission in Hitman 2?

The Nightcall mission takes place in a suburban neighborhood in Vermont, where Agent 47 must eliminate a dangerous target. To complete the mission, players can choose from a variety of tactics, such as disguising themselves as a gardener or a security guard, using distractions to lure the target into a trap, or simply shooting the target from a distance. However, to earn all of the Challenges and Feats in the mission, players will need to be more creative and explore all the different areas of the map, looking for unique opportunities and hidden secrets.

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