How to Open Safes in Sniper Elite 5

If you come across safes in Sniper Elite 5, they may contain valuable items. This guide will help you open them either by using explosives or by obtaining a combination code.

  • Method #1 – Opening a safe with an explosive
  • Method #2 – Opening a safe with a combination

Method #1 – Opening a safe with an explosive

You can use the Satchel Charge to blow up the safe door. However, this method generates a lot of noise and can alert guards nearby. The contents of the safe won’t be damaged by the explosion.

You can find explosives in places such as armories, camps or trenches, or by using Focus (“scanning” mode).

When you find the explosive, go back to the safe and stand in the right place. The game will show information about planting the explosive (example in the picture). After placing it and setting the explosion delay, move away and wait for the explosion.

Method #2 – Opening a safe with a combination

You can obtain a combination for the safe by eliminating an enemy who has it. Use your binoculars to “scan” nearby enemies. When you find an enemy with the safe combination, the game will display this information in the upper right corner of the screen (example in the picture).

Eliminate the enemy and search his body for the combination code (example in the picture). Note that each code is unique and matches a specific safe. You may need to obtain multiple codes if there are several safes in one map.

If you have trouble finding the right safe, open the map. There should be a safe icon (example in the picture) with information about the combination you obtained.

When you return to the safe, face the handle and use the code to open it (example in the picture). The code will be entered automatically.


What are safes in Sniper Elite 5?

In Sniper Elite 5, safes are special containers that can be found throughout the game’s levels. These safes contain valuable items, such as weapons, ammunition, and upgrades, that can help the player progress through the game. However, opening these safes is not always easy, as they are often locked and require a specific method to unlock them.

How can I open safes in Sniper Elite 5?

Opening safes in Sniper Elite 5 requires the player to find and use a lockpick. Lockpicks can be found scattered throughout the game’s levels, and the player can carry a limited number of them at any given time. To open a safe, the player must approach it and use the lockpick to unlock the lock. The lockpick mini-game will then appear on the screen, requiring the player to use the analog stick to move the lockpick around a series of pins. The player must carefully move the lockpick to each pin and press the button to release it until all pins are unlocked, which will open the safe and reveal its contents.

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