Hitman 2: Paris – List of Trophies/Achievements and Legacy Missions

On this page, you can find all the available trophies/achievements for Hitman Legacy: Paris in our guide to Hitman 2. These achievements/trophies are included in the first season and require both the Legacy Pack and the DLC with the Paris episode. Paris was the first episode of Hitman.

  • When No One Else Dares
  • The Showstopper
  • Meeting the Reaper
  • So Many Ways to Stop the Show
  • Paris Escalated
  • Well Prepared
  • City of Light

When No One Else Dares

How to Unlock: Complete “The Showstopper”.

Commentary: Regardless of the method used to kill Viktor Novikov and Dalia Margolis, this trophy/achievement will be unlocked.

The Showstopper

How to Unlock: Assassinate Viktor Novikov in a light rig accident.

Commentary: The platform is attached on the third floor of the palace. To sabotage it, you need a crowbar and must do it when Novikov appears on the catwalk (as shown in the picture above). More details about this assassination method can be found in the Hitman 1 walkthrough chapter in our guide.

Meeting the Reaper

How to Unlock: Become Tobias Reaper.

Commentary: This achievement/trophy requires taking Reaper’s identity and getting an invitation to the auction room. You can sit in one of the chairs and wait for Agent 47 to greet Dalia Margolis (as shown in the picture above). More details about reaching the auction can be found in the Hitman 1 walkthrough chapter in our guide.

So Many Ways to Stop the Show

How to Unlock: Complete all Opportunities in “The Showstopper”.

Commentary: There are eight opportunities available in Paris mission for eliminating targets in various ways. It is impossible to complete them all during one playthrough, so you must repeat the Paris mission multiple times and focus on a single selected opportunity (or two opportunities if they are related to different targets). Hints about eliminating main mission targets in various ways can be found in the walkthrough chapter. The opportunities available in Paris are listed below:

  1. 15 Seconds of Fame – Take the identity of Helmut Kruger and meet with Dalia in private.
  2. A Drink to Die For – Prepare a poisoned drink for Viktor Novikov.
  3. A Private Meeting – Arrange a meeting in gardens between Novikov and Decker.
  4. A Quick Break – Sabotage Dalia’s laptop that is responsible for the auction.
  5. A Rare Scoop – Arrange an interview between the female blogger and Novikov.
  6. Guest of Honor – Assume the sheikh identity and participate in the secret auction.
  7. Lights Out – Drop the light platform on the catwalk.
  8. Playing with Fire – Initiate the fireworks show.

Paris Escalated

How to Unlock: Complete Level 5 of an Escalation Contract set in Paris.

Commentary: Paris offers several Escalations, and with each escalation, Agent 47 will face more complex challenges related to assassinations. Complete one of them to unlock this trophy/achievement.

Well Prepared

How to Unlock: Select a Starting Location and use an Agency Pickup to smuggle an item into Paris.

To access both options in Paris mission, players need to reach a higher Mastery Level. It is recommended to complete the mission once by following the standard rules before trying the new options. The starting location and item smuggling options become available after reaching a higher rank.

Paris mission is known as the City of Light. To unlock the new options, players need to reach Paris Mastery Level 20. Mastery Levels can be achieved by completing various challenges within the mission. These challenges include eliminating targets in a specific way, finding useful items, and starting the mission from different locations. Players do not have to complete all the challenges, but rather focus on those that suit them best.


1. What are the trophies/achievements available in Hitman 2: Paris?

In Hitman 2: Paris, there are a total of 17 trophies/achievements that players can unlock. These include both story-related achievements and challenges that can be completed during gameplay. Some of the trophies/achievements include “Silent Assassin,” “Chameleon,” “Infiltrator,” and “The Showstopper.” Each achievement has a specific set of requirements that players must meet in order to unlock it, such as completing a mission without being detected or assassinating a target in a certain way. Players can view their progress towards each achievement in the game’s menu.

2. What are the Legacy missions in Hitman 2?

The Legacy missions in Hitman 2 are remastered versions of missions from the previous game, Hitman (2016). These missions have been updated with the new features and improvements found in Hitman 2, such as the expanded AI and new gameplay mechanics. The Legacy missions can be accessed by players who own the previous game, either as a separate purchase or through the Legacy Pack DLC. The missions take place in various locations around the world, including Paris, Sapienza, and Marrakesh. Players can complete these missions to earn rewards and unlock new items and equipment.

3. How do I unlock the “A New Profile” trophy/achievement in Hitman 2: Paris?

The “A New Profile” trophy/achievement in Hitman 2: Paris can be unlocked by completing the “The Showstopper” mission on any difficulty level. To unlock this achievement, players must assassinate both Viktor Novikov and Dalia Margolis, the two targets in the mission, while wearing the tuxedo disguise. This can be a challenging task, as the tuxedo disguise is not readily available at the start of the mission and players must find a way to acquire it without raising suspicion. However, with careful planning and execution, players can successfully complete the mission and earn the “A New Profile” achievement.

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