How to Acquire Scrap Metal in Elex 2

This Elex 2 guide page provides information on how to obtain Scrap Metal, a material that is used for crafting and required for weapons and other items.

  • Uses of Scrap in the Game
  • Ways to Collect Scrap

Uses of Scrap in the Game

Scrap plays a crucial role in Elex 2 as it is primarily used for crafting new weapons and shields which require a significant amount of scrap and other materials. For example, upgrading the Alb shield requires 40 pieces of scrap as shown in the picture. Scrap can also be used to craft ammunition such as grenades, with 10 pieces of scrap required for 1 grenade.

You will come across various cases where you need scrap as you progress in the game. Therefore, prioritize the items you want to spend scrap on and look for ways to obtain more scrap. It is recommended not to sell any scrap you have collected as you can store it in the character’s inventory for later use.

Ways to Collect Scrap

The most common way to obtain scrap is by finding it as loot. You can search for it in open areas or containers, as it is one of the most commonly found items. Make sure to search every location you visit carefully.

Another way to acquire scrap is by visiting traders who sell parts and scrap. You can find them in various places, but the ones that sell parts and scrap specifically, such as the one in the Depository inhabited by the Albs, are more likely to have scrap in stock. One scrap costs 10 elexit, so you can buy it with just a few hundred elexit, as shown in the example above.


What is Scrap in Elex 2?

Scrap is a valuable resource in Elex 2 that you can use to upgrade your weapons and armor. It is also used to repair damaged equipment. You can find Scrap in various locations throughout the game world, including abandoned buildings, ruins, and scrapyards. You can also obtain Scrap by dismantling unwanted weapons and armor at a workbench.

How can I increase my Scrap collection in Elex 2?

There are several ways to increase your Scrap collection in Elex 2. One way is to explore the game world thoroughly and search for Scrap in various locations. Another way is to dismantle unwanted weapons and armor at a workbench to obtain Scrap. You can also invest in the Scavenging skill, which increases the amount of Scrap you find in the game world and the amount you obtain from dismantling items.

What are some tips for efficiently collecting Scrap in Elex 2?

To efficiently collect Scrap in Elex 2, it is important to explore the game world thoroughly and search for Scrap in various locations. You should also prioritize dismantling unwanted weapons and armor at a workbench to obtain Scrap. Additionally, investing in the Scavenging skill can help you find more Scrap and obtain more from dismantling items. It is also a good idea to keep an eye out for rare and valuable items that can be dismantled for a larger amount of Scrap. Finally, be sure to check vendors for Scrap, as they may have it for sale.

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