Hitman 2: Where to Find Three Clues Easily in Another Life Walkthrough

In the Whittleton Creek mission of Hitman 2, Agent 47 not only needs to eliminate two targets, but also find three clues about Janus, his relationship with Constant, and their planned meeting. Our guide will provide you with the easiest way to find the three clues and complete the mission quickly.

  • Basic Info
  • Clue 1 – Court Records (Batty’s Residence)
  • Clue 2 – Letter from Janus (Cassidy’s Residence)
  • Clue 3 – Surveillance Tape (Cassidy’s Residence)

Basic Info

  1. To complete the Whittleton Creek mission, you only need to find any three of the available clues. There are more clues on the map, but they are optional.
  2. If you play on easy or normal difficulty, the game will mark some spots related to the clues in blue on the map. However, on the highest difficulty level, you won’t receive any additional hints.
  3. Most of the clues are always available, and we will focus on them in the following description. However, some clues (such as a box of cigars buried in the reservoir for protected frogs) may not be available during certain playthroughs (it is random).
  4. You can search for clues at the beginning of the mission, after eliminating both targets, or when preparing for the assassination.

Clue 1 – Court Records (Batty’s Residence)

The lawsuit documents can be found in a shed behind Batty’s residence (next to Nolan Cassidy’s house). James Batty walks around the garden, but you can easily avoid or distract him by ringing the bell at the entrance door. You don’t have to break into the shed as you can enter through the window.

Clue 2 – Letter from Janus (Cassidy’s Residence)

To obtain this clue, as well as the third one described below, you must infiltrate Nolan Cassidy’s residence, who is one of the targets for this mission. The best way to enter the building is through the open garage. Once inside, it’s best to close the garage door behind you (the button is on the wall).

Turn on the generator in the garage, so that someone will come to turn it off. Hide and take down whoever comes to the garage. If it’s Spencer “The Hammer” Green, then you should find a letter from Janus on his body. If another person appears in the garage, restart the generator and try again.

The letter may also be on the counter in the kitchen – in the monitoring room. This will happen if Spencer Green hasn’t taken it yet. In that case, it’s worth stealing the letter after putting on a guard’s uniform.

Clue 3 – Surveillance Tape (Cassidy’s Residence)

The third clue can also be found in Cassidy’s residence. Go to the kitchen, where the surveillance system is located (preferably after putting on a guard’s uniform). You can find the surveillance tape on the table with laptops.

To solve the problem, taking the tape alone is not enough as it must be listened to. Head to the Lewinsky residence across the street. Climb over the fence at the back of the house to avoid the three opponents in the area. If you wear Cassidy’s bodyguard uniform, you can move around freely without being detected. Otherwise, use the tall plants for cover. Your goal is to reach the scaffolding as seen in the picture. Climb up the ladder to the top and enter through the window. Once inside the empty room, locate the rope (picture 1) which, when pulled, will bring down the ladder leading to the attic. Here, you will find a tape recorder. Insert the tape you found earlier and listen to the recording to get the final clue needed.


1. What are the three clues in the Another Life mission of Hitman 2?

The three clues in the Another Life mission of Hitman 2 are the fertilizer, the lawnmower, and the sprinkler system. These clues can be used to help Agent 47 locate and eliminate his targets in the mission.

2. Where can I find the fertilizer clue in Another Life?

The fertilizer clue in Another Life can be found in the garage of the house in the mission. Look for a bag of fertilizer on the shelf near the workbench. This clue can be used to track down one of Agent 47’s targets.

3. How do I use the lawnmower clue in Another Life?

The lawnmower clue in Another Life can be used to locate the other target in the mission. Look for a lawnmower in the backyard of the house and interact with it to reveal a hidden bunker. The target can be found inside the bunker.

4. Where is the sprinkler system clue located in Another Life?

The sprinkler system clue in Another Life can be found in the basement of the house. Look for a control panel near the stairs that lead down to the basement. Interact with the panel to reveal a secret room. The clue can be found inside the room and can help Agent 47 locate his targets.

5. Are there any other clues in Another Life that can help me complete the mission?

Yes, there are several other clues in Another Life that can help Agent 47 complete the mission. Look for items such as the propane tank and the gasoline can, which can be used to set traps for the targets. Additionally, there are several disguises that can be found throughout the mission that can help Agent 47 blend in with the environment and avoid detection.

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