How to Access NERO Checkpoints in Days Gone?

NERO Checkpoints are additional locations in Days Gone that are closed by default. On this page, we will provide you with universal tips on how to unlock these sites and steal valuables from them.

These checkpoints are scattered all over the map, and a specific quest will appear in your log when you are close to any of them. The objective of the quest is to gain access to the inside of the tin building on the site (as shown in the picture).

Before unlocking the doors of the building, destroy all the speakers in the area. You can climb on the roof and interact with the megaphone or use a firearm (such as a silenced pistol) to destroy them without alerting the neighborhood.

After sabotaging all the megaphones, find the generator and pour fuel into it. You may need to search the neighborhood for a can of gasoline. Note that the generator may be located in a fenced area, so look for a hole in the fence or another way to enter.

Most checkpoints only require fuel to unlock all entrances. However, some may also require you to find a NERO Fuse and install it in the fuse box on the wall of the building (as shown in image 2).

After turning on the generator, all entrances to the building will be unlocked. However, any speakers or megaphones that were not destroyed will turn on, attracting Freakers to the area. Quickly destroy them to avoid danger.

In extreme cases, activating the megaphones may attract a nearby horde, making it difficult to fight them off without proper weapons and skills. In such cases, escaping on a motorcycle is the best option.

Inside the building, you can find a NERO Injector to permanently increase one of the hero’s statistics, as well as collectibles, first aid kits, ammo, and rare crafting ingredients.


1. How do I find NERO checkpoints in Days Gone?

In Days Gone, NERO checkpoints are scattered throughout the game map. They are marked by a white icon with a red NERO symbol. To find them, you can use your map to locate the nearest checkpoint. You can also use your Survival Vision to scan the area for NERO Injectors, which can be found in and around the checkpoints. These Injectors are used to upgrade your health, stamina, and focus. Once you have found a checkpoint, you will need to unlock access to it.

2. How do I unlock access to NERO checkpoints in Days Gone?

To unlock access to a NERO checkpoint in Days Gone, you will need to find a NERO Research Site. These sites are marked on your map with a white icon with a red NERO symbol. When you arrive at the site, you will need to clear out the Freakers and other enemies that are guarding it. Once you have cleared the area, you can enter the site and collect the Research Data. This data can then be used to unlock access to the nearby NERO checkpoint. To do this, approach the checkpoint and interact with the panel on the side. If you have the necessary Research Data, the panel will unlock and allow you to enter the checkpoint.

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