Hitman 2: Tips for Remaining Stealthy and Using Disguises

This guide page for Hitman 2 provides advice on how to stay hidden, conceal bodies, and effectively use disguises.

This guide page for Hitman 2 is packed with tips on avoiding alarms and staying covert. You’ll learn how to sneak about, hide bodies, avoid detection, and properly use disguises.

  • Concealing Yourself and Bodies
  • Disguises

Concealing Yourself and Bodies

Remain hidden and leave no trace to avoid detection:

  1. Concealment is critical. You can evade enemies by hiding behind any obstacle, preferably a wall. Even if you’re behind a wall, you may still be visible if part of your head is sticking out. Precision is essential, as opposed to other stealth games.
  2. You can hide in wardrobes or chests. However, this can also be a trap if someone saw you hiding in one of these objects.
  3. You can use chests and wardrobes to hide bodies. You can usually stash two bodies in one object, and they will never be discovered. You can also obtain a disguise from a hidden body.
  4. Other methods of hiding bodies include throwing them into inaccessible locations, such as water or above rails at the end of a map. You can also “dispose” of them by feeding them to animals. Unconscious enemies can also be hidden in tall grass. Remember, killing enemies results in fewer points. Non-lethal takedowns don’t cost as many points, but they prevent you from completing various challenges related to precision, such as alarms, detections, and assassinations.
  5. Disguises are critical if you want to avoid detection. You can obtain the clothing of almost any guard or employee working in key buildings. You can also obtain costumes for VIPs and other special characters. Every map usually has a few high-ranking characters or those with unique privileges, but these individuals can only be found in specific locations.
  6. You can also hide in a crowd. You’re safe as long as you’re not too close to an enemy with a dot above their head. Sometimes, you can help yourself by throwing a brick or distracting someone while still hiding in a crowd. This will help you remain undetected.


Disguises allow you to access restricted areas.

Disguises are essential to your success. They provide safety in specific areas and sometimes enable you to perform special activities. Costumes are rarely found in dressing rooms or lying on the ground. You usually have to knock out an enemy or a civilian to obtain them.

  1. No character can move freely in every zone.
  2. Change your costume frequently.
  3. You can still obtain a costume from a person who was thrown into a garbage bin or hidden in a wardrobe.
  4. Costumes left on the ground won’t disappear.
  5. You can’t wear women’s clothing.
  6. On higher difficulty levels, be cautious of clothing stained with blood from killing someone with a weapon or sharp item. The clothing is unusable.


What is Hitman 2 about?

Hitman 2 is a stealth-based video game that follows the story of Agent 47, a genetically enhanced assassin. The game is played from a third-person perspective and features various missions that require players to eliminate targets using a variety of methods. One of the key features of the game is the ability to use disguises to blend in with the environment and avoid detection.

How do disguises work in Hitman 2?

Disguises allow Agent 47 to blend in with his surroundings and avoid suspicion. When the player puts on a disguise, they become less noticeable to other characters in the game. However, the effectiveness of a disguise depends on how well it matches the environment. For example, wearing a chef’s uniform in a kitchen will make Agent 47 less suspicious, but wearing the same uniform in a security area may raise suspicion. Players can also be detected if they act suspiciously or if they are caught on camera.

What are some tips for using disguises effectively in Hitman 2?

One of the best ways to use disguises effectively is to observe the environment and pay attention to the behavior of the characters. For example, if a security guard is always stationed in a certain area, it may be best to avoid wearing a security uniform in that area. Players should also be mindful of their actions, such as running or sneaking around, as this can raise suspicion. Lastly, players should try to blend in with the environment as much as possible, such as by performing tasks related to the disguise they are wearing.

What are some of the best disguises to use in Hitman 2?

The best disguises to use in Hitman 2 depend on the mission and the environment. However, some of the most useful disguises include those of maintenance workers, chefs, and security guards. These disguises allow players to access restricted areas and perform tasks without raising suspicion. It is also important to note that some characters in the game are more perceptive than others, so players should be careful when using disguises around certain individuals.

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