How to Kill Yuki Yamazaki in Hokkaido

If you’re playing “Situs Inversus” in Hitman, you’ll need to eliminate Yuki Yamazaki to complete the mission. While there are Opportunities available to kill her, you can also use other methods. Here are some of the best ways to take her out.

Note that you can eliminate Yuki or Erich Soders in any order, but if you kill Soders first, Yuki will stop visiting the garden and it may complicate matters if you’re planning to use a sniper rifle to take her out.

  • Throw Yuki into the abyss during her yoga session (Hot Springs Opportunity)
  • Eliminate Yuki during her smoke break (No Smoking Opportunity)
  • Serve Yuki a poisoned fugu fish (Thrill Seeker Opportunity)
  • Other poisoning attempts
  • Lock Yuki up in a hot sauna
  • Kill Yuki by approaching her in the director’s outfit
  • Eliminate Yuki through an explosion
  • Sniper kill
  • Cut off the cable car with the escaping target

Throw Yuki into the Abyss During Her Yoga Session (Hot Springs Opportunity)

To use this method, you’ll need to pose as a yoga instructor and meet Yuki during her yoga session. You don’t have to rush, as she won’t begin until you arrive. Start by getting a wrench from the garage on level 0 (M8,4) and using it to turn off the cold water valve in one of the employee rooms next to the spa (M8,23). Then, get the instructor’s outfit by taking out the instructor in the small rooms by the spa (M8,22). Meet Yuki for her lesson and bring her to the sauna (M8,21). During the session, press buttons on the screen to make Yuki try new poses. When she reaches the footbridge, press the last button to throw her into the abyss.

Eliminate Yuki During Her Smoke Break (No Smoking Opportunity)

This method involves taking out Yuki during her smoke break. You can learn about her habit from her bodyguards by the cable car (M8,3), but you can also find her cigarettes in Amos Dexter’s room. Wait for her to leave the spa and follow her to a secluded spot to take her out.

To begin, you need to find cigarettes, which are prohibited in the clinic. The easiest way to obtain them is to visit Amos Dexter’s apartment (M8,2). There are two ways to access it – either find a doctor’s gown or use the ledge to enter his apartment by leaving your apartment through the window. The cigarettes can be found on one of the tables. Alternatively, you can break into one of the shelves in the hospital unit (M8,38) (if you have a crowbar) or attack one of the workers walking behind the hospital unit (M8,9) to obtain the item from them (you’ll need to take care of his body, which may prove to be problematic).

You cannot give the smokes directly to Yuki. Instead, you need to put them in one of two available locations. She has an empty pack lying in her apartment (M8,6). Only her bodyguards can access her room, so you can try to subdue one of the guards standing by the cable car. Once you’ve accessed the apartment (make sure that Yuki is not there – she will see through the disguise!), replace the pack on the table in the main room.

Yuki will notice the cigarettes once she returns to the room and go to the balcony to smoke (M8,7). If you want to use this opportunity, eliminate two guards in the area by throwing them off the balcony. Once Yuki stands by the handrail to smoke, push her off the balcony. The opportunity will be completed, but you may be detected by her personal bodyguard. Other approaches to this assassination include accessing the balcony of the neighboring apartment (M8,3) and making a shot when Yuki leans on the handrail (I recommend a weapon with a silencer).

The second location to leave the cigarettes requires more attention but guarantees eliminating Yuki without any unwanted attention. In this case, you need to get the director’s outfit. You can do so by using a simple rat poison on the meal found in the restaurant (M8,17) (use a cook outfit to stay anonymous) and eliminate the director once he rushes to the toilet (M8,16).

Ensure that you’ve gotten rid of all forbidden items and visit Yuki’s booth in the restaurant (M8,18). Let the guard frisk you and leave the cigarettes on the table.

