Hitman 2: The Ark Society Walkthrough – Story Missions

Our guide for Hitman 2 offers a complete walkthrough for all 6 Mission Stories available during The Ark Society on the Island of Sgail.

{ramkaniebieska}The following elimination methods are not the only ones available – only those resulting from completing the story missions. Other techniques have been described in other sections of this chapter.{/ramkaniebieska}

  • A Phoenix from the Ashes
  • Final Club
  • It Belongs in a Museum
  • Last Honors
  • Social Climbing
  • Winds of Change

A Phoenix from the Ashes

The target for this mission is Zoe Washington. You can sabotage the large Phoenix mechanism and then, dressed as the master of ceremonies, invite Zoe to the show and burn her alive.

You can learn about this mission from the conversation between two people standing next to the upper courtyard where the ceremony of burning the large Phoenix effigy is planned, as shown in the screenshot above.

Agent 47 needs to get to the Back Stage located exactly beneath the Phoenix effigy. From the spot where you heard the conversation, approach the cliff. Watch out for two guards patrolling the area, and use the tall grass to avoid detection. You can reach your destination by crossing a narrow ledge by the cliff – skip the first window and enter through the second one.

Wait for the guard to finish the conversation and leave the room, leaving two custodians inside. Throw an object to the other side of the room and eliminate the first custodian who investigates it. The second custodian always has his back towards Agent 47, making it even simpler to eliminate him. Hide both bodies in the container.

Find the wrench and use it as indicated in the screenshot above. This way, you sabotage the hydraulic mechanism so that Zoe won’t be able to free herself after the show starts.

Now, Agent 47 needs to find the Master of Ceremonies. He can be found in the southern chamber of the chapel shown in the screenshot above. You can easily get there:

  1. Enter the side location next to the upper courtyard.
  2. Go to the adjacent crypt.
  3. Use the ladder inside the crypt.
  4. Agent 47 will now reach the monitoring room in the chapel.
  5. Pass the guards and sneak into the south chapel chamber. The doors are locked – use a lockpick or steal the key of a guard?

Apart from the Master of Ceremonies, there are two other people in this room. You can easily eliminate the enemies e.g. by turning the gramophone on. After someone approaches to turn it off, attack him and hide the body in the container. Beware, though, as the Master of Ceremonies tends to walk around the room and approaches the window every once in a while.

Put on the Master of Ceremonies Disguise. Make sure to hide all bodies and other items that might indicate you have eliminated anyone. If you skip this step, Zoe might stop in the chapel in the next part of the Story Mission deeming it impossible for you to finish.

Inside the chapel, there is a laptop containing the Effigy Memo from Zoe, as well as the Master of Ceremonies’ Schedule. However, investigating them is optional.

The objective is to reach the Effigy Stage, which can be done by leaving through the south door, turning east, and going downstairs to the upper courtyard. Take the torch and use it to light the Money Pit.

Stay in place and wait for Zoe Washington to arrive from the chapel and stop to the right of the Effigy. Turn towards her and interact to initiate the ceremony. Wait until she finishes her speech.

Return upstairs to the Effigy Stage and wait for Zoe to enter the Effigy. Use the torch to light the circle around her, causing the Effigy to burn and trapping Zoe inside. Thanks to the mechanism, her body will be impossible to find.

{ramkaniebieska}It is worth replaying this mission without sabotaging the hydraulic mechanism to enable Zoe to exit the Effigy at the end of the ceremony and earn the Greatest Show trophy.{/ramkaniebieska}

Final Club

Target: Zoe Washington. To participate in the treasure hunt organized by the initiates, acquire an Initiate Disguise and 10 Commemorative Tokens. You can learn about the ongoing treasure hunt in the Patrons’ Lounge, located on the first floor next to the entrance to the lower courtyard.

Ensure you have an Initiate Disguise and 10 Commemorative Tokens before reaching the Initiation Door, marked in the screenshot. Knock on the door, give the guard 10 tokens, and follow him to the Dungeon. Save the game at this point.

Wait for Zoe Washington to arrive in the dungeon. The interrogation is crucial, as it can lead to different paths for eliminating Zoe. The first option is to answer truthfully:

  1. Do you consider yourself to be the top performer in your field? – Respond with a Yes.
  2. Would you be willing to break the law if necessary? – Respond with a Yes.
  3. Can you remain calm and composed under pressure? – Respond with a Yes.
  4. Do you work as a journalist for the liberal media? – Respond with a No.

