Hitman 2: Whittleton Creek Map – Another Life Mission

The default starting area is number 1 on the map, and you can return here after completing all mission objectives. Number 2 is the public park, where you can find a shed that is one of the most accessible item stashes. At number 3, you will find a reservoir where you can find a drog that can be used as a poison, as well as a buried item that requires a shovel from the park. Nolan Cassidy, one of the mission targets, resides at number 4 in the Cassidy Property. You can find him inside the house or walking around the neighborhood. The security room is on the ground floor, and the gun room is on the upper floor. At number 5 is the Batty Residence, where you can find a fumigator in front of the main building. James Batty can be found by the shed in the garden behind the building, where you can also find one of the clues – court papers. Number 6 is the construction site where you can find poison to be inserted into the ventilation system, as well as many tools. You can use the parked cars to leave the mission area. The muffin stand at number 7 is where you can take muffins without any problems. Additionally, you can steal the identity of the muffin stand worker and poison the realtor, as part of one of the story missions. At number 8 is the Lewinsky Property, where a large part of the house is not accessible. You can find a murder room in the basement, and there are several guards in the garden. You can use a ladder to reach a room with a video player. Number 9 is the Wilson Property, where a party is taking place – you can explore the house and garden without restrictions. Agent 47 can dress as a waiter and serve poisoned food to Nolan Cassidy. The Schmidt Residence at number 10 is an empty house planned for sale, and the keys are in the flowerpot next to the entrance. You can bring Nolan Cassidy here dressed as a realtor. There’s a vault with a laser trap in the basement. At number 11 is the Shed, where you can find a male nurse nearby. You can eliminate him, take his clothes and pay Janus a visit. Number 12 is the West Property, where you can find muffins and a furnace in the basement. Janus lives at number 13 in the Janus Property, where you can find him inside the house or in the garden. There’s a memorabilia room and a surveillance station in the basement. You can reach the basement from the Griswold Property (secret tunnel). The kitchen and a saloon are on the ground floor, and Janus’s bedroom and the rehabilitation room are on the upper floor. The main building at number 14 is inaccessible, but still guarded. You can break into the basement and locate a secret tunnel leading to the Janus Property. Finally, at number 15, the road work area, you can find explosives here and open the gate, which is an alternative map exit. This page of our Hitman 2 guide contains the map of the Whittleton Creek location for the Another Life mission, along with the general description of the location and the mission objectives. We have marked the most important areas on the map, and the detailed walkthrough for Whittleton Creek can be found on the next pages of this chapter.

Overview of Another Life

  1. To complete Another Life, you must assassinate two targets – Janus and Nolan Cassidy. The order in which you kill them is up to you.
  2. Janus is an older man who seldom leaves his mansion. He can be found on the ground floor or upper floor of the mansion in one of the rooms. Additionally, Janus will occasionally visit the small garden behind his house. There are multiple locations where you can assassinate him. Agent 47 can manipulate Janus’s movements to force him to explore other areas of the mansion, such as the basement or rehab room.
  3. Nolan Cassidy can be found in the northern section of the map. He can be found in his mansion or walking down the main streets. You can attack him as he returns home or use a disguise to force him to visit other locations, such as Wilsons’ house, where a party is taking place, or Schmidt property, an empty house for sale.
  4. In addition to eliminating the two targets, Agent 47 must find three clues. There are more than three clues on the map, so not every one needs to be found. Some clues are always in the same spot, while others can only be discovered during specific playthroughs.
  5. Whittleton Creek, unlike the previous episodes, is much smaller in size. However, it can be easy to get lost due to the identical layout of the main houses. It is crucial to memorize the important items’ locations, such as clues, tools, and poison.
  6. Whittleton Creek has seven mission stories that can assist in eliminating the primary targets. You can also complete 89 challenges. In Whittleton Creek, Agent 47 can reach Mastery level 15, which is lower than in previous episodes.

Mastery Level Rewards





TAC-4 AR Auto Mk II

This weapon has excellent firepower but is not useful in missions or challenges.


Hidden stash: Creek Shed.

This stash is well hidden, and you can enter it unnoticed through a window. Only small items can be stored here.


Hidden stash: R. Cross Driveway

Only small items can be stored here.


Starting location: Construction Area.

Starting outfit: Construction Worker.

This location provides easy access to valuable items throughout the construction site. However, construction workers are not allowed to enter the mansions.


Agency Pickup: Bench.

A great place to smuggle a sniper rifle or other large items into the level.


