How to Get Horse Armor in Kingdom Come Deliverance?

Kingdom Come: Deliverance provides the option of buying new horses with better stats; however, these stats can be further increased. This guide outlines the ways of getting armor items dedicated to your horse.

The horses’ stats can also be increased by developing horsemanship and unlocking perks related to it. For more information, visit Character Progression.

  • Finding New Equipment
  • Horse Head Armor

Finding New Equipment

Selected traders sell new horse equipment. The best way to get them is by visiting stables located in Neuhof, Uzhitz, and Merhojed.

  1. Caparison – They offer a slight increase in defense and are rather cheap, costing 30-80 Groschen.
  2. Bridle – They offer better control over a horse, but high-quality bridles can be costly.
  3. Saddle – They differ mainly in capacity. Invest in a better saddle if you plan on putting every newly found item into your horse’s inventory. A good saddle can cost several hundred Groschen.
  4. Horseshoes – Higher quality horseshoes can make your horse gallop faster. Even the lower quality horseshoes are pricey, which means that you will need to gather a lot of money before buying the best ones.

Note – Put the newly bought horse equipment into its equipment first. After that, open the window where you can see your mount. There, you can place the pieces of armor into the corresponding slots.

Horse Head Armor

Besides the equipment mentioned above, you can also get armor for your horse.

Pieces of armor that can be placed in the “Head protection” section aren’t offered by any traders. However, you can find them while exploring the world, which means that you can get them for free.

Head to the location marked in the picture. That place is a small cliff adjacent to the forest and to Ledetchko village located in the center of the map.

One of these pieces of horse armor can be found in a nest that, at first glance, seems to be inaccessible. This nest can be easily spotted by reaching the treasure from the north and stopping right before the cliff’s edge – the picture above shows this place.

There are two main ways of reaching that nest.

The article presents two methods to reach a big nest with a dead horse. The first method is considered less risky but problematic as the starting point is located near the path that runs along the river. The second method is much faster but riskier, as it requires jumping down from one ledge to another. It is advised to start a little bit to the west and use a Saviour Schnapps before jumping down for the first time. Regardless of the path chosen, the big nest with the dead horse can be found, and Chanfron, criniere, a little bit of Groschen, and a high-quality bridle can be obtained from the horse’s corpse. The article is accompanied by screenshots and images to guide the reader.


What is an armor for horse in Kingdom Come Deliverance?

An armor for horse in Kingdom Come Deliverance is an item that you can equip on your horse to increase its defense and make it more resistant to damage. This is particularly useful when you are traveling long distances or when you are engaging in combat.

How can I get an armor for horse in Kingdom Come Deliverance?

You can get an armor for horse in Kingdom Come Deliverance by either purchasing it from a vendor or by finding it in the world. Some vendors, such as the armorer in Rattay, sell horse armor. You can also find horse armor in chests and other lootable objects throughout the game.

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