Your job is not done yet – you need to reach the garden and find the area with a red fuel barrel (M8,20). Use a screwdriver (found on footpath behind the hospital unit (M8,5) or in a small room next to the morgue (M8,8)) to punch a hole in it and spill some fuel. Wait until Yuki walks in and lights her cigarette by the barrel. She will go up in flames and die (the action is counted as an unfortunate accident).

Eliminating Yuki Yamazaki with Poisoned Fugu Fish (Thrill Seeker Opportunity)

Prepare the poisoned fugu on a table

If you have chosen this method, start the mission with a cook outfit. If you don’t have the required mastery level, head to the kitchen (M8,4) and look for a chance to eliminate one of the chefs. Keep in mind that even if you have the disguise, other people in the kitchen may detect you, so avoid or take care of them.

Take a kitchen knife from the kitchen and go to the pantry (M8,10). Find the fugu fish and use the knife on it to get fugu poison.

Apply the fugu poison to the sushi

Stay in the chef’s outfit and go to the restaurant on the first floor. Approach the sushi table (M8,19) and press the button to prepare the dish. Add the fugu poison (you can choose a different poison, but you won’t complete the Thrill Seeker Opportunity).

Invite Yuki to taste the sushi when she arrives

Stay behind the counter and wait for Yuki to appear. Press the appropriate button to invite her to try the sushi. Be sure to leave the area as Yuki will die shortly after eating the fish, and this will be a significant event for all present.

Other Ways to Poison Yuki

The bottle of water is on Yuki’s desk in her apartment

You don’t have to use the fugu fish or wear a chef’s outfit. Yuki’s apartment is another option – she has a bottle of water on her desk. Get a bodyguard outfit, enter the apartment, find the bottle (M8,7), and apply the poison.

If you want Yuki to die instantly, use the fugu fish poison or botulinum toxin. The toxin is in two locations – a locked cabinet in Jason Portman’s apartment (M8,5) (you’ll need a crowbar) or a rehabilitation room on level 3 of the hospital (M8,40) (distract the guards or quickly leave the room after stealing it).

You can drown Yuki in the toilet once she drinks the poisoned water

If you want to eliminate Yuki in a more secluded area, put rat poison in the bottle. You can find this item in the corner cabinet in the kitchen (M8,9) or in the locker in 47’s apartment (M8,1) (if you have a crowbar).

After drinking the water, Yuki will run to the toilet. You can either use the fiber wire or drown her (each action will allow you to complete one of the smaller challenges).

Trapping Yuki in a Hot Sauna

If you want to eliminate your target without obtaining any additional disguises, this method is recommended. You can complete it with the basic or ninja outfit. The sauna is on level 1 of the hospital (M8,24), but you’ll need to access the neighboring room (with the cold water valve) as the sauna control panel is there. Increase the temperature to make two patients leave the sauna.

Trap Yuki in the sauna

To execute this method, wait for Yuki to arrive at the spa and enter the sauna. Once she does, quickly approach the sauna door and lock it using the button. Her bodyguard will not be in the room, so you won’t get caught. Yuki will die shortly after. You can hide her body in a container located in the control panel room.

Killing Yuki while disguised as the director

Push Yuki off the balcony

First, obtain the director’s outfit. Once you have it, find Yuki and invite her for a private talk. Then, head to the cable car located in the southern part of the map (M8,4). Listen to the conversation and wait for Yuki to stand by the handrail. Take the opportunity to push her off the balcony without getting noticed by her bodyguards.

Eliminating Yuki with an explosion

Sabotage the lamp when Yuki returns to her apartment

To execute this method, you need a wrench and a bodyguard outfit. Eliminate the guard by the cable car to get the outfit and visit the garage to acquire the wrench. Once you have both, enter Yuki’s apartment and eliminate the two guards on the balcony to make your job easier. Wait for Yuki to return and sabotage the gas lamp. Then, wait for her to approach the lamp and use a throwable item to make her stop. Finally, fire at the lamp with a silenced weapon to detonate the charge.

