How to Neutralize Radar in Sniper Elite 5 Mission 1

If you’re playing Sniper Elite 5 and looking to sabotage the radar in mission 1 (Atlantic Wall), this guide will show you how to do it using either explosions or generator overload.

In addition to other objectives, one of the main goals of Mission 1 (The Atlantic Wall) is to neutralize the radar located in the northern part of the mission area. This walkthrough will guide you through two paths that lead to the radar and two possible ways of disabling it – by placing explosive charges on the supports or by sabotaging the fuse box and overloading the generator.

  • How to Reach the Radar
  • Option A: Destroy the Pillars
  • Option B: Find the Radar’s Power Source

How to Reach the Radar

The Neutralize Radar objective is one of the two main objectives of Mission 1. Once you complete the first phase of the mission, which is described in detail on a separate page of this guide (Securing the Beach and Helping the Resistance), you’ll learn about the radar tower.

The location of the radar will be marked on your map (in the northeastern part of the mission zone). There are several possible paths to get there, and we’ve listed them below.

Before proceeding, make sure to take care of the sniper located on the hill next to the radar (as shown in the screenshot above). You can either shoot him from a distance or eliminate him once you get closer to the objective.

The more obvious path to your objective leads to the radar tower from the south. There is an asphalt road and trenches here, which should be used to stay out of sight of the sniper and other enemies. While following the trenches, pay attention to your radar and use your Focus to locate individual soldiers.

The hill with the radar is surrounded by barbed wire, so you can’t access it from any direction. Instead, you need to pass through a bunker located at the base of the radar hill. The entrance to the bunker is locked, but there is an officer with a key nearby. Locate him using your binoculars (as shown in the screenshot above), eliminate him, and open the bunker door. When inside the bunker, scan the rooms carefully.

The less obvious path involves crossing through a tunnel at the back of the radar hill.

The entrance to the tunnel is shown in the screenshots above – but watch out for a machine gun emplacement in the area that should be taken care of first.

As you move through the tunnel, you may encounter a few opponents, but they can be easily dealt with. Your ultimate goal is to reach the back of the radar, as shown in the above picture. There is a hill here that you can use to hide and strategize your attacks on the enemies in the area.

Option A: Destroy the Pillars

This is one of the two ways to complete the mission objective (the other option being Option B), and it involves using explosives to destroy the radar.

You can find Satchel Charges scattered throughout the radar area, including two in the area behind the radar.

Make your way to the radar hill and use the ladder to reach its lower balconies. Continue climbing up using the yellow ledges (as shown in the above screenshot). If necessary, you can also climb sideways instead of going up all the time. The objective of this climb is to reach the higher balconies of the radar.

Find another ladder to go even higher. You will reach the highest balconies, where you need to place two explosives on the pillars in the marked areas (as shown in the screenshot above). When planting the charges, choose Light Fuse – Slow, so that you have enough time to escape.

Use the rope shown in the above screenshot as an escape route – slide down it. After returning to the area behind the tower, wait for the explosives to go off to complete the objective.

Option B: Find the Radar’s Power Source

This is the second way to complete the objective (you can choose Option A if you prefer). It involves overloading the generator that powers the radar and sabotaging the fuse box to decommission the radar.

If you choose Option B, head to the bunker under the radar tower. If you took the frontal route to the radar area, you need to get rid of the officer and take his key. Alternatively, you can access the bunker through the less obvious path that leads through the tunnel without the key.

While exploring the bunker, explore all the smaller rooms you pass. In one of them, you can find a crowbar (as shown in the screenshot above).

Once you have the crowbar, make your way to the engine room. Use the crowbar to overload the generator, as shown in the above picture.

Finally, reach the area behind the bunker by following the power lines. You will find the fuse box shown in the picture. Interact with it to finish the sabotage process, and a cutscene will depict the destruction of the radar and the completion of the mission’s main objective.


What is Sniper Elite 5: Neutralize Radar (Mission 1)?

Sniper Elite 5: Neutralize Radar (Mission 1) is a mission in the game Sniper Elite 5, where the player takes on the role of a sniper and must eliminate a group of enemies who are using radar to track the player’s movements. This mission requires the player to use stealth and precision to take out the enemy soldiers without being detected. The mission is set in a remote location with difficult terrain, making it challenging for the player to move around undetected.

How do I complete Sniper Elite 5: Neutralize Radar (Mission 1)?

To complete the mission, the player must first locate the radar station and take out the soldiers guarding it. The player can use a variety of weapons, including a sniper rifle, to take out the soldiers. It is important to use stealth and take out the soldiers one by one to avoid detection. Once the soldiers guarding the radar station have been eliminated, the player can then destroy the radar equipment. The player must then make their way to the extraction point without being detected by any remaining enemy soldiers.

What tips do you have for completing Sniper Elite 5: Neutralize Radar (Mission 1)?

One of the most important tips for completing this mission is to use stealth and take out the enemy soldiers one by one. This will help to avoid detection and make it easier to complete the mission. It is also important to use cover and stay hidden as much as possible. The player should also be aware of their surroundings and use the terrain to their advantage. The terrain can provide cover and help the player to move around undetected. Additionally, the player should use the appropriate weapon for each situation. For example, a sniper rifle is best for long-range shots, while a pistol is better for close-range combat.

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