How to Earn and Level Up Quickly in Saints Row 2022: Experience (XP)

If you want to level up quickly in Saints Row 2022, you need to know how to earn XP. This guide provides tips to help you accumulate XP faster and gain new skills, allowing you to reach the maximum level cap of 20.

Earning XP in the game is not too complicated, and there are several ways to make the process quicker. By following the tips in this guide, you can unlock all the active and passive skills in the game.

  • Main story missions
  • Completing ventures
  • Optional activities
  • Stores
  • Major and minor challenges

Main Story Missions

The main story missions offer the largest amounts of XP. Completing each main mission rewards you with a few thousand experience points. To gain a few levels and unlock your first active skills, focus completely on the main missions early on.

Completing Ventures

Undertaking ventures is another worthwhile activity that can earn you XP. These are various businesses that you can start and develop. Completing the venture’s questline comes with an XP payout. Fully completing the venture, however, grants you 5,000 XP for each venture you max out.

Optional Activities

You can also earn XP by completing certain optional activities on the world map. For example, bounty hunting off the Wanted app and side hustles are especially profitable. Completing each of these missions can reward you with more than 1,000 XP. Check the descriptions of activities discovered on the world map to prioritize the ones you’re interested in.


You can also earn XP by completing store challenges, such as making your first purchase in a store. Each time you do, you’ll receive 450 XP, and there are over 30 different stores in the game. Purchasing even the cheapest product offered still completes the challenge.

Major and Minor Challenges

Major challenges are found in the second tab of the Missions app. Completing a challenge can reward you with over 1,000 XP. Minor challenges, on the other hand, are tied to combat, driving, or exploring and offer small rewards (such as 50 XP), but they can be completed many times. These challenges pop up from time to time as you traverse the game world and can include tasks like driving in the wrong lane, narrowly avoiding other vehicles, drifting, or killing enemies with headshots.


1. How do I earn Experience (XP) in Saints Row 2022?

You can earn Experience (XP) in Saints Row 2022 by completing missions, activities, and challenges. Each successful completion of a mission or activity will reward you with a certain amount of XP. Additionally, you can earn XP by defeating enemies, finding collectibles, and performing stunts. The amount of XP you receive will depend on the difficulty of the task and your overall performance.

2. What is the fastest way to level up in Saints Row 2022?

The fastest way to level up in Saints Row 2022 is to focus on completing missions and activities that offer the most XP. You should also try to perform well in these tasks, as your overall performance will affect the amount of XP you earn. Another effective way to level up quickly is to use XP boosters, which can be purchased with in-game currency or real money. These boosters will temporarily increase the amount of XP you earn from all activities.

3. Are there any tips for earning more XP in Saints Row 2022?

Yes, there are several tips for earning more XP in Saints Row 2022. First, try to complete challenges and activities that offer bonus XP, such as vehicle thefts and assassination missions. Second, focus on building up your character’s skills, as higher skill levels will unlock new abilities and increase the amount of XP you earn. Finally, consider playing co-op with friends, as completing missions and activities together will reward you with bonus XP.

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