How to Obtain a Sniper Rifle in Days Gone?

A sniper rifle can be a valuable addition to your arsenal in Days Gone. It allows you to take out enemies from afar, and can even be equipped with a silencer. This guide will provide you with two methods to obtain a sniper rifle in the game.

The first way is to take the rifle from an enemy sniper. Sniper encounters can happen at random during the game. Enemy snipers can easily be detected as the laser sight of their weapon emits a red beam.

After eliminating the sniper, search their corpse to pick up the weapon. However, note that the rifle taken from the enemy is not considered as Deacon’s property. You can use it as long as you hold onto it, but dropping it or replacing it with another special weapon will mean that it’s gone. Additionally, it cannot be stored in the inventory or cabinets of the game world.

The second way is to purchase a sniper rifle from a dealer. Merchants in the game offer different models of sniper rifles. For example, the M40 can be purchased from the trader in Hot Springs camp for 2,250 credits. However, you need to reach the second level of trust in this camp to unlock this rifle.

Upon reaching Iron Mike’s camp, you can purchase two new sniper rifles – the C8 rifle for 2,250 credits and the Talon 7 for 3,750 credits. However, these rifles are not available for purchase from the beginning of the game. You need to progress to the first and third level of trust in Iron Mike’s camp, respectively.

For each purchased sniper rifle, you can install a silencer. You need to buy a Special Suppressor from the same merchants, but it requires a prior trust level from the residents of the camp.


1. How do I get a sniper rifle in Days Gone?

In order to obtain a sniper rifle in Days Gone, you will need to progress through the main story until you reach the “A Good Soldier” mission. This mission is available after completing the “You’re Safe Now” mission in the Lost Lake region. Once you reach this mission, you will be given a sniper rifle by a character named Weaver. After completing this mission, you will be able to purchase the sniper rifle from any gun merchant in the game.

2. Can I find a sniper rifle before reaching the “A Good Soldier” mission?

No, it is not possible to find a sniper rifle before reaching the “A Good Soldier” mission. The sniper rifle is a story-related weapon and is not available to obtain through any other means. However, there are other long-range weapons available in the game, such as the crossbow and the Chicago Chopper, which can be found or purchased at various points in the game.

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