How to Complete the Game 100% and Bonus Mission

To complete the game in 100%, you need to:

  • get all 250 Gold Bricks;
  • unlock all 11 Red Bricks (you can buy them in Deadpool’s Chamber!);
  • collect all 150 minikits;
  • rescue Stan Lee in Peril 50 times;
  • unlock all vehicles (remember to buy them!);
  • unlock all characters (remember to buy them!);
  • become a True Believer on every stage;
  • complete the main campaign;
  • finish all 11 bonus missions for Deadpool;
  • finish the hidden bonus level – The Brick Apple?.

When you’ve completed almost everything and the game is finished at approximately 99%, check the map of New York City. If everything is fine, a new mission for Deadpool’s Scooter will appear on the bridge (see Vehicles Map [39]).

Complete a task to unlock the next quest – for Deadpool’s Helicopter (Vehicles Map [40]). When it’s done, go to the aunt May location (Characters Map [65]) and complete the last mission by simply defeating all enemies.

If you handle all of the above, you will have completed the game in 100%.


What does it mean to finish a game in 100%?

Finishing a game in 100% means completing all the objectives, missions, and side quests available in the game. It also means collecting all the items, weapons, and achievements that the game has to offer. This requires a lot of time and dedication, as some games can have hundreds of hours of content to explore and complete.

What is a bonus mission in a game?

A bonus mission in a game is an additional level or mission that is unlocked after completing the main story or achieving certain requirements. Bonus missions usually offer unique challenges and rewards that cannot be found in the main story. These missions can be optional but often provide a satisfying conclusion to the game’s overall storyline. Bonus missions can also be a way for developers to keep players engaged with the game and offer additional content for those who have completed everything else.

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