How to Destroy the Virus in Sapienza

Method #1: Burning the Virus

There is an entrance to the lab in this building

This section explains the final step of the mission. It is recommended to complete the previous targets before attempting this part to make accessing the lab easier. Begin at the building located in (M4,58) and proceed downstairs.

Disable the power to attract a guard

Head towards the lab, turn left at the guarded door, and turn off the power cords (M4,17). Knock out the scientist when a guard investigates the blackout and move his body to the chest. Take his suit and discard all weapons as you will be searched.

Knock out the guard and take his attire

Return to the guarded door (M4,19) and head downstairs. Approach the guard (M4,39), knock him out, and take his suit. Proceed to the main control panel of the lab (M4,41) via the nearby passage.

Maintain a low profile and avoid detection. Read the safety protocol (M4,17) to locate the virus disposal method. Return to the scientist disguise and wear it again.

Pass by the guards (M4,53) and head to the room with protective clothing (M4,54). Take one and return to the virus room (M4,42).

Mix the two samples

Go to the sample panel and combine two samples to cause a malfunction. Hack the computer and attract the attention of the lab workers. Approach the control panel near the virus (M4,42) and increase the temperature. You can now exit the mission area.

Method #2: Destroying the Virus Remotely

Listen to the confession

Visit the church (M4,28) and eavesdrop on a strange confession near a confessional (M4,23). You will learn about an incident in the lab. Leave and go to the morgue (M4,25), which is guarded and closed. Head to the cemetery and locate a gravedigger.

Knock out the undertaker and take his clothes

Wait for an employee to finish inspecting the area. He will go to a secluded location (M4,26) to take a break. Knock him out and take his attire. A lady will appear. Follow her to the morgue and hide in a coffin before the priest arrives.

Knock out the scientist and take her card

Subdue the lab worker when the priest leaves her alone. Take her card and laptop key. Conceal her body in the chest.

Enter the lab from the seaside

Go to the lab (M4,32) and locate a power box. Turn it off and hide in a chest. Wait for a scientist to arrive. Knock him out and take his attire. Conceal his body in the chest you previously left.

To get rid of the virus, you need to approach the laptop. Follow the path and go up to the roof after leaving the tunnel. Once there, sneak up behind the scientist and approach the laptop (M4,40). Use the key to start eliminating the virus.


What is Sapienza?

Sapienza is a fictional location in the video game Hitman. It is a coastal town in Italy known for its beautiful architecture and scenic views. In the game, Agent 47 is tasked with eliminating various targets in Sapienza, including a virus researcher.

How do you destroy the virus in Sapienza?

To destroy the virus in Sapienza, Agent 47 must first locate the virus itself. It is contained in a vial inside a secure laboratory. Once he has the vial, he can destroy it in a number of ways, including shooting it, dropping it from a high place, or mixing it with a chemical compound. It is important for Agent 47 to destroy the virus quickly, as leaving it intact can have dire consequences for the game’s storyline.

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