How to get XP faster in Days Gone?

On this page, we have provided the best methods to quickly accumulate experience points (XP) in Days Gone. By relying on these methods, you can easily level up and unlock skills faster.

In the table below, we have highlighted the most important ways to earn XP. While you can earn experience points in other ways during the game, they may not result in rapid XP and level increase.

  • Completing Missions
  • Exploring Additional Locations
  • Eliminating Freaker Hordes
  • Killing Elite Freakers
  • Eliminating Hordes of Freakers by using an Attractor

Completing Missions

Completing missions is the best way to earn XP in Days Gone. For each completed mission (there are more than 100 in the game), you can earn thousands of experience points. Don’t forget to complete side tasks in addition to the main missions. Head to the large encampments in the game world, like Copeland or Iron Mike, to receive additional quests.

Exploring Additional Locations

Ambush Camps, Infestations, and NERO Checkpoints are additional locations that can be found during free exploration of the game world. Try to uncover the areas that are under the mist to gain XP points and a chance to obtain an Injector or crafting plans for useful items.

Eliminating Freaker Hordes

Horde attacks are not recommended in the early stages of the game as the hero has low stats and lacks the best skills and items. As you progress, Deacon will become stronger, and you can try to attack smaller hordes with several dozen monsters. The advantage of battling hordes is that experience points are awarded for killing each Freaker and for overcoming the entire Horde. Even if you find it too difficult to deal with the Horde, you can stop attacking at some point and escape without losing XP for defeating individual Freakers.

Killing Elite Freakers

Elite Freakers, including Breakers, Screamers, and Ragers, can earn you several hundred experience points for each kill. It’s especially beneficial to defeat them with an unexpected attack to avoid direct combat. Use this tactic, especially with Screamers, as killing them quietly with a knife doesn’t require the Executioner ability.

How to Get Rid of Freakers with an Attractor

If you want to take down a large group of Freakers, whether they’re occupying a location or just traveling, using an Attractor is a surefire way to do it. Deacon can throw the Attractor, which emits sounds that draw all the monsters in the area towards it. Once they’re all gathered around, throw a grenade and earn hundreds of XP for taking down a few or even a dozen of them.

Later in the game, you can upgrade to an Attractor Bomb, which makes the process even easier. The bomb explodes within a few seconds of the monsters gathering around it, making it even more effective.


1. How can I earn XP faster in Days Gone?

Earning XP in Days Gone is crucial for leveling up and unlocking new skills and abilities. There are several ways to earn XP faster in the game. One way is to complete missions and quests, as they often reward you with large amounts of XP upon completion. You can also earn XP by taking down Freakers and other enemies, as well as by looting and scavenging for resources. Additionally, performing actions such as exploring new areas, discovering landmarks, and completing challenges can also earn you XP. Finally, make sure to use your skill points wisely, as unlocking certain skills can increase the amount of XP you earn from certain actions.

2. Are there any specific missions or quests that offer a lot of XP?

Yes, there are several missions and quests in Days Gone that offer a lot of XP upon completion. These include story missions, as well as side quests and bounties. Some specific missions that offer a lot of XP include “A War We Can Win,” “You’re Safe Now,” and “Riding NOMAD Again.” Additionally, completing hordes and ambush camps can also earn you a significant amount of XP. Keep in mind that some missions and quests may require a certain level or skill set, so make sure to level up and unlock new abilities before attempting them.

3. Can I earn XP while playing in Survival Mode?

Yes, you can still earn XP while playing in Survival Mode in Days Gone. However, the amount of XP you earn may be slightly lower than in other modes, as resources and enemies are more scarce. To maximize your XP earnings in Survival Mode, focus on completing missions and quests, taking down Freakers and other enemies, and scavenging for resources. Additionally, make sure to use your skills and abilities wisely, as they can help you earn more XP from certain actions.

4. What are some tips for earning XP quickly in Days Gone?

There are several tips and tricks you can use to earn XP quickly in Days Gone. One of the best ways is to focus on completing missions and quests, as they often offer the most XP. Additionally, make sure to take down as many Freakers and enemies as possible, as well as looting and scavenging for resources. Using your skills and abilities wisely can also increase your XP earnings. Finally, make sure to explore new areas and discover landmarks, as these actions can also earn you XP. By following these tips and staying focused on earning XP, you can quickly level up and unlock new skills and abilities in Days Gone.

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