Hokkaido | Achievements / Trophies

A Long Time Coming

To unlock this achievement, complete Situs Inversus in Hokkaido, regardless of the method used to assassinate Yuki Yamazaki and Erich Soders.

Master of Old and New

Use the fugu fish to create a deadly dish for Yuki and sabotage the AI to use the robot to kill Soders.

To unlock this achievement, kill Yuki Yamazaki with the poisonous fugu fish and Erich Soders with a surgical robot. More details on both assassinations can be found in the walkthrough chapter.


To unlock this achievement, free Smith, a hostage kept in one of the freezers of the morgue. Two ways to open the freezer are using a cipher device located in the main monitoring room or a magnetic card in the manager’s office at the top floor of the hospital. Take a RFID chip from the freezer to open all doors in the clinic without a specific disguise.

The Sensei

To unlock this achievement, use all opportunities available in Hokkaido to eliminate your targets. Play Hokkaido several times and focus on one specific opportunity each time. Tips on how to eliminate main targets can be found in the walkthrough.

Hokkaido Escalated

To unlock this achievement, complete the fifth level of escalation available in Hokkaido, The Meiko Incarnation.

The following is a guide for the Hokkaido mission in Hitman. There are five levels to complete, each with its own set of challenges. In level one, the objective is to kill Akira Nakamura, the manager, using any means necessary. This can be done by adding poison to his meal or using a poison syringe.

In level two, the player must steal the contents of a safe and kill Nakamura within 60 seconds of the theft. The safe is located in the bedroom on level 0, and can be opened using a crowbar, a lockpick, or a key from a guard in room M9.12. The player can use the door or the gutter-pipe to access the safe. Once the diamonds are obtained, the player must use the poison syringe again to kill Nakamura.

Level three requires the player to eliminate targets using a katana, shurikens, or accidents. Shoudaia Kurosawa, who works in the morgue, must also be killed. It is recommended to take shurikens for this level. Sabotaging the fuse box will help in dragging away the other morgue worker to kill Kurosawa. Nakamura can also be killed using a shuriken.

Level four introduces additional difficulties, such as strangling and hiding the body of a guard protecting the safe. The player must also watch out for a guard from the morgue and sabotage the fuse box when he leaves the room or eliminate him when he moves to the room with the crematory furnace.

In level five, the player must use a ninja or biker disguise to assassinate Kurosawa and Nakamura. The player must first get rid of the guard protecting the safe and put on his uniform. Then, the player must put on a cook disguise and poison Nakamura’s dish in the restaurant. Lastly, the player must put on the biker disguise and attack Nakamura on his way to the toilet on level 0.

To unlock the “Come Prepared” challenge, the player must select an alternative starting point in Hokkaido and use the Agency to help smuggle something to the area. This challenge becomes available as the player reaches higher ranks.

To unlock the “Sayonara” challenge, the player must reach the 20th rank in Hokkaido. The player can advance to higher ranks by completing different challenges related to the mission, such as eliminating targets using various methods or finding unique items that may come in handy during assassinations.

Keep in mind:

It’s important to aim for the top position, not just for the sake of achieving it. If you don’t have the highest rank, you’ll have to acquire equipment during the mission or have the Agency deliver specific items. However, at the highest rank, Agent 47’s equipment can be brought along with you.


What are Achievements/Trophies in Hokkaido?

Achievements/Trophies are rewards that players can earn in Hokkaido by completing certain tasks or challenges within the game. They are a way to track progress and show off accomplishments to other players. Each Achievement/Trophy comes with a specific set of requirements that must be met in order to unlock it.

How do I earn Achievements/Trophies in Hokkaido?

To earn Achievements/Trophies in Hokkaido, players must complete specific objectives within the game. These objectives can range from completing certain levels or challenges to collecting a certain number of items or achieving a specific score. Some Achievements/Trophies may be easier to earn than others, but all of them will require some level of skill and dedication to obtain.

What are some of the most difficult Achievements/Trophies to earn in Hokkaido?

Some of the most difficult Achievements/Trophies in Hokkaido require players to complete extremely challenging tasks or to demonstrate mastery of the game in some way. For example, one Achievement/Trophy may require players to complete the entire game without taking any damage, while another may require players to collect every item in the game. These Achievements/Trophies are often highly coveted by players and can be a source of pride and accomplishment for those who earn them.

Do Achievements/Trophies in Hokkaido have any in-game benefits?

While Achievements/Trophies in Hokkaido do not provide any in-game benefits, they can be a source of motivation for players to continue playing and improving their skills. Additionally, some players may find the process of earning Achievements/Trophies to be a fun and rewarding challenge in and of itself. Overall, Achievements/Trophies are a way for players to track progress and demonstrate their dedication to the game.

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