How to Complete the Musclehads Assignment in Saints Row 2022?

This page of the Saints Row 2022 game guide provides information on the Musclehads character assignment. It will guide you on the tasks to perform to eliminate the enemy.

This page of our Saints Row 2022 guide is solely dedicated to the Muscleheads contract in the Wanted app. We will assist you in defeating the target.

  • Starting Location
  • Reaching the Phone
  • Objective

Starting Location

The location is southwest of West Providence, next to two shops.

Reaching the Phone

Begin the quest by accessing the Wanted app on your phone and selecting the Muscleheads contract. Successful completion of the activity will yield the following rewards:

  1. 5000 dollars,
  2. 1200 XP.

Upon reaching the location marked on the map, you will see a stationary phone attached to a metal object resembling a motorcyclist or racer. Interact with the phone to receive information about the assignment.


After picking up the phone, go to the designated area to switch your vehicle for a monster truck. Use it to run over all Panteros vehicles to eliminate them. You have to run over every marked car to get rid of the opponents inside.

After eliminating the opponents, head to the Panteros gym. Drive over the nearby cars and enemies until the main opponent – Luis appears. Jump out of the vehicle and kill Luis to complete the task.


1. What is Saints Row 2022: Musclehads?

Saints Row 2022: Musclehads is a mission in the action-adventure video game Saints Row, where players are tasked with completing a series of objectives to progress through the storyline. In this mission, players must defeat the Musclehads gang, who are causing trouble in the city.

2. What are some tips for completing the Musclehads mission?

Firstly, make sure to bring plenty of weapons and ammunition, as the Musclehads can be tough to defeat. It’s also a good idea to try and take out their leader first, as this will weaken the rest of the gang. Utilizing cover and dodging attacks is key to survival, so make use of the environment around you. Finally, be patient and persistent – it may take a few attempts to complete the mission successfully.

3. Can the Musclehads mission be completed solo?

Yes, it is possible to complete the Musclehads mission solo, but it may be more challenging than playing with a group. It’s important to be strategic and careful, as the gang can overwhelm players quickly. However, with the right tactics and enough practice, it can be done.

4. What rewards can be earned from completing the Musclehads mission?

Players will earn respect and cash for completing the Musclehads mission, which can be used to upgrade weapons, vehicles, and other items. Additionally, completing the mission will unlock new missions and storylines, allowing players to further progress through the game.

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