Hitman 2: The Last Yardbird, Himmelstein – complete guide and bonus mission map

Key points to remember in Hitman 2 – Himmelstein

1 – The HUD displays the number of bodyguards on the map. To achieve the highest score, eliminate all 15 of them.

2 – The HUD also shows a timer. You have 15 minutes to eliminate the three main targets.

3 – The HUD displays the type of ammo loaded. You can switch between three different types.

4 – The HUD also shows the number of bullets in the magazine and total ammo left. Standard ammo is unlimited, but the other two types are limited.

5 – Dorian Lang and his daughter will arrive at the driveway by limo. They will proceed to the wedding area on the east end.

6 – You can destroy the photographer’s lamp for several challenges at the photographer’s stand.

7 – Shooting at the pole mechanism in the labyrinth will raise the flag and result in Dorian Land and Doris Lee meeting here later. You can sabotage a statue to eliminate them.

8 – Doris Lee will arrive in a helicopter at the landing pad. She will appear soon after starting the mission.

9 – The wedding will begin after Dorian Lang arrives with his daughter. You can sabotage the wedding or use it to your advantage.

10 – There are many leaps near the main stairs to the estate – hitting the tanks can cause explosions.

11 – You can sabotage the music band’s instruments and microphone to complete one of the challenges.

12 – Guillaume Maison, the mission target, can be found in his study at the start of the mission. He then visits other areas of his mansion.

13 – You can destroy the painting in the art gallery and drop a loudspeaker on Guillaume Maison and Dorian Lang when they’re talking on the balcony.

14 – All three mission targets can meet in the room with the cannon in the later stages. Shooting the cannon will result in it firing and killing all people in the room.

15 – You can sabotage the wedding cake in the room with the wedding cake (one of the challenges).

16 – All three mission targets can also meet in the room with the chandelier in the later stages. Shooting the chandelier’s chain (one floor above) will drop it on the mission targets and kill them.

This page of our Hitman 2 guide provides a complete guide to The Last Yardbird mission in the Himmelstein location. This is a unique bonus mission for the Sniper Assassin mode. Our guide includes information on the main rules of this mode and The Last Yardbird mission’s objectives. Additionally, a map of Himmelstein is provided with the most important areas marked.

  • The most important information about the mission and the Sniper Assassin mode
  • The main objectives of The Last Yardbird mission

The most important information about the mission and the Sniper Assassin mode

In The Last Yardbird mission (and other Sniper Assassin mode missions that will be added later), you can choose to play solo or cooperate with another player. We recommend familiarizing yourself with the map in single-player mode before attempting multiplayer.

The Sniper Assassin mode restricts your movement on the map and requires you to use a sniper rifle to eliminate mission objectives and complete additional challenges. For example, in the Himmelstein mission, you must take all shots from the hill near the large mansion. In “The Last Yardbird” mission, you have 15 minutes to eliminate three main objectives while also getting rid of 15 guards on the map. The game stops the time counter when the last person is killed. If any of the targets flee from the area after the alarm, the mission may fail if you don’t fit in the time limit. It’s recommended to use the instinct mode during this mission to locate the objectives and avoid raising the alarm.

The Sniper Assassin mode has a different mechanism for raising the alarm compared to the story missions. A yellow icon appears above someone’s head when they find a body or spot a killing. Kill them before the icon turns white to avoid raising the alarm. Shooting environment objects won’t trigger the alarm, and you can miss on purpose to distract enemies and lure them to secluded places. The scoring system in the Sniper Assassin mode is complex, with additional points for eliminating mission objectives or guards and negative points for killing innocent people. The score multiplier increases permanently by completing challenges in the mission, and additional bonuses are awarded for completing the mission with a Silent Assassin rank, for no bodies found, and for no innocent people kills.

The Sniper Assassin mode allows players to earn mastery levels, but unlike the mission stories, there are no rewards for new gadgets or starting locations. Instead, players can unlock upgrades for their sniper rifle, such as better accuracy, faster reload time, or a larger magazine.

