How to Obtain the Robber Baron Achievement? | Achievements & Trophies

This guide will assist you in acquiring the Robber Baron achievement in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. This achievement is associated with specific side quests in the game that can only be triggered after advancing far enough in the main story. All the necessary steps to achieve this accomplishment are detailed below.

  • Step 1. Complete the main quest – The Prey
  • Step 2 – Unlock and finish the – Next to Godliness side quest
  • Step 3 – Unlocking and finishing the – Clothes Make the Man and Robber Baron side quests

Step 1. Complete the main quest – The Prey

The Prey is one of the initial main quests in the game. It involves rescuing Lord Capon after he is abducted by the Cumans during a hunt.

Step 2 – Unlock and finish the – Next to Godliness side quest

The Next to Godliness side quest can be unlocked after finishing The Prey main quest. You will meet Hans Capon again, who is located in the lower castle in Rattay (right next to the refugee camp). He will offer Henry an invitation to the bathhouse, which you must accept.

Meet Capon in the Bathhouse and Play Dice

Meet Capon in the bathhouse around 20:00 and talk to him. He will propose a game of dice, and if you manage to win with the girl, an additional cut-scene will be triggered, and she will give you a Strip Die. Regardless of the outcome, the quest will proceed similarly.

Stealing Wine

Speak with Capon and put your clothing in the chest. He will then request wine. Before leaving the bath, take Sir Hans Capon’s keys from the chest. Head to the rathaus in Rattay, go down to the basement through the armor store, and locate the doors shown above. You can either sneak into the cellar (break the challenging lock or use Hans’ key) or speak with the guard and persuade or bribe him. Take the pitcher for wine from the cellar and extract some Sylvan red wine from one of the barrels. Return to Capon.

Get Some Flowers

You’ll also need to gather some flowers. Head to the upper castle in Rattay and look for a path (on the right) leading to the back of the castle. You’ll come upon a garden where you’ll need to create a bouquet containing one rose.

Fighting Archibald and Finishing the Quest

A cut-scene will begin, and you’ll immediately have to fight Archibald. It’s not a challenging fight, but don’t let him trap you in a corner since it’s a small room.

After Henry regains consciousness, the player must find Capon in the city and advise him on punishing Archibald. The player will receive a few groschen and the quest will end. In order to finish the Clothes Make the Man and Robber Baron side quests, the player must follow the hints given. These two quests happen nearly simultaneously and Capon will tell the player that he’s planning to meet Hanush, but the player will be asked to put on some new clothes. This will begin the Clothes make the man quest. The player will then go to the lower castle, reach Capon’s room and take all the clothes out of the chest. After meeting Hanush, the Robber Baron quest will begin.

In order to find Wolflins camp, the player must meet Captain Bernard in the courtyard and set out for a lengthy journey. The journey will end as the player reaches a camp in the forest. Henry’s task is to find the camp of Wolflin and his men. The player can look in two locations: the northern point is a farm near the road, and the southern camp is a farm at the edge of the forest. Completing either of the two allows the player to skip the other.

The location of Wolflin’s camp is marked and the player must not get too close. Instead, they should go back to their own camp right away and report to Bernard. The player can then make a decision whether to attack the camp at once or try to negotiate. If the player chooses to attack, they must act as usual in other battles and watch for archers. If they choose to negotiate, they will have to use persuasion or impress Bernard. If successful, they will get Oleshnitz waffenrock. The player must then wear it and take all their weapons out of active slots and come unarmed.

Don’t forget that you can use Bard’s Potion to boost your speech skill for talking to Wolflin.

Head to Wolflin’s camp and you’ll be intercepted by a bandit who will take you to their leader. You have two options to choose:

  1. Try to persuade Wolflin to leave the area (options 1-3). But remember, regardless of your choice, you’ll have to pass a persuasion test since Wolflin has 14 points. Alternatively, you can impress him, which won’t be easy because he has 16 points. Even if you manage to pass the test, you still have to fight the battle.
  2. Challenge Wolflin to a duel (option four). Quickly equip some weapons from your inventory, as Wolflin is a skilled swordsman. Try to rely on perfect blocks and attack when he’s vulnerable. Be sure not to hit anyone else besides Wolflin. After defeating him, return to Bernard. He’ll be upset that you took matters into your own hands without his approval.

Return to Sir Hanush

Regardless of what you chose, return to Rattay and meet Sir Hanush. He’ll be happy to hear your news, whether or not you fought the battle. As a reward, he’ll give you the Magdeburg Cuirass, a valuable item. You should receive an achievement for your efforts.


1. What is a Robber Baron?

A Robber Baron was a term used to describe wealthy business owners in the late 19th century who used unethical and monopolistic business practices to accumulate their wealth. These practices included things like price-fixing, anti-competitive behavior, and exploiting workers. In modern times, the term is often used to describe any wealthy individual who gained their wealth through questionable means.

2. Is it possible to become a Robber Baron in today’s society?

While it is not possible to become a Robber Baron in the same sense as in the late 19th century, it is still possible to accumulate wealth through unethical means. However, it is important to note that such practices are illegal and can result in serious consequences, such as fines and imprisonment. It is much more beneficial to accumulate wealth through ethical and legal means.

3. Are there any achievements or trophies for becoming a Robber Baron?

No, there are no achievements or trophies for becoming a Robber Baron. In fact, unethical and illegal behavior is frowned upon in modern society and can result in negative consequences. It is important to focus on achieving success through hard work and ethical business practices.

4. What are some examples of ethical business practices?

Examples of ethical business practices include treating employees fairly, providing safe working conditions, being transparent with customers, and not engaging in anti-competitive behavior. It is important for businesses to prioritize ethics and social responsibility in order to build a positive reputation and contribute to a better society.

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