Once you pass the test, follow Zoe Washington to the catacombs, where Agent 47 will become a member of the Ark. Take the Ark Member Disguise from the wall and proceed upstairs with Zoe. It is best to attack her once you reach the staircase, as she will not be accompanied by her personal bodyguard at that moment. You can also hide her body in a container.

The second option is to lie in the test as follows:

  1. Do you consider yourself to be the top performer in your field? – Respond with a No.
  2. Are you a follower of our late founder, Janus? – Respond with a Yes.
  3. Do you have any ulterior motives for being here? – Respond with a No.
  4. Are you pretending to be someone you’re not? – Respond with a No.

Answering the questions this way will irritate Zoe and increase tension. However, don’t worry about Agent 47, as a result of a malfunction, Zoe will get electrocuted at the end of the interrogation. Make sure to leave the site quickly to avoid being accused of contributing to her death.

It Belongs in a Museum

Target: Sophia Washington. You can steal a precious necklace from the Castle Museum and then dress up as Blake Nathaniel to meet Sophia in her office.

The best way to start this mission is in the Museum on the third floor of the castle. It is recommended to dress up as a Member of the Ark or start the mission there if you have reached the required mastery level.

You can listen to the people admiring the exquisite necklace. Your first task is to steal this precious artifact.

The necklace is inside a glass cabinet with an alarm. Do not try to break it, as you can turn off the security in two ways. The first way is to reach the laptop on the fourth-floor balcony, as shown in the screenshot. You will find a custodian and a guard there by default.

Investigate the adjacent room and sabotage the fuse box. The guard will go towards it, giving you enough time to deal with the custodian and hide his body in the corner.

Hack into the laptop to turn off the security. You can then eliminate the guard and hide his body in the same corner. Jump off the balcony.

Note that Blake Nathaniel and Sophia Washington occasionally appear on the balcony. Make sure they don’t spot you while you’re hiding the bodies or hacking the laptop.

The second option is less subtle. Find the fire alarm switch and use it to trigger the alarm. The museum evacuation will begin.

To turn off the security systems in the Museum, head to the adjacent room with the stairs and search for the fuse box. Once you find it, sabotage it to cut off the electricity.

To steal the Aztec Necklace, wait for the right moment when everyone is facing away. You can also use throwable objects, turn on the gramophone, or turn off the museum lights to distract the guards. Alternatively, crouch when you reach the showcase with the necklace.

  1. Use throwable object(s).
  2. Turn on the gramophone (one of the museum pieces).
  3. Turn off the museum lights (two switches behind the exhibit).
  1. Crouch upon reaching the showcase with the necklace.

To assume Nathaniel Blake’s identity, knock him out on the balcony (if you chose to use the laptop) or distract/attack him on the staircase. Dress as Blake and find Sophie Washington. Talk to her and follow her to her office on the fifth floor. Once you’re alone with her, use the necklace to kill her and hide her body.

{ramkaniebieska}Using the necklace to kill Zoe Washington will unlock the Mistaken Identity achievement.{/ramkaniebieska}

Last Honors

Target: Zoe Washington. Find the ceremonial dagger, wear burial robes, and take part in the burial ceremony.

To participate in the burial ceremony, you need the ceremonial dagger. You can find it in the warehouse in the western part of the map. Depending on your disguise, you can access the warehouse through the landing pad or the secret tunnel in the castle’s back gallery.

To access the secret tunnel, go to the corridor with the staircase in the castle and press the button at the end of the tunnel. Once you have the dagger, wear the burial robes and join the ceremony in the northern part of the map on level 3.

To complete your mission in Hitman 2, you need to find the artifact hidden in a crate in the warehouse. A custodian outfit is also required, which you can obtain by disabling the generator located near the secret tunnel. Once a custodian appears, take out and hide their body to steal their disguise. You also need to grab a crowbar from the southern room in the warehouse.

Be careful when opening crates, as guards can see through your disguise. The Burial Dagger is in a random crate, so start searching on the ground floor and move to the upper floor if needed.

To access the morgue holding Janus’s body, you can backtrack to the stone circle and go north to use a lockpick on the northern tower. Alternatively, find a drain pipe to climb up the wall. In the morgue, eliminate the woman and three mercenaries by sabotaging the boiler and fuse box or using throwable objects.

After putting on the Burial Robes, save the game and watch out for a patrolling guard. Scale the wall to your left and approach the harpist to begin the burial ceremony. Lie in the open casket and wait for Zoe Washington to approach last. Eliminate her and dispose of her body.

For the bonus mission “Social Climbing,” target Sophia Washington. Investigate a trap she has set for Constant and deliver the findings to him for a meeting with Sophia.

