How to Complete the Necromancer Quest in Saints Row 2022?

This page of the Saints Row 2022 game guide provides details about the Necromancer character quest. You will learn about the tasks that you need to perform to eliminate the enemy.

Our Saints Row 2022 guide will assist you in completing the Necromancer contract available in the Wanted app. We will guide you in getting rid of the target.

  • Starting Location
  • Reaching the Phone
  • Objective

Starting Location

The starting location is in Central West Providence, near the fast travel point.

Reaching the Phone

To begin the quest, open the Wanted app on your phone and select the Necromancer assignment. Successful completion of the activity will reward you with 5000 dollars and 1200 XP.

Travel to the marked location and interact with the phone attached to the wall to receive details on the assignment.


After talking on the phone, head to the cemetery located about 700 meters away. You can use any vehicle to get there. Your objective is to destroy two waves of enemies and then defeat the main enemy. Be careful not to run over the enemies accidentally, as it will interrupt the mission.


1. What is Saints Row 2022: Necromancer?

Saints Row 2022: Necromancer is the latest game in the Saints Row series, developed by Volition and published by Deep Silver. It is an open-world action-adventure game that takes place in the fictional city of Santo Ileso. The game follows the player character, a member of the Third Street Saints gang, as they work to take over the city and defeat rival gangs. The game features a variety of weapons and vehicles, as well as supernatural abilities that allow the player to control the dead.

2. How do I complete the main story of Saints Row 2022: Necromancer?

To complete the main story of Saints Row 2022: Necromancer, you must progress through the game’s missions and storylines. These will involve completing various tasks, such as taking over enemy territory, assassinating targets, and engaging in high-speed chases. As you progress through the game, you will also unlock new weapons and abilities that will help you in combat. The game’s story is divided into several acts, each with its own set of missions and objectives that must be completed in order to progress.

3. What are some tips for completing the challenges in Saints Row 2022: Necromancer?

The challenges in Saints Row 2022: Necromancer can be quite difficult, but there are a few tips that can help you complete them more easily. One tip is to focus on upgrading your abilities and weapons, as this will make it easier to take on tougher enemies. Another tip is to use cover effectively, as this can help you avoid taking too much damage. Finally, make sure to use your supernatural abilities strategically, as they can be very powerful when used correctly.

4. Are there any cheats or codes for Saints Row 2022: Necromancer?

There are no official cheats or codes for Saints Row 2022: Necromancer, but there are some glitches and exploits that can be used to gain an advantage in the game. These include things like duplicating weapons or money, or using certain abilities to glitch through walls or other obstacles. However, it is important to note that using these exploits can be risky, as they can sometimes lead to your game save being corrupted or other issues.

5. What is the best way to level up in Saints Row 2022: Necromancer?

The best way to level up in Saints Row 2022: Necromancer is to complete missions and challenges, as these will give you the most experience points. You can also gain experience by taking over enemy territory, engaging in combat, and completing side quests. Another way to gain experience is to use your supernatural abilities, as these can sometimes give you bonus experience for certain actions. Finally, make sure to upgrade your character’s abilities and weapons, as this will make it easier to take on tougher enemies and complete more difficult missions.

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