Hitting the Books – p. 2

In the first room of the Keep, you will encounter Mages that you need to fight off. It’s best to start by attacking the Warlock, who can summon magical minions. Once the Necromancer appears, focus your attention on him to prevent him from resurrecting his fallen allies. After defeating them, search the area to find The Doors to Oblivion, which will boost your Conjuration skill.

Explore the Keep further by heading east. Surprise the Mages in the area after reaching the room with a set of stairs. Afterwards, you can either secure the ground floor and face an enemy Necromancer or take the stairs to the upper balconies.

Don’t forget to check the western room, which contains valuable treasures and Alchemy and Smithing stations. However, it’s more important to take the eastern corridor that leads to the library. Be prepared to fight more Mages inside the library or in the narrow corridors.

In the library, you will find the A Hypothetical Treachery skillbook, which will boost your Destruction skill. Choose the southern corridor and attack the Storm Mage by surprise in the second side room to obtain the Fellglow Keep Key from his corpse.

Open the door and defeat the Atronach. Don’t forget to check the eastern room, where you can find the Shire of Julianos, which will heal all your diseases and grant you a blessing.

Use the stairs to reach the upper level and search the shelves for potions and scrolls. Save your game before entering the Fellglow Keep Ritual Chamber, where you will meet The Caller, the main character of this quest.

The Caller will confront you for killing her Mages. Inform her that you’re interested in the books stolen by Orthorn. You can choose to make a trade, where The Caller will keep Orthorn in the Keep for further experiments, or betray Orthorn and exchange him for the books. If you choose the latter, don’t take the books before speaking to The Caller, or it will trigger a fight.

If you prefer to defeat The Caller in battle, attack her by surprise to catch her off guard.

The Caller will summon some Atronachs for assistance, and they may be of the Flame, Ice, or Storm type. It’s best to attack them first since new ones won’t appear. Use the appropriate elements to defeat them quickly, such as ice attacks for Flame Atronachs. Once you deal with the Atronachs, move on to attacking The Caller. She will keep teleporting around the room, but as long as you keep an eye on your hero’s health level and your team members, you should be able to defeat her. After defeating her, collect the Fellglow Ritual Chamber Key from her body.

Whether you fought The Caller or gave her Orthorn, you need to proceed to the books: Fragment: On Artaeum, The Last King of the Ayleids, and Night of Tears. Each book can be examined and taken. If you fought, the books may have fallen down, so use the in-game symbols to locate them. Your new objective is to return the books.

If Orthorn is still alive, speak with him to receive gratitude, and then use the northwest entrance to the main room. Examine the shelves and the chest, and then use the hatch in the floor to return to Fellglow Keep. After reaching the new area, push the bolt and open the door to return to the room with stairs. From there, head forward and open the main door leading out of the Keep.

Open the world map and fast travel to the College of Winterhold. Head to the Hall of the Elements, and then to the Arcanaeum. Speak with Urag gro-Shub to return the books. Urag will send you to Tolfdir to inform him of the curious content of the Night of Tears. The mage will reward you for completing the quest, giving you six skillbooks. The quest “Good Intentions” will be unlocked at the College of Winterhold.


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