The mission starts in a security room on level 5 of the castle, which is difficult to access without the right disguise. The room is protected by a card reader, but you can steal an access card, use an electronic key hacker, or get through the window on the right side of the room. Watch out for guards and investigate the laptop to learn of Sophia Washington’s plans. Eliminate the guards and leave the security room to enter the nearby Hyperborea Showroom. Wait for Diana to call Sinclair and locate him in a phone call. You need to eliminate Sinclair, which can be done by either hiding the body and waiting for him to stop by one of the domes in the neighboring room or poisoning him when he visits a bar in the Architect’s lounge. Regardless of your approach, investigate the location and pick up the Poison Chip Blueprint. Put on the Architect outfit and show the blueprint to Constant. Follow him to the library and give him the blueprint. Constant will then want to meet with Sophia Washington, so quickly ascend to the upper floor of the tower and hide in the neighboring bathroom. Wait for Constant and Sophia to appear, and then quickly sneak behind Sophia and throw her off the wall once Constant walks away.

Change is Coming

Your mission is to target Sophia Washington. You can assume the identity of Jebediah Block and attend the conclave led by Sophia. This will give you the chance to have a private encounter with her.

This mission will be unlocked once you reach the (Old Oak Tree) at level 4, located in the north-western part of the map. Listen to a conversation between two waiters standing next to a well once you arrive at the area.

47 needs to reach the Armory Roof as shown in the screenshot above. The entrance to the roof is guarded by a mercenary. The best way to get past him is to get a mercenary disguise. You can find out how to get this disguise on the page Getting a first disguise.

Alternatively, you can investigate the area on the left side of the mercenary. Use the drain pipe to climb to the roof, but make sure not to get spotted during the climb.

The roof is guarded by Jebediah Block and three mercenaries. Eliminate two of them by sabotaging the generator and using a throwable. Hide their bodies behind the smaller walls to avoid detection. Constant will also appear in the area to talk to Jebediah soon after the mission begins. Wait for the meeting to end and attack Block. Wear his outfit.

It’s a good idea to save the game manually at this point. Completing other challenges connected to the conclave will be easier with a save.

Find Sophia Washington and speak with her. Follow her to the room where the conclave is taking place.

Sit on the chair reserved for Jebediah Block and let Sophia give her speech. A vote will take place soon after – choose Nay (Vote Against Sophia – bottom left option).

Sophia will ask to speak with you privately. Follow her to the Penthouse on level 8. Engage in another conversation. Wait for Sophia to call off her bodyguards and position herself in front of the sarcophagus. Push her into the sarcophagus and close it to kill her. You don’t need to worry about hiding her body thanks to the casket.


1. What is The Ark Society in Hitman 2?

The Ark Society is a secret organization that is heavily involved in world politics and has immense power and influence. They believe themselves to be the chosen ones to rebuild society after a catastrophic event, which they call “The Collapse.” In Hitman 2, the player must infiltrate The Ark Society’s highly guarded island and eliminate its key members, who are planning to launch a global attack that would result in “The Collapse.”

2. How many story missions are there in The Ark Society?

There are two story missions in The Ark Society: “The Last Resort” and “The Ark Society.” In “The Last Resort,” Agent 47 must infiltrate a luxurious resort on the island and eliminate three targets who are members of The Ark Society. In “The Ark Society,” the player must infiltrate The Ark Society’s headquarters, which is located in an underground cave system, and eliminate the remaining members of the organization.

3. What are some tips for completing The Ark Society missions?

One important tip is to take advantage of the many disguises available in the game. The Ark Society is heavily guarded, so it is essential to blend in with the crowd to avoid detection. Another tip is to explore the island thoroughly and gather as much information as possible before attempting to complete the missions. This will help the player to identify the location of key targets and find useful items and weapons. Finally, patience and planning are crucial. Rushing into The Ark Society’s headquarters without a solid plan will likely result in failure.

4. Can The Ark Society missions be completed in co-op mode?

Yes, The Ark Society missions can be completed in co-op mode. Players can team up with a friend online and work together to complete the objectives. Co-op mode adds an extra layer of challenge and strategy to the game, as players must coordinate their actions and communicate effectively to avoid detection and complete the missions successfully.

5. Are there any alternate routes or endings in The Ark Society missions?

Yes, there are multiple paths and endings in The Ark Society missions. Players can choose to approach the missions in different ways, such as using stealth or brute force, and can discover unique opportunities and challenges along the way. The choices the player makes throughout the missions can also affect the outcome of the game, leading to different endings and outcomes.

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