How to Kill Dalia Margolis in Paris: The Showstopper

Dalia Margolis can be eliminated in various ways. This chapter provides different methods to murder her, including those that can be done without detection and those that are more conspicuous and will attract the attention of palace guests and staff.

Note that some of the techniques have specific time constraints, such as performing them before the auction starts. Details about these cases can be found in the murder descriptions.

It is also important to note that the main targets, Victor Novikov and Dalia Margolis, can be eliminated in any order. In some instances, both targets can be taken out simultaneously during a single action. These “two in one” assassinations are described in a separate walkthrough page.

  • Method 1: Killing Dalia in her private chambers
  • Method 2: Dropped chandelier assassination
  • Method 3: Putting Emetic Rat Poison in a glass of champagne
  • Method 4: Disguised as Helmut Kruger, meet Dalia in private
  • Method 5: Disguised as Sheikh, meet Dalia in private
  • Method 6: Sabotaging Dalia’s notebook

Method 1: Killing Dalia in her private chambers

Only the bodyguards have access to Dalia’s apartment.

Most of the time, Dalia Margolis can be killed when she’s in her private chambers on the palace’s third level (point M3,13 on the map). Only bodyguards can access her chambers, so you’ll need to get the CICADA Bodyguard Disguise to enter the room. You can obtain the outfit by eliminating one of the guards patrolling the north-western gardens (point M3,8 on the map). Alternatively, you can access Dalia’s room from the adjoining attic (point M3,31 on the map). To do this, you must jump over the railing and move along the edge to reach one of the open shutters.

Clogging the sink will alert the bodyguards.

Dalia is always accompanied by her bodyguard, which complicates the task. You can solve this by going to the bathroom and clogging the sink to cause water to spill on the floor. Wait for the guard to investigate and then subdue them (avoid being seen in the mirror!) and hide the body in the closet. You may need to repeat the action if the clogged sink lures another guard from the room behind the stairs into the bathroom. Once you’ve dealt with the guards, you can sneak up on Dalia and eliminate her with a garrote or any other weapon of your choice.

Dalia can be found in her private chambers on the attic, which can be accessed secretly.

If you do not want to enter Dalia’s apartment, you can stay on the attic (point M3,31 on the map) and use a pistol to shoot her when she appears near one of the shutters. A better approach would be to use Remote Explosives, which can be found near the electrical equipment in the western section of the attic (point M3,9 on the map). You can throw the explosive through the window, move to a safe distance, and detonate the bomb. Be careful with aiming the explosive so that only Dalia is killed; killing anyone else will result in a lower rank at the end of the mission.

Method 2: Dropping the chandelier on Dalia

Eliminate the bodyguard standing on the balcony.

Most rooms located on the third floor of the palace have detachable chandeliers, but make sure to think before attempting to tamper with them. The ideal chandelier to use in this method is the one hanging above the room where the auction takes place (point M3,10 on the map). However, you must be quick and set it up before Dalia begins the auction; otherwise, this method will become unavailable to take Dalia out. After reaching the auction room (wearing a VIP outfit, like the sheikh’s one), ignore the main hall and head to the nearby balcony. Take out the guard found there, so that nobody interrupts you during your sabotage.

Stay on the balcony and wait for Dalia to appear in the room where the secret auction takes place. Let her start her speech, and then lean out a bit from the balcony to aim at the rope-like element holding the chandelier (visible in the above screenshot) and shoot it with your silenced pistol. After that, holster your weapon and jump through the balcony; some bodyguards will probably appear on the balcony looking for the culprit.

Alternatively, you can drop the chandelier in Dalia’s office.

If you fail to reach the chandelier in the auction room, you can use the one found in Dalia’s office (point M3,11 on the map). This area is a bit more challenging since there are other people around. You can eliminate Dalia’s personal bodyguard beforehand and/or take a shot with your pistol while on the external balcony, where a guard is stationed.

Method 3: Adding Emetic Rat Poison to a glass of champagne

Start by incapacitating the bartender.

Firstly, locate the Emetic Rat Poison which can be found in different areas of the palace (point M3,3 on the map), like the southern part of the gardens (level 1) and the attic (level 3). After obtaining the poison, head to the bar situated on the third level of the palace (point M3,18 on the map). The bar will be staffed by an auction team member. Wait for him to move away from the bar and then follow him to the narrow part of the balcony that is not visible to guests and other staff members. Subdue him and wear his outfit, the Auction Staff Disguise.

Mix the poison with Dalia’s champagne.

Wear the Auction Staff Disguise and return to the bar. Add the poison to a glass of champagne and wait for Dalia to come and take a sip. Depending on when you arrive at the bar, Dalia may appear shortly afterwards, or you may have to wait for some time.

Kill Dalia in her bathroom.

Once Dalia starts to feel the effects of the poison, she will go back to her apartment (point M3,13 on the map) to vomit. If you have access to a bodyguard or VIP outfit, use it to enter her private chambers. Otherwise, reach the attic (point M3,31 on the map), jump through the railing and reach one of the shutters of her apartment. Climb into the room and assassinate Dalia. You can kill her in various ways like shooting, using a garrote, breaking her neck or drowning her in the toilet.

