Hitman 2: Where to Find Lethal Poison – Chasing a Ghost Walkthrough

In this section of our Hitman 2 guide, we will provide you with tips on where to locate lethal poison in Mumbai. This poison is useful for eliminating your mission targets. You can find information on opportunities to use poison in the Three-Headed Serpent mission walkthrough.

The train yard where Vanya Shah resides is the first place where you can obtain lethal poison. You can find the bottle in Shah’s wagon, which you can access by wearing the tailor’s outfit. There might be a servant in the wagon, and a man who pours Shah some tea stands near the rear entrance – be sure to avoid getting detected by these two characters.

The Kashmirian’s room is another location where you can acquire lethal poison. This room belongs to another paid assassin and is found in chawls, the residential building near the default starting point. You can visit this place to hack into the Kashmirian’s laptop, and you will find the bottle near the suitcases.


1. Where can I find the lethal poison in Hitman 2?

You can find the lethal poison in a few different locations in Hitman 2. One of the easiest places to find it is in Hawke’s Bay, the first mission of the game. In the garage, there is a shelf with a toolbox on it. The lethal poison is inside the toolbox. Additionally, you can find lethal poison in various other locations throughout the game, such as in the Miami mission inside the security room, or in the Isle of Sgail mission inside the kitchen. Keep an eye out for any opportunities to acquire the poison during your playthrough.

2. How do I use the lethal poison in Hitman 2?

To use the lethal poison in Hitman 2, you first need to acquire it. Once you have it, you can apply it to certain items in the game world, such as food or drinks, to poison your target. To do this, you need to approach the item with the poison in hand and press the button prompt that appears. After applying the poison, you need to wait for your target to consume the item. Once they do, they will become sick and eventually die. Be sure to use the poison in a discreet manner to avoid raising suspicion from other characters in the game.

3. What is the Chasing a Ghost mission in Hitman 2?

The Chasing a Ghost mission in Hitman 2 is part of the game’s DLC content. In this mission, you are tasked with taking down a former MI6 agent named Mark Faba, who has a reputation for being unkillable. The mission takes place in Miami, and features a range of challenges and objectives for players to complete. It is known for being one of the more difficult missions in the game, and requires careful planning and execution to successfully eliminate the target. If you’re up for a challenge, the Chasing a Ghost mission is definitely worth checking out.

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