Sniper assassination

Kill Yuki with a silenced sniper rifle

To execute this method, start the mission on the footpath in the eastern part of the map (M8,17) while wearing a ninja outfit. Deliver a silenced sniper rifle with a scope to that location. Head to the edge of the cliff (M8,13) and look for Yuki on the small bridge (M8,25) in the garden. Take the shot to complete an additional challenge.

Disabling the cable car with the target inside

This method is the most challenging and should only be attempted if you’re looking to complete all the challenges in Hokkaido. You’ll need to incite an evacuation and make Yuki use the cable car in the southern part of the map (M8,4). Deliver a good assault rifle to one of the agency pick-ups before the mission and try to obtain a guard or bodyguard outfit along the way.

The first step to completing the mission is to get near Yuki’s apartment after picking up the gun. You should wait until Yuki appears in the area before firing at the bodyguards guarding the main door from the north-western stairs. If you’re lucky, Yuki and her entourage will leave the apartment and try to reach the cable car. Be careful not to attempt the mission from a different location as the target might be escorted back to the hospital area. If this happens, load a saved game or wait until the alarm goes off.

Once Yuki and her men attempt to reach the cable car, eliminate any guards that can spot and engage 47. Ensure no guards are incoming from level 1. After eliminating the closest targets, enter Yuki’s empty apartment and go to the balcony at M8,8. Look for the cable car and wait for the target to board. A time counter will appear to signal your opportunity to act.

Equip an assault rifle or any available weapon and start firing at the mechanism holding the gondola. Aim for the part of the mechanism shown in screenshot 1. After several hits, the mechanism will be damaged enough, and the gondola will detach, crashing on the mountainside. Check screenshot 2 for reference.


1. What is the storyline of the mission “Murdering Yuki Yamazaki” in Hokkaido?

The mission “Murdering Yuki Yamazaki” in Hokkaido is a part of the video game “Hitman”. The storyline of the mission revolves around the assassination of Yuki Yamazaki, a lawyer and a member of the secretive organization known as Providence. The mission takes place in a private hospital in Hokkaido, where Yamazaki is receiving treatment. The player controls Agent 47, a highly skilled assassin, who must eliminate Yamazaki and her bodyguard while avoiding detection by the hospital staff and security personnel.

2. What are some of the challenges that the player must face in the mission?

The mission “Murdering Yuki Yamazaki” in Hokkaido presents several challenges for the player. The hospital is heavily guarded, and the player must find a way to infiltrate it without being detected. Once inside, the player must locate Yamazaki and her bodyguard and eliminate them without raising the alarm. The hospital staff and security personnel are highly vigilant, and the player must use disguises and stealth tactics to avoid detection. Additionally, the player must contend with various environmental hazards, such as freezing temperatures and malfunctioning equipment, that can hinder their progress.

3. What are some of the strategies that the player can use to complete the mission successfully?

To complete the mission “Murdering Yuki Yamazaki” in Hokkaido successfully, the player can use a variety of strategies. One approach is to disguise themselves as a member of the hospital staff or security team to move around undetected. The player can also use distractions, such as throwing objects or creating accidents, to lure their targets into vulnerable positions. Another strategy is to use weapons and gadgets, such as silenced pistols and poison, to eliminate their targets quickly and quietly. The player can also take advantage of the hospital’s various facilities and equipment, such as the operating rooms and the sauna, to create opportunities for assassination.

4. What are some of the rewards for completing the mission successfully?

If the player completes the mission “Murdering Yuki Yamazaki” in Hokkaido successfully, they can unlock various rewards and achievements. These may include new weapons, gadgets, and disguises that can be used in future missions. The player may also earn higher scores and rankings based on their performance, such as “Silent Assassin” or “Professional”. These rankings are based on factors such as the time taken, the number of non-targets killed, and the level of discretion used during the mission.

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