Hitman 2: Santa Fortuna – List of Trophies/Achievements

This page of our trophy/achievement guide for Hitman 2 contains a list of all achievements/trophies that can be obtained in Santa Fortuna. These achievements/trophies are part of the new content available in the third episode of Hitman 2 – Santa Fortuna.

  • Tactical Strike
  • Cartel Wrecker
  • It Belongs in a Museum
  • Heads Will Roll
  • Ghost of the Jungle
  • Recon Specialist
  • Dark Tourist

Tactical Strike

How to unlock: Complete the mission “Three-Headed Serpent”.

Commentary: Regardless of how you complete the “Three-Headed Serpent” mission in Santa Fortuna, you will unlock this trophy/achievement.

Cartel Wrecker

How to unlock: Feed Delgado to his hippo, crush Delgado and Martinez with the statue, push Franco off a cliff.

Commentary: This trophy/achievement requires you to eliminate the targets in various ways, which means you have to replay this mission several times. More information can be found in our walkthrough for the Santa Fortuna episode.

In order to push Rico Delgado into a hippopotamus pen, you must first obtain the disguise of the hippo whisperer, and then throw the bone into the pen. Meet Rico and accompany him on the way to the hippo.

In order to crush Rico Delgado and Andrea Martinez, you must sabotage the statue on the town square and then find the band members. Finally, wait for Rico to arrive and finish his speech. Only then will Rico and Andrea stand next to each other, and you can push the statue on them.

To push Franco off the cliff, you have to get to the botanical laboratory on the coca fields and destroy the plant stored there. Jorge will go to the jungle to look for a new plant. Push him when he finds a plant and tries to reach it.

It Belongs in a Museum

How to unlock: Explore the treasure room.

Commentary: The treasure room in Santa Fortuna is the most elaborate easter egg in this location. Begin by acquiring a shaman disguise – you can find it in the jungle. Wear this disguise and go to the town, looking for the orange building shown in the picture above. One of the villagers should exit it. The building is near the path that leads to the bar and the construction site.

Eliminate this villager and pick up the key that he drops. Open the cabin and take the Gold Idol figure.

Go to the right and find the place shown in the picture above, where you can jump over the fence.

Follow the path to the entrance shown in the picture above.

Right after entering the caves, you will come across the gate presented in the picture above. Place the figure into the slot on the gate’s left.

Upon entering the room with pressure plates, make sure to save your progress beforehand, as stepping on a wrong plate can easily result in death. Follow the path marked in the picture above, starting with the second pressure plate from the left. Move two steps forward, three steps to the right, two steps forward, one step to the left, one step forward, two steps to the left, two steps forward, two steps to the right, two steps forward, one step to the left, and one step forward. Successfully completing this path will ensure Agent 47’s survival. Once the path is complete, take the Sacrificial Knife from the altar to unlock an achievement and acquire a unique weapon. After this, exit the room, as there is no longer any need to watch out for the plates. Watch out for the confetti!

Heads Will Roll

To unlock this achievement/trophy, complete all Mission Stories in “Three-Headed Serpent”. This achievement is related to Opportunities, which are unique situations that allow for various assassination methods. It is impossible to complete all opportunities in a single playthrough. Repeat the Santa Fortuna mission a few times and focus on completing one or two opportunities that are not mutually exclusive. Our walkthrough for Santa Fortuna episode provides tips for eliminating main targets and using different assassination methods.

Ghost of the Jungle

To unlock this achievement/trophy, complete “Three-Headed Serpent” on Master Difficulty. The Master Difficulty level is the highest difficulty level in the game, and NPCs are more vigilant, making close-quarters fights more challenging. Try to play this mission on Master difficulty only after becoming familiar with the map.

Recon Specialist

To unlock this achievement/trophy, select a Starting Location and use an Agency Pickup to smuggle an item into Santa Fortuna. Both options become available after reaching a higher Mastery Level. Complete Santa Fortuna at least once by following the standard rules before checking if you can select a starting location and smuggle items.

Dark Tourist

To unlock this achievement/trophy, reach Santa Fortuna Mastery Level 20. New Mastery Levels can be achieved by completing various challenges available in the Santa Fortuna mission. These challenges require the elimination of targets in a certain way, finding items useful in assassinations, or starting the mission in different locations. Completing all challenges is not necessary to reach Level 20; focus on the ones that are best suited for you.


1. What are the trophies/achievements in Hitman 2: Santa Fortuna?

Hitman 2: Santa Fortuna has a total of 7 trophies/achievements. These include:

  • The Secret Ingredient – Poison Rico Delgado
  • Curveball – Assassinate Robert Knox
  • Fish Frenzy – Dump a body into the ocean
  • Sniper Assassin – Complete The Three-Headed Serpent as a sniper assassin
  • Suit Only – Complete The Three-Headed Serpent without changing outfits
  • Tuk-tuk-tuk – Assassinate three targets with the tuk-tuk vehicle
  • Santa Fortuna Escalated – Complete all stages of an Escalation Contract set in Santa Fortuna

2. What is required to unlock the Sniper Assassin trophy/achievement?

To unlock the Sniper Assassin trophy/achievement in Hitman 2: Santa Fortuna, you must complete The Three-Headed Serpent mission as a sniper assassin. This means that you must eliminate all three targets using a sniper rifle without being detected. This can be a challenging task, as you must carefully plan your shots and avoid being seen by guards and cameras. However, if you are successful, you will earn the Sniper Assassin trophy/achievement.

3. How do I unlock the Suit Only trophy/achievement?

To unlock the Suit Only trophy/achievement in Hitman 2: Santa Fortuna, you must complete The Three-Headed Serpent mission without changing outfits. This means that you must remain in your default suit throughout the entire mission, even while infiltrating restricted areas and taking out targets. This can be a difficult challenge, as guards and other NPCs may become suspicious of you if you are not wearing a proper disguise. However, if you are able to complete the mission without changing outfits, you will earn the Suit Only trophy/achievement.

4. What is the Fish Frenzy trophy/achievement?

The Fish Frenzy trophy/achievement in Hitman 2: Santa Fortuna is earned by dumping a body into the ocean. This can be done by either dragging a body to the edge of a pier or using a fish crate to transport a body to the water’s edge. Once the body is in the water, the trophy/achievement will unlock. While this may seem like a simple task, it can be risky if there are guards or other NPCs nearby who may become suspicious of you. Therefore, it is important to plan your approach carefully to avoid detection.

5. What is an Escalation Contract and how do I complete it?

An Escalation Contract in Hitman 2 is a series of increasingly difficult challenges that must be completed in a specific order. Each stage of the contract introduces new objectives or restrictions, making it more challenging to complete. To complete an Escalation Contract in Santa Fortuna, you must complete all stages of the contract without failing any of the objectives or restrictions. This can be a difficult task, as the challenges become more complex and require careful planning and execution. However, if you are successful, you will earn the Santa Fortuna Escalated trophy/achievement.

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