ICA Proximity Concussion Device

This gadget is not very useful, especially since its shape can be suspicious to enemies.


Hidden stash: Park.

Only small items can be stored here.


Hidden stash: Lewinsky’s House.

Only small items can be stored here.


Agency Pickup: Tactical Wetsuit

A useful outfit for infiltrating the mansion’s underground areas.

Starting from Fumigation, you can choose to wear the Exterminator outfit. This combination will allow you to move around Nolan’s house without any restrictions after you add poison to his house’s vent system.

The most important gadget you can use in this location is the Lethal Pills. It gives you one lethal poison to start the level with.

At location 8, the Park Shed is a good place to smuggle in bigger items like a sniper rifle into the level.

Starting from the Garbage Removal location wearing the Garbage Worker outfit may not be useful, but you can leave the mission area by grappling the garbage truck if needed. At location 9, Helen’s Garage is a hidden stash where only small items can be placed.

The Explosive Baseball gadget is a powerful tool for eliminating targets quickly, but it will also alarm enemies and may harm civilians. At location 10, Batty’s Garden is another hidden stash where only small items can be stored.

Starting from the Suburb sign location wearing the Gardener outfit, you can access a few new locations, but there are better outfits in Whittleton. At location 11, Hanson’s Basement is a great place to smuggle in bigger items like a sniper rifle.

At location 12, House for Sale is another hidden stash where only small items can be placed. The CX Remote Explosive Mk II gadget allows you to detonate an explosive remotely, but it may also be detected as a threat. At location 13, the Treehouse is the best place to smuggle in a sniper rifle and use it to eliminate your targets.

Starting from the BBQ Party location wearing the Waiter outfit, you can easily poison Nolan Cassidy. At location 14, Janus Kitchen is a hidden stash where only small items can be stored. The Rude Ruby pistol is only distinguishable by its appearance, and the Remote Explosive Rubber Duck Mk II gadget can attract enemy attention without alarming them immediately.

The Cassidy’s Attic is a recommended agency pickup location for smuggling large items such as a sniper rifle into the level.

One of the most important gadgets added in this episode are the Lethal Pills, which can be obtained at Mastery level 7. These pills should be taken on every mission where poisoning someone is necessary. They allow the player to poison more targets or save time on searching for poison within a map.

It should be noted that some outfits, including Cassidy’s and Janus’s bodyguard, cannot be unlocked. If you wish to start a level in a disguise, it is recommended to choose a waiter or exterminator outfit. Due to the size of the map, the starting location is not a major concern, with the exception of the BBQ Party starting location where obtaining a waiter outfit can be more difficult than other offered disguises unlocked through Mastery levels.


What is the Another Life mission in Hitman 2: Whittleton Creek Map?

The Another Life mission in Hitman 2: Whittleton Creek Map is one of the most exciting and challenging levels in the game. The mission takes place in a peaceful suburban neighborhood, where the player needs to eliminate two targets. The two targets are Janus, a retired Soviet spy, and Nolan Cassidy, a paranoid security chief of a development company. The player needs to navigate through the neighborhood, gather information, and use disguises to reach the targets. The mission offers various opportunities to eliminate the targets, including poisoning, drowning, and sniping. The Another Life mission is considered one of the most impressive levels in the game and provides a unique and unforgettable experience.

What are some tips to complete the Another Life mission successfully?

To complete the Another Life mission successfully, players need to be patient and cautious. The mission requires the player to blend in with the neighborhood and gather information about the targets’ routines. Players can use disguises to get close to the targets and eliminate them. However, it is essential to avoid suspicion and not to raise any alarms. Players can also use the environment to their advantage, such as using the barbeque grill to cause an explosion or drowning one of the targets in the pool. It is also crucial to keep an eye on the NPCs and avoid any unnecessary confrontations. Overall, players need to plan their approach carefully and be prepared to adapt to any unexpected situations.

What makes the Another Life mission unique compared to other missions in Hitman 2?

The Another Life mission is unique compared to other missions in Hitman 2 because of its setting and the targets’ personalities. The mission takes place in a peaceful suburban neighborhood, which offers a refreshing change of pace from the usual exotic locations. The targets’ characters are also unique, with Janus being a retired Soviet spy and Nolan Cassidy being a paranoid security chief. The mission offers various opportunities to eliminate the targets, and the player needs to be creative and resourceful to complete it successfully. The level’s design is also impressive, with multiple paths and opportunities to explore. Overall, the Another Life mission is a standout level in Hitman 2 and provides a memorable gaming experience.

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