How to Obtain the Wrecking Ball Trophy in Saints Row 2022

The Wrecking Ball trophy is an achievement in the game Saints Row that requires the player to kill an enemy with a towed vehicle object. This trophy guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to obtain it.

Here is a breakdown of the three steps:

  • Installing a towing cable
  • Attaching a vehicle to your car
  • Killing an enemy with the towed vehicle

Installing a Towing Cable

After completing the main quest A Piece of the Action, which unlocks vehicle tuning, visit any of your garages and select a vehicle with high power. Choose Equipment from the tuning tab and select the Towing Cable from the list. It costs $7,500.

Attaching a Vehicle to Your Car

Drive out of the garage in the tuned vehicle and find a parked car. Stand in front of it and wait for the green indicator to appear. Once it does, press the button (R1/RB on the controller) to attach the cable.

Killing an Enemy with the Towed Vehicle

Start towing the car and look for red dots on your radar which signify hostile gang members. Drive towards them and slam the towed vehicle into one of them to instantly kill them and earn the Wrecking Ball trophy.


What is the Wrecking Ball trophy in Saints Row 2022?

The Wrecking Ball trophy in Saints Row 2022 is an achievement that is awarded to players who destroy 50 objects with a single vehicle. This can be a challenging task, but it is definitely achievable if you know what you’re doing.

How can I get the Wrecking Ball trophy in Saints Row 2022?

To get the Wrecking Ball trophy in Saints Row 2022, you will need to find a large, heavy vehicle, such as a dump truck or a bulldozer. Once you have your vehicle, start driving around the city and look for groups of objects that you can plow through.

Some good places to start looking include construction sites, parks, and parking lots. You will want to aim for groups of objects that are close together, such as a row of cars or a line of trash cans.

Keep in mind that you will need to hit at least 50 objects with a single vehicle in order to earn the trophy, so make sure you find a good spot and keep driving until you reach your goal.

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