How to earn the Judas trophy by betraying your friends in Gallows Brothers quest? | Achievements & trophies

This website offers a detailed guide on how to earn the Judas trophy in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. This is a challenging trophy that requires the player to betray their colleagues Matthew, Fritz, and innkeeper Andrew. To accomplish this, the player must complete certain side quests and make the right decisions. The steps to unlock this achievement are explained below.

Step 1 – Unlocking and completing the side quest A Friend in Need…

To unlock A Friend in Need… quest, the player must meet Matthew and Fritz near an inn south of Sasau Monastery. The player can talk to any innkeeper in Sasau to add quest markers to their map.

When the player talks to Matthew and Fritz, they will learn that they are unemployed. The player can offer to help them find a job and ask about their specialties.

Matthew and Fritz suggest that the player visit Theresa at Miller Peshek’s farm in Rattay. After talking to Theresa, the player can arrange a meeting with Miller Oliver in Ledetchko village. The player can convince the miller to hire Matthew and Fritz in several ways:

1. Using persuasion – the miller has only 1 point in this category.

2. Using impression/admiration – the miller has only 1 point in this category.

3. Using intimidation – the miller has 4 points in this category.

4. Paying the miller for Matthew and Fritz’s work experience.

The player can then return to their colleagues at the inn in Rattay and share the good news.

Step 2 – Waiting to unlock the quest “…Is a Friend Indeed” and completing it

After completing A Friend in Need…, the player must wait a few days (they can use the time acceleration option). The player’s diary will show a new side quest …Is a Friend Indeed.

Henry visits his friends on Oliver’s farm in Ledetchko and talks to Matthew and Fritz. They offer mutually exclusive solutions to the problem related to master Thomas.

Caution – It’s not advisable to provoke Fritz during the conversation as he may start a fight. The player must hit him several times successfully to continue the quest.

There are multiple ways to complete this quest:

  1. To complete the quest “Robber Baron”, there are three different ways to go about it. The first way is Fritz’s way. To begin, provoke Thomas into a fight by selecting the first dialogue option. Once you’ve succeeded, go back to Fritz and Matthew to recruit them. Wait until around 6:00 p.m., then talk to Fritz and follow him to the fight location. Once you reach the hill near Ledetchko, the battle will commence. Eliminate Thomas first, then help your teammates take down the other two villagers. Winning the fight will end the quest and earn you 45 groschen.
  2. The second way is Matthew’s way. Speak with Thomas and try to reason with him by selecting the second dialogue option. If you’re successful, Thomas will abandon the conflict without any unique dialogue options. Return to Matthew, inform him of the situation, and receive your reward of 45 groschen.
  3. The third and final option is to tell Thomas about the Die game. This option is only available if you’ve completed the side quest “The Good Thief” from Miller Peshek in Rattay. When speaking to Thomas, select the first and second dialogue options. This will allow you to outsmart him. Inform Fritz of your plan and wait until around 6:00 p.m. Talk to Fritz and watch a cutscene of Thomas being beaten on a field road. Afterward, you’ll receive 45 groschen as a reward.

Note that if you choose Fritz’s way, Matthew and Fritz may get blocked by obstacles. Wait for them to unblock or continue on your journey while waiting for them to “teleport”.

To unlock and complete the side quest “Masquerade”, you must first complete the side quest “Is a Friend Indeed” in Ledetchko and wait a few days. Speak to the innkeeper in Ledetchko and ask for the latest gossip. Fritz and Matthew will have been expelled from Ledetchko and are staying at the Inn in the Glade. Talk to either of them and receive a reward of 175 groschen. Ask about the new job and inquire about Fritz’s relationship with Innkeeper Andrew. Your task is to get along with Andrew, so agree to a more private place during your meeting with him. Convince Andrew that you’re the right person for the job by using intimidation or giving him a bribe of 100 groschen (or less if you haggle). Discuss the plan to obtain the Cumans’ costumes with Andrew.

Obtaining three sets of Cuman clothes and helmets

This is a difficult task that requires attacking one of the Cuman camps marked on the world map. For example, you can choose a camp located in the forest northwest of the Inn in the Glade. On your way to the camp, you may encounter two Cumans from a smaller campsite (as shown in the screenshot). Another group of four opponents will be in the main camp. If you don’t want to fight them all, show yourself and start running away. Only attack the Cumans who continue to pursue Henry. If it’s a larger camp, watch out for archers as well.

If you want to play the game in stealth mode, wait until nightfall and sneak into the Cuman camps to kill them quietly with the Stealth Kill perk. However, be careful of any individual enemies who may be on guard. After defeating a Cuman soldier, search their inventory for the Cuman Shishak and Cuman Hauberk items. If you have already completed the main quest Baptism of Fire, you can go to Pribyslawitz and search the abandoned Cuman camp for chests containing different elements of the armor. Collect all three sets of armor and return them to Andrew to progress to the next part of the quest.