Method 4: Meeting Dalia in private while disguised as Helmut Kruger

This approach is one of the best methods to eliminate Dalia, but it requires a lot of preparation. It is also necessary to execute it at the beginning of the mission, before Helmut Kruger takes part in the fashion show and leaves to meet Dalia in person. Go to the western section of the gardens with the helipad (point M3,12 on the map) to locate Kruger who can be seen attending a photo shoot or walking around the gardens. His appearance is quite distinctive with a shaved head, unusual attire, and makeup (as shown in the above screenshot).

Assassinate Kruger and take his disguise.

Since you need to assume the identity of Helmut Kruger, you must take him out when he is away from the north-western section of the gardens, patrolled by two guards. You can either wait for them to leave or take out one of them beforehand. Knock Kruger unconscious at the perfect moment and conceal his body in a nearby container. Pick up Helmut Kruger’s Cell Phone from the ground and wear his outfit, the Helmut Kruger Disguise.

To speak with Dalia privately, use Kruger’s phone and participate in the fashion show by sitting on the chair in the changing room. Once the makeup is done, head to the end of the catwalk and present Helmut Kruger’s outfit. Call Dalia again after leaving the catwalk. The guards on the second level won’t search Agent 47, so head to the third level and find Dalia. Collect the Lethal Poison in her private chambers and wait for Dalia to drink her champagne, which should be spiked with the cyanide. Don’t move from your spot, and when her bodyguards arrive, just leave. Another method is to become Sheikh Salman al-Ghazali by picking the lock to his apartment or finding an outfit that matches his. His apartment is located on the second floor, and once inside, you can reach Dalia’s private chambers.

If you don’t have the required outfit, you need to sneak around the apartment of the Sheikh and his bodyguard, but if you do, you can move around freely and plan your actions accordingly. To acquire the required outfit, you must subdue the bodyguard and the Sheikh himself, which is best done when the Sheikh is standing on the balcony. You can approach them carefully or use the radio to disorient them.

The best way to get rid of the Sheikh is to poison his drink. You can find Emetic Rat Poison in various places in the palace, such as the catering room on the first floor or the southern gardens. The ideal time to pour the poison into Sheikh’s drink is when he goes to the balcony. After he drinks the poisoned wine, follow him to the bathroom, subdue him, hide his body, and take his outfit.

You can go to the third floor of the palace and sit on the chair reserved for the Sheikh to take part in the auction. You don’t have to get rid of your equipment as the Sheikh won’t be searched by any guard located by the stairs. Once you reach the third floor, head to the room where the auction takes place and sit on the chair reserved for the Sheikh. Wait for Dalia to enter the room and perform her speech before joining the auction. Press the button on the screen to purchase the item.

Dalia invites the Sheikh to a private meeting in her office, and you can use this opportunity to murder her. Wait for her alone in the room and use your garrote to kill her, but make sure her assistant is not in the room or looking at her. Don’t try to hide her body, instead move away from her office as quickly as possible to avoid being suspected for her murder.

Method 6: Disrupting Dalia’s Auction

To eliminate your target using this method, you must reach the third floor of the palace (point M3,31 on the map). The area is heavily guarded, so you’ll need to sneak around. You can use the outfit of a bodyguard or a VIP to blend in. However, be careful as the guards can easily recognize Agent 47, even if he is using a similar outfit. Use environmental elements to stay undetected and divert the attention of enemies by throwing coins or turning on the vacuum cleaner located in one part of the attic. There are about 10 guards in this area, so take your time and be patient.

Your destination is the south-western section of the attic, which is filled with monitors and equipment used to surveil the auction. You need to locate and collect two items here: the Laptop Dongle (M3,13) and the Remote Explosive (M3,9).

Insert the dongle into Dalia’s notebook.

Head to Dalia’s office, located in the western section of the building (point M3,11 on the map). Use the outfit of a bodyguard to gain access to the office. Make sure the auction has already started before inserting the dongle you recently acquired into Dalia’s notebook, which will disrupt the auction. Shortly after, Dalia’s assistant will appear in the area, and she will panic and leave the palace with her security guard friend.

Eliminate Dalia with the Remote Explosive.

Select the Remote Explosive and place it near Dalia’s notebook. Head to the unprotected balcony and wait for Dalia to appear in her office to check her faulty notebook. Detonate the explosive as soon as she reaches her computer. The explosion will create a lot of noise, so you should leave the area immediately by jumping through the railing to reach the gutter.


What is Murdering Dalia Margolis?

Murdering Dalia Margolis is a mission in the video game Hitman, specifically in the Paris: The Showstopper level. The objective of the mission is to assassinate Dalia Margolis, a wealthy fashion designer and member of a secret spy organization called IAGO. Margolis is attending a fashion show at the Palais de Walewska, and the player must navigate through the crowded venue and various security measures to get close enough to Margolis to eliminate her. The mission can be completed in a variety of ways, including poisoning her, pushing her off a balcony, or disguising oneself as a member of her security team.

What are some tips for completing Murdering Dalia Margolis?

One tip for completing Murdering Dalia Margolis is to take advantage of the various disguises available throughout the level. By disguising oneself as a member of Margolis’s security team or as a fashion model, the player can move more freely throughout the venue without raising suspicion. Another tip is to pay attention to the various opportunities presented throughout the level, such as overhearing conversations or finding items that can be used to eliminate Margolis. Finally, it is important to be patient and observe the surroundings carefully, as there are many potential hazards that can be used to eliminate Margolis without raising suspicion.

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