During the Sniper Assassin mode, there are three types of ammunition available for the sniper rifle. The Body-Piercing Ammo has unlimited use and is the most commonly used. The Wall-Piercing Ammo is limited and should be used when the target is inside a building and waiting is not an option. The Shockwave Ammo is also limited and can be used to push the target off a cliff or through a balustrade, making it easier to dispose of the body. This ammo is also helpful during an evacuation where targeting the enemy becomes difficult.

While players can use a silencer, the most important feature of the sniper rifle is the ability to slow down time. Pressing the attack button (R2/right trigger by default) stabilizes the scope and activates a slow-motion effect, making it easier to aim accurately.

The Last Yardbird mission has three main objectives. Dorian Lang is the first target, arriving in a limousine on the west side of the map. Players should eliminate his bodyguard before he exits the car. Dorian and his daughter will travel to the eastern end of the map for a wedding, but Dorian will also visit other areas of the estate later in the mission.

Doris Lee is the second target, arriving in a helicopter on the southern landing pad. Players can distract her bodyguard by shooting the landing pad’s edge and using the shockwave ammo to throw him into the chasm. Doris will mainly travel through the gardens of the estate but can also enter the building and meet other objectives.

Guillaume Maison is the last target and the owner of the estate. He is accompanied by a bodyguard and usually found in his office on the upper floor of the mansion’s left side. Players can kill them both at the same time or lure the guard to one of the balconies. Guillaume can also move around the map and meet other targets.

The meetings between the targets occur at different locations throughout the estate. It’s important to note that some meetings may not go as planned if you’ve already informed the main targets about your intentions. To complete the associated challenges with ease, it’s recommended not to interfere.

The following are the key meeting locations:

1) Chandelier Room – all three targets can meet here. Wait until there are about 4 minutes left before the meeting starts. Aim at the chandelier chain above the targets to take them out in one go.

2) Cannon Room – all three targets can meet here. Before the meeting, sabotage the chandelier and wait until there are about 4 minutes left. Shoot the cannon on the left of the targets to cause an explosion and eliminate them.

3) Labyrinth – Dorian and Doris meet here. Hit the flag mechanism in the labyrinth and wait until there are 8 minutes left. Once the meeting starts, aim at the planks holding the statue to make it fall on the targets.

4) Art Gallery – Dorian and Guillaume meet here. Destroy the lamp next to the photographer’s stand and hang the flag in the labyrinth before the meeting. Wait until there are 4 minutes left in the mission, and Dorian and Guillaume will move to the balcony after the meeting. Shout at the speaker above them to make it fall and eliminate them.


1. What is Hitman 2: The Last Yardbird, Himmelstein?

Hitman 2: The Last Yardbird, Himmelstein is a bonus mission in the Hitman 2 game. It takes place in a rural Austrian village where Agent 47 is tasked with eliminating a target named Klaus Liebleid. The mission is set in a new location and offers unique challenges for players to complete.

2. How do I access the bonus mission?

In order to access the bonus mission, you must have the Expansion Pass for Hitman 2. Once you have the Expansion Pass, you can access the bonus mission from the main menu of the game. It will be listed as “The Last Yardbird” under the “Bonus Campaigns” section.

3. What is the walkthrough for the bonus mission?

The walkthrough for the bonus mission involves several steps. First, you must locate Klaus Liebleid and determine the best way to eliminate him. This can involve disguising yourself as other characters, using distractions to lure him away from his guards, or finding a sniper rifle to take him out from a distance. Once you have eliminated him, you must then escape the area without being detected by other guards or civilians.

4. What are some tips for completing the bonus mission?

Some tips for completing the bonus mission include taking your time to explore the area and learn the layout of the village. This can help you find the best way to approach Klaus Liebleid and eliminate him without being detected. You should also use distractions to your advantage, as they can help you lure guards away from their posts and create openings for you to move around undetected. Finally, be patient and don’t rush through the mission. Take your time and plan your actions carefully.

5. Is there a map available for the bonus mission?

Yes, there is a map available for the bonus mission. It can be accessed from the in-game menu or found online. The map shows the layout of the village and can help you plan your approach to Klaus Liebleid and find the best escape route once you have eliminated him. It is recommended that you study the map before starting the mission to get a better sense of the area and the locations of guards and other characters.

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