To improve the Cuman outfit, give Milomir 5 groschen and then seek out Bran the charcoal-burner, Olena in Talmberg, and Vashek the stablehand in Uzhitz. Each character will tell you about a different method of improving the armor. However, be aware that there is a serious game bug related to Olena’s involvement in the quest, so it is advisable to start the quest earlier in the plot to avoid this issue. Bran will recommend obtaining Raven Feathers from a herbalist, Olena will instruct you to get Wolf Fangs from Hunter Nicholas in Talmberg, and Vashek will recommend obtaining a Dog Skin by killing a dog at night on a farm.

To complete the Masquerade quest, return to Andrew with all the ingredients. This will trigger a cutscene where you will be presented with a modified Cuman outfit. After the cutscene, you will receive a Cuman Disguise and a Cuman Mask. It’s worth noting that this isn’t the end of your quests with Andrew, Fritz, and Matthew. Speak to Andrew to initiate a new side quest called Besmirched.

To start Besmirched, speak to Andrew after completing Masquerade. The quest involves tracking down a thief who has stolen valuable items from Skalitz. Your first task is to locate Adam’s refugee in Rattay, which you can do by talking to beggars and refugees or by going to the inn in the eastern part of town. Once you find Adam, promise to help him recover his valuables.

One of the optional objectives of Besmirched is to speak to Andrew again. If you have at least 13 points, you can persuade him to reveal the location of charcoal-burner Tonchek. Once you reach Tonchek’s camp near Rovna, you can interrogate the coal miners to gather information. You can intimidate them if you have at least 8 points in that category. Tonchek’s shelter is in the western part of the camp, and the stolen items are nearby.

You can finish Besmirched in three ways: return the gold to Adam and then to Andrew, return the gold only to Andrew, or recover Adam’s cross from Andrew. To unlock the side quest “A Rock and a Hard Place,” speak to Matthew or Fritz in the Inn in the Glade after completing Besmirched. They plan to steal gold from the Talmberg quarry intended for miners.

Important: Do not attempt to complete the quest “A Rock and a Hard Place.” Instead, move on to a separate quest from Step 6.

Step 6 – Unlocking the secondary quest “Gallows Brothers”

In order to add the side quest “Gallows Brothers” to your diary, you must have already unlocked the quest “A Rock and a Hard Place,” but have not completed it. After learning about the planned attack on the quarry from Matthew and Fritz, meet with Andrew at the Inn in the Glade and inform him of everything. The innkeeper will suggest betraying your colleagues and warning Talmberg of the planned attack, which will unlock the quest for the Gallows Brothers.

Step 7 – Making the correct decisions in the side quest “Gallows Brothers”

Start the optional quest by following Matthew’s warning of the planned betrayal. He will suggest putting Andrew in trouble by stealing a bag of gold and hiding it somewhere in the inn. To do this, you need to obtain an empty sack for miners before the attack takes place. Stay at Talmberg Castle and find the chest shown in the screenshots, located next to the ladder inside one of the watchtowers. Open the chest (which has a difficult lock) and take the bag for the gold.

With the bag in hand, go to the Inn in the Glade and head to the cellar. Interact with the barrels shown in the screenshot to hide the bag of gold.

Return to Talmberg and speak to Sir Robard. Inform him of the plan to steal the miners’ gold. During the conversation, select the second dialogue option from the screenshot above. Henry must accuse Andrew, Matthew, and Fritz of stealing the gold.

Return to the Inn in the Glade. If you made the correct choices, Andrew, Matthew, and Fritz will be captured and hanged (as shown in the screenshot). Interact with the gallows to complete the quest and unlock the Judas trophy.


What is the Judas trophy in the quest Gallows Brothers?

The Judas trophy is an achievement in the game Gallows Brothers that is awarded to the player who successfully betrays their friends during the quest. To earn the trophy, the player must choose to betray their friends and side with the game’s antagonist, the Gallows Brothers. This decision will have consequences for the rest of the game, including how the story ends and how the player’s character is perceived by the other characters.

How can I betray my friends in Gallows Brothers?

To betray your friends in Gallows Brothers, you must make a series of choices throughout the game that ultimately lead to your decision to side with the Gallows Brothers. These choices may include lying to your friends, withholding information, or actively working against them in certain situations. It’s important to note that betraying your friends will have consequences, both in terms of the story and the game’s mechanics. You may lose access to certain quests, dialogue options, or even lose the trust of other characters. However, if you’re willing to take the risk, betraying your friends can lead to a unique and rewarding gaming experience.

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